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Title Available
Adult offspring of alcoholic parents: development and investigation of the psychometric properties of the behavior role scale 17 March 2009
What is the meaning of recovery as lived by persons with traumatic brain injury? 17 March 2009
Bubble columns and three-phase fluidized beds : flow regimes and bubble characteristics 17 March 2009
Theorizing practice/practicing theorizing: inquiries in global home economics education 17 March 2009
The effect of fibre length on passage through narrow apertures 17 March 2009
Solution H₂S Chemistry of Pd-bis(Diphenylphosphino)methane (DPM) complexes; catalytic conversion of H₂S to H₂ 17 March 2009
Synthetic investigations toward metal nitrosyl complexes 17 March 2009
Equine plasma gelsolin : from sequence to structure 17 March 2009
Resolution of the dimer bridge of Minute Virus of Mice : roles of the viral NS-1 protein and a host cell factor 17 March 2009
Characterization of the ribosomal RNA operons of Haloarcula marismortui 17 March 2009
Molecular cloning, localization, and heterologous expression of bovine rom-1, a photoreceptor disc rim specific protein 17 March 2009
An analytical study of Bela Bartok’s sonata for piano (1926) 17 March 2009
Household wealth accumulation: impact of tenure choice and home equity loans 17 March 2009
Intraspecific competition processes and their management within black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill) B.S.P.) stands 17 March 2009
A transient, three-dimensional, thermal model of a billet reheating furnace 17 March 2009
The fiction of Thea Astley: "To write as a male"? 17 March 2009
Aspects of flow and compaction of laminated composite shapes during cure 17 March 2009
The isolation and characterization of fetal haematopoietic cells from maternal peripheral blood 17 March 2009
Ordered optimal solutions and applications 16 March 2009
A study of background radiation distributions for the SLAC B factory drift chamber 16 March 2009
Global Petri net modeling of hybrid systems and fault analysis 16 March 2009
On the identification of mechanical properties of viscoelastic materials 16 March 2009
The automatic recognition of individual trees in aerial images of forests based on a synthetic tree crown image model 16 March 2009
Effective visualization of large multidimensional datasets 16 March 2009
Empirical evaluation of information for robotic manipulation tasks 16 March 2009
Restless landscapes: spatial economic restructuring in China’s lower Yangzi delta 16 March 2009
Modification of boundary layer roll dynamics by induced tropospheric gravity waves 16 March 2009
Employment and demography in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut 16 March 2009
Geographies of displacement : gender, culture and power in UNHCR refugee camps, Kenya 16 March 2009
The role of CD44 in the regulation of hematopoiesis 16 March 2009
The ruling party and the transition to democracy : the case of the Chinese Nationalist Party (The KMT) on Taiwan 16 March 2009
Influence of diabetes on the α1-Adrenoceptor and associated G-proteins in rat arteries 16 March 2009
Receptor and cellular mechanisms of antipsychotic drugs 16 March 2009
The clustering and photometric properties of faint galaxies 16 March 2009
Imaging the body politics : the social and symbolic spaces of citizenship in Maxwell’s History of the Irish Rebellion 16 March 2009
The void of meaning : the sky in early seventeenth century English pamphlets 16 March 2009
The econometric critique of applied General Equilibrium modeling: a comparative assessment with application to carbon taxes in Canada 16 March 2009
Re-dressing the nation : Allotria’s 1876 Festzug Karl V and late nineteenth century Munich art practices 16 March 2009
The social construction of skill : skill and working knowledge of garment workers in a Vancouver clothing factory 16 March 2009
Dynamics of stress protein expression in leishmania-infected macrophages: evidence for selective induction and recognition of leishmania heat shock protein 60 16 March 2009
Humatopoietic effects of photofrin 16 March 2009
Antibiotic inhibition of catalytic RNA function 16 March 2009
Integrating simulation and animation software systems through a generic computational engine 16 March 2009
Landslide initiation : a unified geostatistical and probabilistics modellin technique for terrain stability assessment 16 March 2009
A procedure for analyzing the full costs of development at the community level 16 March 2009
Negotiating the nature of nature : a cultural models approach to meaning, motivation and cooperative resource management in the Yukon 16 March 2009
The relationship of self-efficacy with depression, pain, and health status in the arthritis self-management program 16 March 2009
"Public morals" and "honest practices" in German and Canadian unfair competition law : a proper means of responding to new challenge? 16 March 2009
Sunday matins in the Byzantine cathedral rite : music and liturgy 16 March 2009
Useful fortune: contingency and the limits of identity in the Canadas 1790-1850 16 March 2009