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Title Available
Comparison of pregnancy rates, progesterone concentrations, and expression of genes associated with progesterone synthesis in heifers and mature cows 25 August 2008
Swimming in slime 25 August 2008
The acute effects of two different training models on markers of inflammatory activation and skeletal muscle injury in patients with chronic heart failure 25 August 2008
Studies on the role of hephaestin and transferrin in iron transport 25 August 2008
Memory travels : death, belonging and architecture 25 August 2008
Of meat, morals, and masculinity : factors underlying the consumption of non-human animals, and inferences about another’s character 25 August 2008
"I want you to think I'm perfect and it's killing me" : the interpersonal components of perfectionism and suicide in a test of the social disconnection model 25 August 2008
Glucose monitoring measuring blood glucose using vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) 25 August 2008
The impact of area-based cultural characteristics on participation with the Fair Pharmacare program in BC 25 August 2008
Exploiting structure for scalable software verification 25 August 2008
Adjusting retrospective noise exposure assessment for use of hearing protection devices 24 August 2008
Le Web comme corpus et les expressions « figées » en français 24 August 2008
Exploring the potential for native language revitalization in an urban context : language education in Vancouver 24 August 2008
Development of embryonic stem cells expressing endogenous levels of a fluorescent protein fused to the telomere binding protein TRF1 24 August 2008
Data analysis in proteomics novel computational strategies for modeling and interpreting complex mass spectrometry data 24 August 2008
Interactive tools for biomechanical modeling and realistic animation 24 August 2008
Bayesian cluster validation 24 August 2008
Rapid social regulation of 3β-HSD activity in the songbird brain 24 August 2008
Beautiful but lacking diversity : population genetics of Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nuttallii Audobon ex Torr. & A. Gray) 24 August 2008
Combustion of lignin-oil-water mixtures in a rotary kiln 22 August 2008
Health anxiety and perceived vulnerability to illness 22 August 2008
Measurement of the total cross section for the π - 2π reaction p(π⁺, π⁺ π⁰)p near threshold 22 August 2008
Decision-making for acceptable risk in contaminated site problems in British Columbia 22 August 2008
Rebuilding the city from an ecological perspective 22 August 2008
Long-term follow-up of neonates who have been immunized with hepatitis B vaccine 22 August 2008
The salience of gender in the assessment of job candidates 21 August 2008
The body of letters in Proust's Albertine Disparue 21 August 2008
Interest group involvement in constituency election campaigns 21 August 2008
Talking through the text : Rakugo and the oral/literal interface 21 August 2008
Modelling the driver for traffic flow simulation 21 August 2008
SEITRON SEIsmic elecTRONic handbook : a knowledge based systems approach to structural steel design 21 August 2008
Geosynthetic stabilization of unpaved roads on soft ground : a field evaluation 21 August 2008
Attachment style, affect and construal of interpersonal conflict 21 August 2008
Completion of occluded objects in early vision : an exploration of spatial limits 21 August 2008
Timbre perception of cultural insiders : a case study with Javanese gamelan instruments 21 August 2008
Coming out of hibernation : the Canadian public trust doctrine 21 August 2008
Law-in-spacing : geographies of territorialization and resistance 21 August 2008
Recycling clock network energy in high-performance digital designs using on-chip DC-DC converters 21 August 2008
A new pattern in a shift of light : a study of Rudyard Kipling as a 20th century writer 21 August 2008
Theatre Under the Stars : the Hilker years 21 August 2008
An examination of award-winning Canadian children’s literature from 1982 to 1992 for evidence of gender equality in presentations of male and female characters 20 August 2008
Secondary school students and the information seeking process 20 August 2008
A systematic review of the blood pressure lowering efficacy of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers for primary hypertension 20 August 2008
A metabolic comparison of isokinetic and free sprinting 20 August 2008
English as a second language (ESL) student self-concept : its relation to teacher perception and academic achievement -- an exploratory study 20 August 2008
William Vander Zalm to Rita Johnston : the 1991 leadership choice of the Social Credit Party of British Columbia 20 August 2008
Selective memory impairments produced by transient lidocaine-induced lesions of the nucleus accumbens 20 August 2008
Being in the right place at the right time : time of day discrimination by pigeons, Columba Livia 20 August 2008
Real-time intelligent behaviour in dynamic environments : soccer-playing robots 20 August 2008
Life history of marine threespine stickleback in Oyster Lagoon, British Columbia 20 August 2008