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Title Available
High pressure injection of natural gas for diesel engine fueling 04 January 2009
Literatura testimonial en Chile, Uruguay y Argentina, 1970-1990 04 January 2009
Multiple copy combining schemes for the additive white Gaussian noise channel 04 January 2009
A minimum chord stenograph keyboard for blind and sighted users 04 January 2009
Autonomous aboriginal criminal justice and the Charter of Rights 04 January 2009
The interaction of sediment bacteria with arsenic compounds 04 January 2009
Planning policy responses to the challenge of industrial restructuring : the case of Vancouver, B.C. 04 January 2009
Pre-service teachers’ conceptions of multiculturalism 04 January 2009
Postharvest windthrow and recruitment of large woody debris in riparian buffers 04 January 2009
When the ability to live independently is threatened : a phenomenological study of the older adult’s experience of living "at risk" 04 January 2009
A classification theory based information systems model 04 January 2009
Muonium reactions with aromatics 04 January 2009
Investigations towards the synthesis of vinblastine and vinblastine analogs 04 January 2009
The total synthesis of ±-[beta]-panasinsene 04 January 2009
Variability of north Pacific ocean surface sensible and latent heat fluxes 04 January 2009
A measurement of the strong coupling constant using two jet event rates at 91 Gev 04 January 2009
Initial data for axially symmetric black holes with distorted apparent horizons 04 January 2009
The effect of hypoxia on cytotoxicity, uptake and DNA binding of cisplatin and novel bis(platinum) complexes in Chinese hamster ovary cells 04 January 2009
Characterization of GaAs/Ga₁₋ Al As multilayer system by infrared spectroscopy at normal incidence 04 January 2009
Characterization of an inversion duplication of human chromosome 8 by fluorescent in situ hybridization 23 December 2008
The western allies, the German opposition, and the search for peace, 1939-1944 23 December 2008
William Makepeace Thackeray’s Catherine : a story : a critical edition with commentaries 23 December 2008
The use of oxidation-reduction potential (orp) as a process a process control parameter in wastewater treatment systems 23 December 2008
Hydrodynamic coefficients of large vertical cylinders 23 December 2008
Visualization of multivariate data using preattentive processing 23 December 2008
Stabilizer design for dynamic stability control of multimachine power systems 23 December 2008
Incongruous pain display as a source of self-deception 23 December 2008
The development of a rat model of brain-damage-produced amnesia 23 December 2008
Adaptation of responses to prolonged stimulation in single neurons in area 17 of the cat 23 December 2008
Mathematical models for biological pattern formation in two dimensions 23 December 2008
Parents’ perceptions of their experiences of caring for an infant or toddler under three years of age with inslulin dependent diabetes mellitus 23 December 2008
Faint galaxy observations and model predictions 23 December 2008
Statistical analysis with the state space model 23 December 2008
Adopting computers in architectural firms 22 December 2008
A theoretical treatment of microscopic phenomena in porous rocks 22 December 2008
Clinging to power : the security predicaments of third world states 22 December 2008
Technology and change in national defense planning in the twentieth century 22 December 2008
Construction of chaotic regions for Duffing’s equation with a quadric term 22 December 2008
The impact of royal commissions on public policy : worker’s compensation in British Columbia, 1941-1968 22 December 2008
British unemployment policy in the 1920’s : a re-appraisal of Revolution of Reason and We Can Conquer Unemployment 22 December 2008
Key M.I.S. issues for management : an Eastern European perspective 22 December 2008
On the undetected error probability of BCH codes 22 December 2008
Microstrip resonators for high speed opitical commutator switches 22 December 2008
The role of toxic shock syndrome Toxin-1 and Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A in the pathogenesis of toxic shock syndrome 22 December 2008
The image of the peasant woman in selected works of Berthold Auerbach and Jeremias Gotthelf 22 December 2008
Inocluation of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the IDFdk2 biogeoclimatic zone of British Columbia : new techniques, fungi and outplanting trials 22 December 2008
The characterization of porous rocks with nuclear magnetic resonance and the confocal laser scanning microscope 22 December 2008
Lone parent families and the suburban experience : making alternative suburban living environments a reality 22 December 2008
Ecological site quality and productivity of western hemlock ecosystems in the coastal western hemlock zone of British Columbia 22 December 2008
Carbon dioxide enrichment and the role of carbohydrate reserves in root growth potential of cold-stored Engelmann spruce (Picea Engelmannii Parry) seedlings 22 December 2008