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Title Available
Effects of perinatal dietary choline supplementation on learning and memory in the adult rat 15 September 2008
Design of an in-situ ellipsometer 15 September 2008
A compact piecewise-linear Voronoi diagram for convex sites in the plane, or, Simple paths in a complex world 15 September 2008
Local illumination models from surface geometry microform 15 September 2008
Improving the portability of natural language interfaces through learning 15 September 2008
The raven kernel: a microkernel for shared memory multiprocessors 15 September 2008
Hummingbirds’ concentration preferences and the energetics of nectar feeding : predictions, tests and implications for optimal foraging theory and pollination biology 15 September 2008
Factors affecting the mortality of winter moth in the lower mainland of British Columbia 15 September 2008
Numerical methods for frequency dependent line parameters with applications to microstrip lines and pipe-type cables 15 September 2008
Efficient coding/decoding strategies for channels with memory 15 September 2008
Their feet grimed from the hearth : visual motifs in Aschenputtel, Catskin and Cap o’ Rushes 15 September 2008
Judgment of feeling states from facial behavior: a bottom-up approach 15 September 2008
Adaptive rapid tracking by a 3 DOF robot manipulator 15 September 2008
Patterns of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis and their relationship to neuropathology on magnetic resonance imaging 15 September 2008
A Real time simulator for power electric networks 15 September 2008
Radial spreading of vertical buoyant jets in shallow water 15 September 2008
[mu]SR measurement of the magnetic penetration depth and coherence length in the high-T superconductor YBa₂Cu₃O₆ 95 15 September 2008
Phase front analysis of laminar vortex streets 15 September 2008
An attampt to measure the electron temperature of a Xenon Chloride excimer laser discharge plasma by Thomson scattering 15 September 2008
Regional co-operative development : the Mondragon example 15 September 2008
Laminated root rot: ecology relationship and stand productivity impacts in coastal Douglas-fir ecosystems of British Columbia 15 September 2008
Aspects relating to the spread and survival of Phellinus root rot 15 September 2008
Predictors of registration with continuing care and the utilization of support services by family caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease patients 15 September 2008
Differences between participants and nonparticipants of a community-based senior health education program 15 September 2008
Aspects of the reaction of CO and CO₂ with iron oxide-containing slags 15 September 2008
Rhyming ability, phoneme identity, letter-sound knowledge, and the use of orthographic analogy by prereaders 15 September 2008
Pit initiation on passivated metal surfaces: crystallographic orientation and environmental effects 15 September 2008
Minority opinion influence: the role of issue-involvement and similarity 15 September 2008
Rudder roll reduction for small ships 15 September 2008
The effects of periodic wake disturbances on flat-plate turbulent boundary layers 15 September 2008
An approach to dynamics and control of flexible space structure 15 September 2008
The effect of soothing music on neonatal behavioural states in the hospital newborn nursery 15 September 2008
Implementation and evaluation of an intelligent tuner for an ill-defined servo-motor system 15 September 2008
Head nurse leadership : perceptions of leaders 15 September 2008
Locus of control and native Indian children with histories of hearing loss 15 September 2008
All I’m asking for is a little respect: equality rights and same-sex spousal benefits 15 September 2008
Inter-American human rights protection: how methods and rules of interpretation are framed 15 September 2008
A Non-market economy’s admission to the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade: China’s unique situation 15 September 2008
International joint ventures: the strategic human resource management dimension 15 September 2008
Towards a phonetic and phonological typology of post-velar articulation 15 September 2008
The narrative abilities of a severely hard-of-hearing child 15 September 2008
Arachidonic acid as a potential intracellular regulator of aromatase activity in human term trophoblast 15 September 2008
Synthesis and characterization of trinuclear metal clusters containing benzynechromium tricarbonylh 15 September 2008
New cytotoxic natural products from North-Eastern Pacific marine invertebrates 15 September 2008
NMR investigations of cyanate resins 15 September 2008
Evaluation of camphor derivatives in terpenoid synthesis 15 September 2008
An experimental investigation of the use of explanations provided by knowledge-based systems 15 September 2008
Three essays on the criteria to be used in welfare economics 15 September 2008
An international study of gender differences in mathematics achievement 14 September 2008
The integration of housing and economic activites: a case study of low-income settlements in Kumasi, Ghana 14 September 2008