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Title Available
Investigating the effects of a repeated reading intervention for increasing oral reading fluency with primary, braille-reading students using curriculum-based measurement within a response to intervention framework 29 April 2009
Radiolabelled carbohydrate conjugates : studies of Alzheimer's disease therapeutics and tumor imaging 29 April 2009
Exercise-induced muscle damage : role of the calpain-calpastatin system in skeletal muscle myofibrillar protein composition 29 April 2009
DNA-inspired Janus AT and GC heterocycles : synthesis, structural analysis and self-organization 29 April 2009
Evaluation of exercise tolerance in women receiving surgery and chemotherapy as treatment for stage II breast cancer 29 April 2009
Analysis of the neuroprotective function and the N-glycosylation progranulin (PGRN) 29 April 2009
Changes in extracellular dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens induced by low frequency stimulation of the ventral subiculum/CA1 region of the hippocampus 29 April 2009
Cross-cultural adjustment among immigrant executives 29 April 2009
Teachers' practical judgement : acting in the face of uncertainty 29 April 2009
Identification of salmon can-filling defects using machine vision 29 April 2009
Constraint-aware visual servoing for teaching practical robot motion 28 April 2009
The experience of being an informal caregiver to an early discharged cardiac surgery patient 28 April 2009
Another hotel in Vancouver 28 April 2009
Exploring the use of two metacognitive strategies in developing motivation, language awareness and accuracy : an action research study 28 April 2009
A comparison of post-immigration fertility of Chinese immigrants in the U.S. and Canada 28 April 2009
Gas phase ion-molecule chemistry of ironcyclopentadienyl and ironcyclopentadiene ions with C1-C4 alcohols by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectometry 28 April 2009
Poly(methylenephosphine)s : homo- and copolymers bearing conjugated substituents 28 April 2009
Wetland and water dynamics in small headwater catchments of the Andes 28 April 2009
A study of the traditional governance of the Gitxsan : its relevance today 28 April 2009
Experimental study of a bolt-bushing connection system for structural composite lumber 28 April 2009
Actions of RSD1015 and RSD1000 on macroscopic currents in rat ventricular myocytes 28 April 2009
The coproduction model of service delivery : a case study of integrated service delivery in the city of Vancouver 28 April 2009
Preparing to appear : a case study of student activism 28 April 2009
The politics of redistribution and recognition : a retrospective case study of one inner-city school 28 April 2009
Probing mineral-bitumen liberation using rheological measurements 28 April 2009
"Body image by association" : women’s interpretations of aerobics and the role of the fitness instructor 28 April 2009
The development of phonological awareness and spelling competence in beginning spellers 28 April 2009
Automated tuning of paper machine cross-directional feedback controllers 28 April 2009
Water demand management and adaptations for mountain resort communities in the Canadian Columbia Basin 28 April 2009
Unmasking the functional anatomy of medial preoptic nucleus-influences on the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis 28 April 2009
In vivo study of the mitochondrial dysfunction during ischemia and the effect of oxidative stress on cell proliferation 28 April 2009
How form is enhanced in the input of introductory Spanish textbooks : The cases of ser and estar 28 April 2009
Fouling rates from a sodium sulphate : water solution in supercritical water oxidation reactors 27 April 2009
Finite element and fatigue analysis of welded joints with application to disc filter core pipes 27 April 2009
The forces on pulp fibres during refining 27 April 2009
Seasonal changes of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in Southwestern British Columbia 27 April 2009
Control of heart rate in voluntarily diving ducks 27 April 2009
The movement and competitive behaviours of male coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) reproductive tactics 27 April 2009
Household archaeology at the Scowlitz site, Fraser Valley, B.C. 27 April 2009
The effects of agent heterogeneity in environmental preferences on social welfare estimates derived by the contingent valuation method 27 April 2009
Planar dynamics and control of tethered satellite systems 27 April 2009
Exclusive distribution agreements and competition law : an analysis 27 April 2009
|Gap| place. pause: the insertion of paraspace 27 April 2009
Procedures for multiple outcome measures with applications to multiple sclerosis clinical trials 27 April 2009
Templation studies of a tetramethylene-bridged hemicarceplex 27 April 2009
A review of oral/pharyngeal cancer and a review of 328 cases of lingual squamous cell carcinoma 27 April 2009
An H₂¹⁸O water target for the production of ¹⁸F-fluoride in the TR-13 cyclotron 27 April 2009
The house of Atreus : set design and costume design 27 April 2009
Seepage forces and confining pressure effects on piping erosion 27 April 2009
A study of scour below Ruskin Dam spillway using a non-cohesive bed hydraulic model 27 April 2009