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Title Available
Effect of exercise on conduit and resistance artery function in the db/db model of type 2 diabetes 16 April 2009
Disturbing the comfortable : an ethical inquiry into pedagogies of discomfort and crisis 16 April 2009
Effect of heme pocket modifications on the structure and activity of myoglobin 16 April 2009
A structure-function analysis of bovine prolactin 16 April 2009
Robot-based research on three-layer oriented flakeboards 16 April 2009
Fabrication and characterization of silicon nitride nanopores 16 April 2009
Cardiovascular capacity in individuals with cervical spinal cord injury 16 April 2009
Functional analysis of MAPK phosphatase AtMKP2 16 April 2009
Untying our hands : the social context of nursing in relation to violence against women 16 April 2009
Ring road development and vacant lands Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 16 April 2009
Nature in the city : an exploration of urban park planning in response to contemporary relationships with the natural environment 16 April 2009
The columnar to equiaxed transition in nickel based superalloys AM1 and MAR-M200+Hf 16 April 2009
Sensing and modelling for oxygen lead softening 16 April 2009
A qualitative modeling facility for intelligent supervisory control systems (ISCSs) 16 April 2009
Maternal n-3 fatty acids and early infant outcomes 16 April 2009
Histoire, litterature et mythe dans Salammbo de Flaubert et La Mediterranee de Braudel 16 April 2009
The development of the corticospinal tract in premature newborns : impact of early brain injury 16 April 2009
Control of intracelluar Ca²⁺ in epithelial cells of the kidney thick ascending limb 16 April 2009
Where hope lives : an examination of the relationship between protagonists and education systems in contemporary native North American young adult fiction 16 April 2009
A minimally informative likelihood approach to Bayesian inference and decision analysis 16 April 2009
A study of the Yiguan Dao (Unity Sect) and its development in Peninsular Malaysia 16 April 2009
Rigidity checking for matching 3D point correspondence under perspective projection 16 April 2009
Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo 16 April 2009
Allegories of commemoration 15 April 2009
Energetics and cooling in urban parks 15 April 2009
Shadows beneath the wind : Singapore, world city and open region 15 April 2009
Locating citizenship across the city politics of AIDS in Vancouver, Canada 15 April 2009
Shadows in the forest : Japan and the politics of timber in Southeast Asia 15 April 2009
Undertow in the third wave : understanding the reversion from democracy 15 April 2009
Mechanics of inter-monolayer coupling in fluid surfactant bilayers 15 April 2009
Scanning tunnelling microscopy study of silicon surfaces in ultra high vacuum 15 April 2009
Characterization of inconel/carbon multilayer mirrors for 45 Å wavelength 15 April 2009
Rational development of the solvent loaded, inductively coupled argon plasma 15 April 2009
Well-being from an occupational perspective : testing a conceptual model 15 April 2009
The coordination and organometallic chemistry of ruthenium porphyrin species 15 April 2009
Synthesis of porphyrins, chlorins and bacteriochlorins by chemical modifications of chlorophyll a 15 April 2009
Novel nitrogenous metabolites from marine sponges 15 April 2009
Effect of atmospheric pressure fluctuations on bulk gas flow and composition of flavour volatiles from bulky plant tissues 15 April 2009
Directed mutagenesis and gene fusion analysis of the Rhodobacter capsulatus puc operon 15 April 2009
Molecular studies of the structure and function of pseudomonas aeruginosa OprD: an imipenem specific porin 15 April 2009
In-plane shake table testing of gravity load designed reinforced concrete frames with unreinforced masonry infill walls 15 April 2009
Star counts in M31 15 April 2009
Multilateral approaches to the theory of international comparisons 15 April 2009
An effective solution for bluetooth adhoc networking 15 April 2009
Hospital governance in British Columbia 15 April 2009
Modeling of simultaneous processes of water flow, heat transfer, and multicomponent reactive solute transport in saturated-unsaturated porous media 15 April 2009
Efficient and responsible use of prior information and joint parameter estimation for estimating parameters of groundwater flow models 15 April 2009
Lone dzou 15 April 2009
Form and poetry in selected songs of Barbara Pentland 15 April 2009
Eloquence, reference, and significance in Clara Schumann’s Opus 20 and Johannes Brahms’ Opus 9 15 April 2009