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Title Available
Writing the Diaspora : a bibliography and critical commentary on post-Shoah English-language fiction in Australia, South Africa, and Canada 30 March 2009
The sacramental art of John Donne’s sermons on the penitential psalms 30 March 2009
Mould response and its impact on billet quality 30 March 2009
Organogermane chemistry : preparation of reagents useful in synthesis 30 March 2009
Modifying the catalytic carboxylates of retaining [Beta]-glycosidases 30 March 2009
Role of phosphoinositide 3-kinase in platelet responses to platelet-activating factor 30 March 2009
The model based approach to smoothing 30 March 2009
Non local dielectric effects on the dielectric barrier of an ion channel 30 March 2009
Implementation of biotechnology research and development policy : implications for agricultural sustainability 29 March 2009
Vowel harmonies of the Congo Basin : an optimality theory analysis of variation in the Bantu zone C 29 March 2009
Fear appeals in social marketing advertising 29 March 2009
Journey within : the inward turn of the contemporary Chinese novel 29 March 2009
The life and works of Zhang Ailing : a critical study 29 March 2009
Competing with creative transformation : the poetry of Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072) 29 March 2009
Connection architecture and protocols to support user terminal mobiltity over an ATM/B-ISDN personal communications network 27 March 2009
Chaotic ferroresonance in power transformers 27 March 2009
Trace-automata : a formal framework for using abstraction to verify hybrid systems 27 March 2009
Knowledge, nature, and representation : clearings for conservation in the Maine Woods 27 March 2009
The role of immune cells in photodynamic therapy 27 March 2009
Trench warfare on the tax fields : fiscal sociology and Japan’s centralized tax state 27 March 2009
Aspects of quantum dynamics in magnets 27 March 2009
Nodal methods : analysis, performance and fast iterative solvers 27 March 2009
Failure analysis of stiffened and unstiffened mild steel plates subjected to blast loading 27 March 2009
The lived experience of recovery from sexual abuse for young adult women 27 March 2009
Stereoselective high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis analysis and in vitro study of the serum protein binding of carvedilol enantiomers 27 March 2009
Making sense of number : a study of children’s developing competence 27 March 2009
The cultural construction of breast cancer 27 March 2009
Response of western larch and douglas-fir to infection by Armillaria ostoyae 27 March 2009
Here is queer : nationalisms and sexualities in contemporary Canadian literatures 27 March 2009
Synthesis and thermal electrocyclic reactions of substituted 7-(ethoxycarbonyl)bicyclo[4.2.0]oct-1(6)-enes 27 March 2009
A correlation of anaerobic methane oxidizing archaea with geochemical gradients in coastal Californian marine sediments 26 March 2009
Computer assisted methods selection for high-rise construction 26 March 2009
Coating maintenance optimization for steel penstocks 26 March 2009
Forwarding state reduction for sparse mode multicast communication 26 March 2009
Design and implementation of a content-based video retrieval system 26 March 2009
Isolation and characterization of a family of porin proteins from Helicobacter pylori 26 March 2009
Professional autonomy and resistance : medical politics in British Columbia, 1964-1993 26 March 2009
The information needs of homosexual/bisexual men with HIV/AIDS at the time of hospital discharge : a pilot study 26 March 2009
The recognition and scope of indigenous fishing, hunting and gathering rights at commom law in Australia 26 March 2009
The building programme of Septimius Severus in the city of Rome 26 March 2009
Euripidean rhetoric : a formal and literary study 26 March 2009
Giovanni Paisiello’s Il barbiere di Siviglia at the court of Catherine the Great in Russia 26 March 2009
Garrison temporality and geologic temporality in Canadian poetry 26 March 2009
Syntactic features in agrammatic production 26 March 2009
The role of individual differences in working memory in reading and listening comprehension in intermediate grade students 26 March 2009
Women’s centres to the rescue : an examination of the contributions women’s centres have made to communities throughout British Columbia 26 March 2009
Conservation and community : the opportunities and constraints to community based planning for inner city neighbourhood conservation : a case study of the Mole Hill planning process 26 March 2009
Slum upgrading revisited : an evaluation of the Tondo Foreshore urban development project 26 March 2009
Regulation of rat ovarian gonadotropin Releasing hormone receptor mRNA levels 26 March 2009
The influence of ration level and swimming speed on sensory attributes, gas chromatographic properties, instron texture profile analysis and PH of cooked muscle from farmed chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) cultured in seawater 26 March 2009