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Title Available
Inclusion of a crew safety node into the preliminary design of fishing vessels 15 April 2009
Analytical and experimental studies of wing tip vortices 15 April 2009
A stability monitoring and advisory system for small ships 15 April 2009
A computational and experimental investigation of film cooling effectiveness 15 April 2009
Development and testing of a weatherometer to accelerate the surface checking of wood 15 April 2009
Slender ship procedures that include the effects of yaw, vortex shedding and density stratification 15 April 2009
The circulation and energetics of the Sechelt Inlet system, British Columbia 15 April 2009
Efficient high-order accurate unstructured finite-volume algorithms for viscous and inviscid compressible flows 15 April 2009
Flexural toughness of fibre reinforced concrete 15 April 2009
Emergent programatic form-ation : formulating a responsive process of designing architecture 15 April 2009
Dynamic soil-structure interaction: pile foundations and retaining structures 15 April 2009
Optimization of biological nutrient removal in a pilot-scale trickling filter-activated sludge process 15 April 2009
Shear strength of structural concrete members using a uniform shear element approach 15 April 2009
Fuzzy logic in polder flood control operations in Bangkok 15 April 2009
Numerical prediction of film cooling of turbine blades using multiblock curvilinear grids 15 April 2009
A lift of the Chern-Simons functional and its application to equivariant Floer homology 15 April 2009
Hydrogel-based microfluidic system for cell culture 15 April 2009
Evolving water policy in the Bangkok metropolitan region 15 April 2009
Co-regulating corporate social responsibility : government response to forest certification in Canada, the United States and Sweden 15 April 2009
Mitochondrial DNA plasmids and senescence in neurospora 15 April 2009
The role of root-associated fungi in the dominance of gaultheria shallon 15 April 2009
Population differentiation of two sympatric species of red algae, mazzaella splendens and mazzaella linearis, in Barkley Sound, Columbia, Canada 15 April 2009
Intertidal community structure, dynamics and models : mechanisms and the role of biotic and abiotic interaction 15 April 2009
Ammonium uptake by rice roots 15 April 2009
Identification and characterization of regulatory genes associated with secondary wall formation in Populus and Arabidopsis thaliana 15 April 2009
Factors affecting long-term habituation in Caenorhabditis elegans 15 April 2009
Masochistic pleasures of detection in the sensation novels of Wilkie Collins 15 April 2009
Urban coyotes (Canis latrans Say, 1823) in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia: public perceptions and education 15 April 2009
On the distinction between false belief understanding and the acquisition of an interpretive theory of mind 15 April 2009
Environmental contaminants in bald eagles on the coast of British Columbia: exposure and biological effects 15 April 2009
Evaporation within and above a boreal aspen forest 15 April 2009
The structure of the environmental relationship in polar regions 15 April 2009
Bioenergetics in the killer whale, orcinus orca 15 April 2009
Soil structure associated with cover crops and grass leys in degraded lowland soils of Delta 15 April 2009
Education for voluntary simplicity : toward sustainable and creative ways of life through an eastern idea of living-learning 15 April 2009
Quine on opacity in modal and doxastic contexts 15 April 2009
Mothers' understanding of children's social and emotional development 15 April 2009
Grade three teachers’ personal practical knowledge of reading instruction and its relationship to teacher background, their students’ reading experiences and achievement : a secondary analysis of the 1991 IEA Reading Literacy Study 15 April 2009
Avalanche and file: the politics of alternative magazines in the field of cultural production 1968-1976 15 April 2009
Self-employment and the nature of the contemporary Canadian economy 15 April 2009
Perceptions of the nurse’s role by hospitalized children with chronic conditions 15 April 2009
Characterization of the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene at the molecular level 15 April 2009
CIS-acting sequences found within the MVM genome required for DNA replication 15 April 2009
ABCA4 structure-function relationships : role in Stargardt disease and related retinal degenerative diseases 15 April 2009
Molecular and genetic analyses of complexes and pathways for retrograde transport to the Golgi 15 April 2009
Molecular cytogenetics in Picea 15 April 2009
Two- and three-dimensional velocity structure of the southwestern Canadian Cordillera from seismic refraction data 15 April 2009
Mechanism of purification of cellulose in acidified aqueous acetone 15 April 2009
Foreign direct investment in the forest resource development in the Russian Far East and its implications for Japanese and Korean log markets case study: South Korean-Russian forestry joint venture, Svetlaya 15 April 2009
Competition in auditing : a spatial approach 15 April 2009