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Title Available
Reporting aids: representation, rhetoric and the construction of global geographies of aids 04 March 2009
Tokyo as a city of consumption: space, media, and self identity in contemporary Japan 04 March 2009
Special diplomatics and the study of authority in the United Church of Canada 04 March 2009
Thickness measurement of solid hydrogen thin film for muon catalyzed fusion via energy loss of alpha particles 04 March 2009
Span design for entry-type excavations 04 March 2009
Electrocatalysis on PtZn surface - fundamental studies and the applications in PEM fuel cells 04 March 2009
The application of hypertext to archives 04 March 2009
Infrared integrated optics pockels cell high-voltage sensors 04 March 2009
Differentially detected GMSK systems in the presence of adjacent channel interference and nonlinearities 04 March 2009
A non-recursive border finding algorithm for linear quadtree based images 04 March 2009
Tales of the fey : the use of traditional Faerie folklore in contemporary young adult fantasy novels 04 March 2009
The implementation of Ontario pay equity legislation 04 March 2009
Social movement politics and the charter of rights outside the courts 04 March 2009
Unseasoned equity issues and institutional trading : an empirical analysis 04 March 2009
Cointegration and stationarity analysis of Japanese speculative land and stock markets: 1982-1993 04 March 2009
Implementing welfare-to-work schemes in British Columbia 03 March 2009
The Indian National Congress Party after the dynasty 03 March 2009
Cycling center: a multi-use center to support and promote cycling 03 March 2009
The Hong Kong week of 1967 and the emergence of the modern Hong Kong identity 03 March 2009
The privileges of patriotism: national identity, nationalism and feminism in the Englishwoman’s review of social and industrial questions, 1880-1889 03 March 2009
Augustine’s war thought: a critical reinterpretation 03 March 2009
Singular matrix models and Kazakov-Migdal Penner model 03 March 2009
On c=1 matrix model and 2D gravity - with emphasis on chiral formalism 03 March 2009
Identity, imagined communities, and the third space in the life of a hard of hearing student in a high school theatre program 03 March 2009
Use of bracing and EMG biofeedback to investigate the relationship between soleus and gastrocnemius excitation during cycling 03 March 2009
Protein composition of erythrocytes and skeletal muscle cells in malignant hyperthermia 03 March 2009
The effects of novel hybrid exercise rehabilitation on cardiovascular function and orthostatic tolerance in individuals with spinal cord injury 03 March 2009
The language of deceit: are there reliable verbal clues to deception in the interrogation context? 03 March 2009
The role of sexuality in cervical cancer screening among Chinese women 03 March 2009
The impact of "non-evaluative" and "evaluative" friends on cardiovascular reactivity during a stressful math task 03 March 2009
Wilderness preservation and protection of old-growth forests 03 March 2009
Heat exchanger fouling of some Canadian crude oils 03 March 2009
Pardesan Ka Kam: an essay on Punjabi-Sikh women cannery workers in Northern British Columbia 03 March 2009
Finding common ground : using water and heat optimization to facilitate eco-industrial development 03 March 2009
Dynamic characteristics of a 30 storey building during construction detected from ambient vibration measurements 03 March 2009
Studies of a sperm antigen recognized by two monoclonal antibodies 03 March 2009
Sediment toxicity testing: battery test evaluation of shallow urban streams and the effect of sampling method on toxicity 03 March 2009
Language learning in school-age children 03 March 2009
On managing visibility of resources in social networking sites 03 March 2009
OmniStream : using centralized tree management for incentives-compatible peer-to-peer media streaming 03 March 2009
An adaptive packet size approach to TCP congestion control 03 March 2009
Of Gods and geeks: Grunge, understanding the popularity of punk in the 90’s from the perspectives of postmodernism and authenicity 03 March 2009
Better than breadlines: female university graduates in the secondary external market of the labour force 03 March 2009
Immigration, assimilation and fertility: a study of Black African immigrants in Vancouver 03 March 2009
Effects of rf power and tube wall temperature on plasma stability and analyte emission in furnace atomization plasma excitation spectrometry 03 March 2009
Synthesis of 1,1-disubstituted alkyl vinyl sulfides via rhodium-catalyzed alkyne hydrothiolation : scope and limitations 03 March 2009
The legitimacy of the United Nations’ use of armed force in defence of the fundamental human rights on nationals 03 March 2009
Recent structural developments in Tabuh Kreasi Gong Kebyar 03 March 2009
Variation in nitrogen and water relations traits between two boreal spruce species from an interacting resource gradient in northern British Columbia 03 March 2009
Influence of conifer release treatments on habitat structure and small mammal populations in south-central British Columbia 03 March 2009