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Title Available
The cutting behavior of bandsaws 10 September 2008
The effect of bandsaw stresses of blade stiffness and cutting accuracy 10 September 2008
A selection of applications at Canada Customs 10 September 2008
Faculty development in British Columbia Community Colleges 10 September 2008
Aspects of the reproductive endocrinology of the Thai carp, Puntius gonionotus (Bleeker) 10 September 2008
Role of the Malpighian tubules in acid-base regulation in the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria 10 September 2008
The analysis of slant-from-texture in early vision 10 September 2008
Mesometeorological modelling and trajectory studies during an air pollution episode in the lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada 10 September 2008
The classification of acoustic emission signals via artificial neural network 10 September 2008
Time-domain based steady-state initialization for the EMTP 10 September 2008
Implementation of a force-reflecting telerobotic system with magnetically levitated master and wrist 10 September 2008
Location updating and paging strategies in a cellular system 10 September 2008
Observer based velocity and environment force estimation for rigid body control 10 September 2008
Proton magnetic resonance of wood and water in wood 10 September 2008
Self-orthogonalizing strategies for enhancing Hebbian learning in recurrent neural networks 10 September 2008
An approach to integrated ecosystem planning: an evaluation of the Minnewanka area plan, Banff National Park 10 September 2008
The role of foliar glucosinolates in host plant resistance of oilseed rape and mustard to the Bertha armyworm and the diamondback moth 10 September 2008
Molecular characterization of the cucumber necrosis virus coat protein gene 10 September 2008
Family x site interaction in a progeny test of coastal Douglas-fir 10 September 2008
Human ceruloplasmin gene and cDNA 10 September 2008
Passing the buck: federalism and Canadian environmental policy 10 September 2008
Three essays in real estate economics 10 September 2008
An investigation into tool-wear and phenomena influencing tool-life in milling 10 September 2008
The experience of community for seniors involved in community-engaged arts 10 September 2008
Assessment of inspection criteria and techniques for recertification of natural gas vehicle (NGV) storage cylinders 10 September 2008
The cognitively-impaired institutionalized elderly: spousal perceptions and expectations of nursing care 10 September 2008
Vertical forces on the coupling of a pusher tug-barge 10 September 2008
The head nurses’ perceptions of the impact of deinstitutionalization on the chronically mentally ill 10 September 2008
The interactive effects of data categorization and noncircularity on the sampling distribution of generalizability coefficients in analysis of variance models : an empirical investigation 10 September 2008
The meaning of transformative dreams 10 September 2008
A formal characterization of a domain independent abductive reasoning system 10 September 2008
Faculty development in British Columbia Community Colleges 10 September 2008
The boundary between "us" and "them": readers and the non-English word in the fiction of Canadian Mennonite writers 10 September 2008
Study of wound healing and the involvement of the cytoskeleton in Vaucheria longicaulis variety macounii 10 September 2008
"The object of their life": defining female self in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Miss Marjoribanks 10 September 2008
Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of Group 6 alkoxo nitrosyl complexes 10 September 2008
High valent element fluorosulfates and fluoride- fluorosulfates 10 September 2008
LEEDS studies of adsorbate-induced reconstruction of metal surfaces 10 September 2008
Terpenoid metabolites from three dorid nudibranchs and a new bromotryptamine derivative from the Northeast Pacific sponge Plocamissa igzo 10 September 2008
The rise and fall of fraternal methods of social insurance : a case study of the Independent Order of Oddfellows of British Columbia sickness insurance, 1874-1951 10 September 2008
The relationship between attitudes towards specific mathematics topics and achievement in those domains 09 September 2008
Classification of the characteristics of two mango cultivars harvested at different stages of maturity using gas chromatography and sensory data 09 September 2008
Zoning and the single-family landscape: large new houses and neighbourhood change in Vancouver 09 September 2008
Mothers’ perception of early childhood education as a function of ethnic background 09 September 2008
A case study of curriculum leadership and development with a global perspective 09 September 2008
Microvascular exchange in human tissue 09 September 2008
South Asian women in Canada and media discourse : a feminist collaborative analysis 09 September 2008
Oblique wave reflection from a model rubble-mound breakwater 09 September 2008
The effects of changing the interstimulus interval during habituation in Caeorhaditis elegans 09 September 2008
Criteria-based content analysis : an experimental investigation with children 09 September 2008