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Title Available
Securities regulation in China : a study of its path to market economy 24 March 2009
Regulated expression of cadherin-6 and cadherin-11 in human and baboon (Papio Anubis) endometrium 24 March 2009
Design, intentions, and implementation of diversity programs 24 March 2009
The underemployment of B.C. college graduates 24 March 2009
Contesting perspectives : reading women’s public fear through three interpretive approaches 24 March 2009
The social construction of welfare fraud : the impact on front-line workers and welfare recipients in British Columbia (1993-1996) 24 March 2009
The effects of crystalloid resuscitation on oxygen extration in whole body and gut during endotoxemia 24 March 2009
Domestic violence research in Canada : an assessment and re-direction 24 March 2009
Relationship between markets and technology in large Western Canadian sawmills 24 March 2009
Space, imagination and Vitruvius in archaeological [re]construction : reconsidering a modus operandi 24 March 2009
The risk of non-target species poisoning from brodifacoum used to eradicate rats from Langara Island, British Columbia, Canada 24 March 2009
Evaluation of bull performance based on in vitro fertilization studies 24 March 2009
Expression of keratinocyte integrins in acute and chronic inflammation of the human periodontium 24 March 2009
Epithelium is required for maintaining FGFR-2 expression levels in facial Mesenchyme of the developing chick embryo 24 March 2009
Effects of EGF and TGF[Beta]1 on regulation of proliferation and expression of immediate early genes in embryonic hamster palate mesenchymal cells 24 March 2009
Aggregate resources, land use and policy on the lower mainland of British Columbia 24 March 2009
A survey of boundary element methods for a two-dimensional fracture model 24 March 2009
On the regularity of a model non-Newtonian fluid 24 March 2009
Studies on Ribonuclease E of ESCHERICHIA COLI and its association with the enzyme Polynucleotide phosphorylase 24 March 2009
Mechanisms of fructose-induced hypertension 24 March 2009
Capacity to manage water resources : perspective for the Sechelt Nation 24 March 2009
Water flow through unsaturated mine waste rock in a region of permafrost 24 March 2009
The practice of informal waste recovery and solid waste management in Kathmandu, Nepal 24 March 2009
Fom office to home : the adaptive reuse of office buildings to residential use in the core of the city of Vancouver 24 March 2009
Investigating the use of compliance for fault detection in hydraulic machines 24 March 2009
Channel usage statistics and cellular digital packet data : channel selection strategies in cellular telephony systems 24 March 2009
Performance evaluation of rate-based congestion control schemes for ABR service over broadband satellite networks interworking with ATM/B-ISDNs 24 March 2009
Quantifying the effects of different clear-cut sizes on ectomycorrhizal fungi at a subalpine forest : persistence and diversity 24 March 2009
Enhancing SAR ship wake detection with motion estimates from along-track interferometry 24 March 2009
Transcriptional regulatory elements in the long terminal repeats of the human endrogenous retrovirus, HERV-H 24 March 2009
That unbearable recurring apocalytic nightmare : crisis and apocalyptic visions in British film, 1987-1994 24 March 2009
Dental considerations in minimizing osteoradionecrosis in head and neck cancer patients : Delphi-derived factors for a decision analysis 24 March 2009
Bei and the passive in Cantonese 24 March 2009
Canadian policy toward foreign direct investment in an age of globalization 24 March 2009
Election observation and its role in democracy building : a case study of the Canadian observation mission to the South African election, April 1994 24 March 2009
Design, development, and integration of an automated herring roe grading system 24 March 2009
The structural limits of civilian leadership intervention into defense policy-making and civilian control of the military in the PRC : from Mao to Jiang 24 March 2009
Planning in an uncertain environment : a case study of gas turbine technology 24 March 2009
Making gendered sense of civil society : a study of Chinese intellectual politics in the 1980s and 1990s 24 March 2009
Design, construction and operation of a variable geometry manipulator 24 March 2009
Sowing the seeds of stability in the South China Sea : expanding the track II discourse surrounding the Spratly Islands conflict 24 March 2009
Suspend the bridge : community power, regime theory and the decision to build Vancouver’s Lions’ Gate Bridge 24 March 2009
Identification of human macrophage genes differentially expressed by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis 23 March 2009
Construction and characterization of tpr and prT single and double mutants of Porphyromonas gingivalis W83 23 March 2009
Enzymatic probing of chromatin conformation using the comet assay 23 March 2009
Peer response and second language writers 23 March 2009
A Semi-classical analysis of the Wilson Loop in a 2+1 Dimensional Yang-Mills theory with a monopole gas 23 March 2009
A cross-cultural study of communication during social visits : Japanese ESL students as ethnographers in interlanguage pragmatics research 23 March 2009
The behavior of the map mirror with changes in temperatures as determined by double exposure holography 23 March 2009
Vocabulary learning : a study of student and activity elicited learning processes & strategies used in an adult ESL classroom 23 March 2009