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Title Available
A study of scour below Ruskin Dam spillway using a non-cohesive bed hydraulic model 27 April 2009
Cross-shore sediment transport on mixed sand and gravel beaches 27 April 2009
Unsettling British Columbia : interventions in a neocolonial politics 27 April 2009
The generation of academic discourse by ESL learners through computer-based peer tutoring; a case study 27 April 2009
Group work and metacognition : an exploratory case 27 April 2009
Pig muscle flap vascular resistance 27 April 2009
Characterization of an affinity purification system for recombinant proteins containing a cellulose binding domain 27 April 2009
Biolgical treatment of kraft condensates in feedback-controlled packed bed and sequencing batch reactors 27 April 2009
Application of natural and tailored minerals to the treatment of thermomechanical paper mill white water 27 April 2009
Analysis of interactions between finite-sized particles and terminally attached polymer using numerical self-consistent-field theory 27 April 2009
Score scale comparability in international educational assessments 27 April 2009
Evaluating the quality of clinical trials using a Clinical Trial Evaluation System (CTES) 27 April 2009
Seismic performance of post-and-beam wood buildings 27 April 2009
Targeting Archean orogenic mineralization using physical properties and integrated geophysical methods 27 April 2009
The effects of E. Coli endotoxin on BK Channels in rat cerebrovascular smooth muscle cell membranes 27 April 2009
Essays on air transport and public policy 27 April 2009
The effectiveness of cultural adaptation : Americans selling to Japanese and Thais 27 April 2009
Everything becomes island : Gulf Islands writing and the construction of region 27 April 2009
'By gift of my chaste body' : women as gifts in early modern England and its drama 27 April 2009
The effect of oxidized LDL on macrophage cell growth : implications for the progression of early stage atherosclerosis 27 April 2009
An H₂¹⁸O water target for the production of ¹⁸F-fluoride in the TR-13 cyclotron 27 April 2009
The role of St. Martin of Braga in the development of ecclesiastical attitudes toward alternative religious beliefs and practices in 6th century Gaul and northern Iberia 27 April 2009
Simulation of rain attenuation and scintillation of Ka-band earth-LEO links 27 April 2009
Cross-layer optimization in wireless local area networks 27 April 2009
Life in the shadows: political exempt staff in Canadian cabinet government 27 April 2009
Equivariant bordism and G-bundles 27 April 2009
Food choices amongst gay men 27 April 2009
The utility of embryofeto-pathology following surgical terminations of pregnancy 27 April 2009
Quantification and optimization techniques for dynamic brian imaging in high resolution positron emission tomography 27 April 2009
Platform or personality? : understanding the role of leaders in election outcomes 27 April 2009
A taxonomic study of seaweeds of North Sulawesi, Indonesia 27 April 2009
The maintenance of gynodioecy in sidalcea hendersonii 27 April 2009
Yttrium amidate complexes : fundamental reactivity and applications in catalysis and polymerization 27 April 2009
Can altered body position alleviate post-exercise pulmonary diffusing capacity impairment? 27 April 2009
Hydroamination and C-H activation reactivity of tetrakis(amido), bis(amidate) and bis(2-pyridonate) complexes of titanium and zirconium 27 April 2009
Structural analysis of proteins in thermally induced ovalbumin and egg white gels 27 April 2009
Circles within circles: translation and analyses of selected short stories by Jose Emilio Pacheco 27 April 2009
Interpreting severe occlusions in region-based stereo vision 27 April 2009
Conceptual modules: expressing desired structure for software reengineering 26 April 2009
Ultra-precise on-axis encoder self-calibration for fast rotary platforms 26 April 2009
La estructura y la función del emblema en el teatro de Tirso de Molina 26 April 2009
A model-based approach investigating killer whale (Orcinus orca) exposure to marine vessel engine exhaust 26 April 2009
Clinical nursing teachers’ descriptions of the experience of partnerships with students 26 April 2009
The evolution of proton-triggered oxygen pumps : root effect haemogobins in basal actinopterygian fishes 26 April 2009
The need for equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the United Nations Security Council 26 April 2009
The Vancouver Aquatic Centre: in-between phenomenon : water and land 26 April 2009
Immunoassays for two quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyldimethyldodecylammonium chloride (BDD12AC) and didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) 26 April 2009
Synthesis and testing of isofagomine and derivatives as inhibitors of human glucocerebrosidase 26 April 2009
BzKs in GOODS-N : z~2 star forming galaxies 26 April 2009
The significance of oral health in the lives of Cantonese-speaking elderly Chinese immigrants in Vancouver, Canada 26 April 2009