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Title Available
A virtual machine approach to parallel debugging 17 September 2008
Inviscid flow from a slot into a cross stream 17 September 2008
Nationalism and ethnicity as identity politics in Eastern Europe and the Basque Country 17 September 2008
A model-based approach to complex contour generation for process automation using computer vision 17 September 2008
The effects of using icons and direct manipulation interfaces : an empirical study 17 September 2008
Modeling and stability analysis of structurally-varying dynamic systems with application to mechanical processing 17 September 2008
The impacts of rezoning on adjacent property values 17 September 2008
Adrenergic-cholinergic interactions in the heart 17 September 2008
International trade policy, oligopoly and learning-by-doing (with applications to the international aircraft industry) 17 September 2008
An impact study of the educational experience on the financial, employment and educational development of graduates of the Douglas College business programs 17 September 2008
Genetic, environmental, and physiological factors involved in the precocious sexual maturation of chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) 17 September 2008
The feeding value of Kenyan sorghum, sunflower seed cake and sesame seed cake for poultry 17 September 2008
Genetic analysis of Polycomb group interactions in imaginal discs of Drosophila Melanogaster and transposon tagging of the Asx Gene 17 September 2008
Dynamic warp formation : exploiting thread scheduling for efficient MIMD control flow on SIMD graphics hardware 17 September 2008
Implementation of a hierarchical open architecture multiprocessor computer numerical controller 17 September 2008
On the parallel implementation of OSI protocol processing systems 17 September 2008
The application of FEM technique to electromagnetic models for magnetic neural stimulation 17 September 2008
Numerical instabilities in power system transient simulations 17 September 2008
Development and validation of a new scale for the assessment of psychopathy 17 September 2008
Driving performance in mild dementia 17 September 2008
An unusually stable chiral ethyl zinc complex : reactivity and polymerization of lactide 17 September 2008
Topological field theories and fractional statistics 17 September 2008
Enhanced yield of medicinal products from Tripterygium cell cultures 17 September 2008
Theory of the general orientation dependence of ²H NMR spin-lattice relaxation and experiments on model membranes 17 September 2008
The synthesis and characterization of water soluble platinum (II) pophyrins and their potential as radiosensitizers 17 September 2008
Heterocumulene insertions with group 6 Diaryl Nitrosyl complexes 17 September 2008
Biotransformation studies on tobacco cembranoids using plant cell cultures 17 September 2008
Adsorption of dextrin onto sulphide minerals and its effect on the differential flotation of the Inco matte 17 September 2008
Novel magnesium influx pathways in isolated renal thick ascending limb cells 17 September 2008
Broadening our classroom : planning education and the Naga City Studio course at UBC SCARP 17 September 2008
Empowerment and planning for healthy communities 17 September 2008
Citizen participation in the planning process: a case study of the city of Vancouver’s project on aging 17 September 2008
Earthquake risk mitigation of hospital facilities: a case study of Vancouver General Hospital 17 September 2008
Influence of synthetic mustelid semiochemicals on population dynamics of the deer mouse 17 September 2008
Seedborne fusarium and root colonization of container-grown douglas-fir seedlings 17 September 2008
Root-zone soil temperature: sources of variation and some effects on planted conifer seedlings in high-elevation forest openings in the interior of British Columbia 17 September 2008
Seed ecophysiology and plant population ecology of Cynoglossum officinale L. and Tragopogon spp. 17 September 2008
The association of young maternal age and low socioeconomic status with poor birth outcomes in urban British Columbia 17 September 2008
Mothers’ experiences of caring for their child at home following an acute surgical procedure 17 September 2008
Mood and advertising persuasion : a model integrating mood management and mood disruption mechanisms 17 September 2008
Learning suitable for hospital and learning suitable for home: differences in perception between postpartum mothers and maternal/newborn nurses 17 September 2008
The role of surfactants in the leaching of zinc sulphide minerals at temperatures above the melting point of sulphur 17 September 2008
Household pets and depression among urban adolescents 17 September 2008
Optimization of machining parameters in milling 17 September 2008
When a leg ulcer becomes chronic : a phenomenological study of the older adult’s experience of living with a chronic venous leg ulcer 17 September 2008
Measurement of delamination crack tip displacement in G/E laminates using scanning electron microscopy 17 September 2008
The effect of non-metallic particles on as-cast austenitic structure of low carbon steel 17 September 2008
Suicide in Hong Kong, 1981-1991 : a social and spatial analysis 17 September 2008
An impact study of the educational experience on the financial, employment and educational development of graduates of the Douglas College business programs 17 September 2008
Mechanistic studies of rabbit muscle glycogen phosphorylase 17 September 2008