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Title Available
Parents as play date interventionists for children with autism spectrum disorders 02 April 2008
Haptic emulation of hard surfaces with applications to orthopaedic surgery 02 April 2008
Functional analysis of murine CD43 shedding : a role for the CD43 cytoplasmic tail in nuclear signalling 01 April 2008
Teaching a child with autism to imitate in natural contexts using video modeling 01 April 2008
Using motes for high resolution hydrological measurement 31 March 2008
An investigation into the genes mediating myoblast migration in the nematode : Caenorhabditis elegans 31 March 2008
Limitations on tidal-in-stream power generation in a strait 31 March 2008
A tale of two committees : evaluating collaborative management planning in Canada's Pacific groundfish fisheries 31 March 2008
Advanced receivers for space-time block-coded single-carrier transmissions over frequency-selective fading channels 31 March 2008
Dynamic Bayesian models for modelling environmental space-time fields 31 March 2008
The use of simulation as a decision tool for improvements in sawmill manufacturing 30 March 2008
Mobile technologies and public spaces 27 March 2008
Conceptions of giftedness and creativity from Africa : the Shona culture's perspective 27 March 2008
Market prospects for wood products certified for forest management and/or legality in Japan 27 March 2008
A dynamic circuit-based model for ferromagnetic materials 26 March 2008
Hydrodynamics, stability and scale-up of slot-rectangular spouted beds 25 March 2008
Improving attenuation corrections obtained using singles-mode transmission data in small-animal PET 20 March 2008
Identification of virulence determinants of Mycobacterium tuberculosis via genetic comparisons of a virulent and an attenuated strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 19 March 2008
Metal- and alteration-zoning, and hydrothermal flow paths at the moderately-tilted, silica-saturated Mt. Milligan copper-gold alkalic porphyry deposit 19 March 2008
Assessing indicators of forest sustainability using lidar remote sensing 19 March 2008
Interaction between thermal comfort and HVAC energy consumption in commercial buildings 18 March 2008
Water-use efficiency and productivity in native Canadian populations of Populus trichocarpa and Populus balsamifera 13 March 2008
Situation aspect and viewpoint aspect : from Salish to Japanese 13 March 2008
Children's participation in chronic illness decision-making: an interpretive description 12 March 2008
Low-complexity methods for image and video watermarking 12 March 2008
Canadian feminist women directors : using the canon for social change 06 March 2008
Beyond band : perspectives on the high school jam session 06 March 2008
Unfolding the unexpectedness of uncertainty : arts research as a triptych installation : a conversation of processes, practices, products 06 March 2008
Lithology constraints from seismic waveforms : application to opal-A to opal-CT transition 06 March 2008
Holocene sedimentary history of Chilliwack Valley, Northern Cascade Mountains 05 March 2008
Candidate genes other than the CFTR gene as possible modifiers of pulmonary disease severity in cystic fibrosis 05 March 2008
Post combustion capture of carbon dioxide through hydrate formation in silica gel column 05 March 2008
Sexual behaviour and barriers to STI testing among youth in Northeastern BC 05 March 2008
Modelling and applications of MOS varactors for high-speed CMOS clock and data recovery 03 March 2008
Patterns of water table dynamics and runoff generation in a watershed with preferential flow networks 28 February 2008
An ecosystem-based approach to study two dolphin populations around the island of Kalamos, Ionian Sea, Greece 28 February 2008
Assessing the welfare of adult Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar during commercial live-haul transport 28 February 2008
wypy : an extensible, online interference detection tool for wireless networks 28 February 2008
Recreating a functioning forest soil in reclaimed oil sands in northern Alberta 28 February 2008
Visual language discrimination 27 February 2008
Evaluating eelgrass (Zostera marina) as a juvenile habitat for rockfishes : contributions of site characteristics and larval supply to juvenile abundance 27 February 2008
The stress of moving out : physiological and behavioural effects of commercial transport on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts 26 February 2008
A stakeholder approach to understanding the role of the Olympic Games in social development 26 February 2008
Patterns in forest soil microbial community composition across a range of regional climates in Western Canada 26 February 2008
Ionic liquid electrochemical processing of reactive metals 22 February 2008
Essays on the inventory theory of money demand 21 February 2008
Holding up half the sky: revisiting "woman" messages in Model Plays during China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 21 February 2008
Velocity-difference induced focusing in capillary electrophoresis and preparative capillary electrophoresis 21 February 2008
Using age of infection models to derive an explicit expression for Ro 21 February 2008
Reactivity of rhodium-heteroatom bonds: from catalytic bond activation to new strategies for olefin functionalization 21 February 2008