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Title Available
Studies on the direct vascular actions of diuretics 14 April 2009
Basal forebrain cholinergic neurons: regulation by dopamine and responses to arousing stimuli 14 April 2009
Evaluation of molecular electronic wavefunctions by electron momentum spectroscopy 14 April 2009
Organotin compounds: their analyses and effect on model biomembranes 14 April 2009
Hydride, alkyl, and alkenyl complexes of tungsten 14 April 2009
Binding and activation of small molecules by ruthenium complexes containing a chelated aminophosphine ligand 14 April 2009
The marine geochemistry of zirconium and hafnium 14 April 2009
The thermosonimetry of polymers 14 April 2009
Studies of the cell surface of caulobacter crescentus 14 April 2009
Analytical study to investigate the seismic performance of single story tilt-up structures 14 April 2009
Privacy-preserving publishing of moving objects databases 14 April 2009
Femininity and authorship : Deren, Duras and von Trotta 14 April 2009
Aboriginal women's experiences seeking help in an urban emergency department 14 April 2009
Managing a harvestable resource : individual transferable harvest quotas in the Lake Huron commercial fishery 14 April 2009
Delayed muscle soreness, muscle function and evidence of leukocytes in human skeletal muscle following eccentric exercise 14 April 2009
What's the catch : uncovering the catch volume and value of Fiji's coral reef-based artisanal and subsistence fisheries 14 April 2009
Prospicit occasus, interdum respicit ortus : a metapoetic journey through Ovid's Phaethon, Metamorphoses 1. 748-2. 400. 14 April 2009
Convention cosplay : subversive potential in anime fandom 14 April 2009
Musical coherence and poetic meaning in George Crumb’s Apparition 14 April 2009
Three works for bassoon (ca. 1780-1815) by the composers Brandl, Schneider and Schacht, including histories, scores and commentaries on editing 14 April 2009
The asmatic troparia, katavasiai, and hypakoai "cycles" in their Paleoslavonic recensions: a study in comparative paleography 14 April 2009
The interaction of opposing jets 14 April 2009
Are secondary wood products environmentally friendly? a study of public perceptions 14 April 2009
Wave impact forces on a horizontal cylinder 14 April 2009
The blue card : EU's race for talent 14 April 2009
An optimization model for the development and response of alluvial river channels 14 April 2009
Interpretation of selfboring pressuremeter tests in sand 14 April 2009
Mountain precipitation analysis for the estimation of flood runoff in coastal British Columbia 14 April 2009
Seismic behavior and design of friction concentrically braced frames for steel buildings 14 April 2009
The effects of light conditions from patchy natural canopies on the growth and morphology of white clover clones 14 April 2009
Toward transformative learning and a transnational feminist pedagogy : experiences of activist-facilitators working in development 14 April 2009
Intimacy and influence strategies: a function of gender, attachment style, and type of relationship 14 April 2009
The characteristics of carpora lutea induced by hCG in cattle 14 April 2009
Aluminum chemistry of selected podzols in Southwestern British Columbia 14 April 2009
Setting patterns : technological change, labour adjustment, and training in British Columbia’s lumber manufacturing industry 14 April 2009
The role of personal involvement in accessing false-belief understanding 14 April 2009
Teaching moral concepts: a new conception 14 April 2009
The impact of social contexts in schools : adolescents who are new to Canada and their sense of belonging 14 April 2009
A structure/activity study of cation affinity and selectivity using a synthetic peptide model of the helix-loop-helix calcium-binding motif 14 April 2009
Collaboration between teachers and university educators in a professional development context: shared situated cases 14 April 2009
The role of oleic acid and cholesterol in neonatal diet 14 April 2009
Strategies for amassing, characterizing, and applying third-party metadata in bioinformatics 14 April 2009
Detrital zircon geochronology and rift-related magmatism : central Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories 14 April 2009
Insulin and hypertension : a pharmacological perspective 14 April 2009
Modulation of long-term potentiation in the hippocampus 14 April 2009
The impact of social contexts in schools : adolescents who are new to Canada and their sense of belonging 14 April 2009
Calmodulin modulation of the cGMP-gated channel of photoreceptor rod cell 14 April 2009
Structural and functional studies of the pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase of Escherichia coli 14 April 2009
In vivo targeting of liposomal drug carriers 14 April 2009
Characterization of water in wood below the fibre saturation point 14 April 2009