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Title Available
Acceptability of psychological interventions for pediatric pain associated with invasive medical procedures 12 December 2008
Analysis of the decay [pi] --> [rho][nu] 12 December 2008
The foundation of the global economy : the evolution of the international regime for private trade law from the eleventh through the twentieth centuries 12 December 2008
Absolute optical oscillator strengths for electronic excitations of noblae gas atoms and diatomic molecules 12 December 2008
Essays on international trade and factor mobility in the presence of a public input 12 December 2008
Monotonality and chromatic dualism in Richard Strauss’s Salome 11 December 2008
Morphological and functional studies of substance P and somatostatin in the small intestine 11 December 2008
Lipoprotein delivery of benzoporphyrin derivative : a photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy 11 December 2008
Integration of manufacturing process control and optimization with a general purpose multi-processor controller 11 December 2008
Three essays in real estate markets 11 December 2008
The formation and reactivity of positive Muon molecular ions 11 December 2008
Evolution and evaluation of a jet-assisted glow discharge source for atomic emission spectrometry 11 December 2008
Bit-interleaved coded modulation for hybrid rf/fso systems 10 December 2008
Role of podocalyxin in hematopoiesis and cell migration 09 December 2008
Essays in open-economy macroeconomics 09 December 2008
Emotional design : an investigation into designers' perceptions of incorporating emotions in software 08 December 2008
Transferability of community-based macro-level collision prediction models for use in road safety planning applications 08 December 2008
The imprints of performance : editorial mediations of Shakespeare's drama 08 December 2008
Kenya's urban high school teachers' perceptions of diversity : implications for curriculum implementation and pedagogy 08 December 2008
Geochemistry of post-shield lavas from Kea- and Loa-trend Hawaiian volcanoes : constraints on the origin and distribution of heterogeneities in the Hawaiian mantle plume 08 December 2008
Effect of plant functional group removal on the soil microbial community diversity and composition 08 December 2008
In vivo efficacy of novel antibacterial and immunomodulatory peptides 07 December 2008
Usermode kernel : running the kernel in userspace in VM environments 07 December 2008
Language, immigration, and cities 07 December 2008
Cerebral : visualizing multiple experimental conditions on a graph with biological context 07 December 2008
Entertaining tweens : re/presenting "the teenage girl" in "girl video games" 07 December 2008
Secure and efficient wireless ad hoc networking 05 December 2008
Optimal resource management in wireless access networks 05 December 2008
Molecular mechanism of long-term depression and its role in experience-dependent ocular dominance plasticity of primary visual cortex 04 December 2008
Origin of rutile-bearing ilmenite Fe-Ti deposits in Proterozoic anorthosite massifs of the Grenville Province 04 December 2008
Roles of the DOG-1 and JRH-1 helicase-like proteins in DNA repair in Caenorhabditis elegans 04 December 2008
Point-of-gaze estimation in three dimensions 04 December 2008
Essays on macroeconomic risk in financial markets 04 December 2008
A study of movement and order : the securitization of migration in Canada and France 04 December 2008
Intonation and Focus in Nte?kepmxcin (Thompson River Salish) 04 December 2008
Semantics-based resource discovery in global-scale grids 04 December 2008
Transformations of cyclic olefins mediated by tungsten and molybdenum nitrosyl complexes 04 December 2008
Decentralization and democratization of natural resources management programs in India : a study of self-governing resource user-groups 03 December 2008
Quantitative modelling and assessment of surgical motor actions in minimally invasive surgery 03 December 2008
Resource management in wireless networks 03 December 2008
Resource allocation for OFDM-based cognitive radio systems 03 December 2008
Feature-based graph visualization 03 December 2008
Nonlinear optical spectroscopic studies of polymer surface properties and competition adsorption of toluene and heptane on silica surfaces 03 December 2008
Marine natural products : synthesis and isolation of bioactive analogues 02 December 2008
Seismic absorption estimation and compensation 01 December 2008
Determining abundance and stock structure for a widespread migratory animal : the case of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in British Columbia, Canada 30 November 2008
Test and fault-tolerance for network-on-chip infrastructures 28 November 2008
Image-based face recognition under varying pose and illuminations conditions 28 November 2008
Fecal triiodothyronine assay validation using captive Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) and subsequent application to free-ranging populations to examine nutritional stress 27 November 2008
A decision-making framework for student judicial affairs 27 November 2008