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Title Available
Characterization of the responses of inferior colliculus neurons of the chicken to electrical stimulation of the cochlear nerve 06 March 2009
High density residential design in Downtown South, Vancouver: a policy analysis 06 March 2009
Yeats and the art of ancestral recall : twilight, modernity, and Irish-Japanese interculturality 06 March 2009
Microstructural evolution model for hot strip rolling of a Nb-Mo complex-phase steel 06 March 2009
Design and development of magnetostrictive actuator 06 March 2009
Link design and capacity comparison for burst transmissions of ATM cells and AAL PDU’s over broadband satellites 06 March 2009
Handoff enhancement in mobile-ip environment 06 March 2009
Tendon overuse pathology : clinical and laboratory studies 06 March 2009
Transnational regional society 06 March 2009
Design and development of an automated can filling system for fish 06 March 2009
Planar dynamics and control of space-based flexible manipulators with slewing and deployable links 06 March 2009
Monitoring and control of milling with an open architecture computer numerical controller 05 March 2009
Roll sensing of heavy trucks 05 March 2009
Energy efficiency of gas separation by Pressure Swing adsorption 05 March 2009
Comparative genome hybridization reveals widespread genome variation in pathogenic cryptococcus species 05 March 2009
Economic botany in the Indian Ocean: official and unofficial botanical gardens on Ile de France and Ile de Bourbon under the French regime, 1735-1810 05 March 2009
Avalanche risk in Iceland 05 March 2009
A survey of water masses in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bussol Strait 05 March 2009
Electromyographic muscle responses to single acoustic stimuli and repeated acoustic stimuli in supine subjects 05 March 2009
Fitness status and post-exercise inflammatory markers in 18-35-year-old males 05 March 2009
Coagulation factor V : pathology and biochemistry 05 March 2009
Planners and planning for climate change : an examination of sea level rise issues for coastal settlements 05 March 2009
Molecular mechanisms regulating the alternative splicing of the hyaluronan binding protein, CD44 05 March 2009
Influence of the distributor and the plenum chamber volume on fluidized bed hydrodynamics 05 March 2009
Focused attention and heart rate during exploratory play in healthy preterm and term-born infants 05 March 2009
Hydrodynamic studies of spouted and spout-fluid beds 05 March 2009
A unified recognition and stereo vision system for size assessment 05 March 2009
Striving to keep a promise : place-based salmon management in 05 March 2009
Universal Sequence Tag Array (U-STAR) platform : strategies towards the development of a universal platform for the absolute quantification of gene expression on a global scale 05 March 2009
The effect of primary and secondary sludge mix ratios on VFA production in thermophilic aerobic digestion using pilot scale ATAD units 05 March 2009
A Levenberg-Marquardt method for large-scale bound-constrained nonlinear least-squares 05 March 2009
A content-based publish/subscribe framework over structured peer-to-peer networks 05 March 2009
Optimal display sequence for multi-clip queries 05 March 2009
A re-evaluation of the role of killer whale (Orcinus orca) predation in the decline of sea otters (Enhydra lutris) in the Aleutian Islands 05 March 2009
Oxygen-sensitive chemoreceptors and cardioventilatory control in carp 05 March 2009
Diversity of litter spiders (Araneae) in a successional Douglas-fir forest in British Columbia 05 March 2009
Reflections on the Canadian payments systems: from manual clearing to electronic funds transfers 05 March 2009
Corporate theory : jurisprudence’s heart of darkness 05 March 2009
The heart of the matter: emotion in the criminal law 05 March 2009
Systematic study of dopants for use in atmospheric pressure photoionization mass spectrometry 05 March 2009
China and GATT : a comparative study on the issues of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in international organizations 05 March 2009
Time in architecture : constancy and change as a means of investigating resource conservation in buildings 05 March 2009
New ligands for early metal activation of molecular nitrogen 05 March 2009
Articulating the realm of the possible: two farm marketing boards and the legal administrative field 05 March 2009
Sailing alone : a historical-cultural explanation why Denmark has not introduced the European common currency 05 March 2009
Language education policy and multilingual literacies in Ugandan primary schools 05 March 2009
The longitudinal effect of electroconvulsive therapy in the rodent model of Parkinson's disease 05 March 2009
The governance of forestland and resources in British Columbia : case study of Stellat'en First Nation 05 March 2009
Nitrous oxide emission and nitrogen transformation dynamics in a hybrid simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal system 05 March 2009
The kinetics of the flash converting reaction of MK (chalcocite) concentrate 05 March 2009