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Title Available
Pipa pai : concept, history and analysis of style 16 March 2009
Tonical ambiguity in three pieces by Sergei Prokofiev 16 March 2009
A method for assessment of the effectiveness of feeding stimulants for salmonid fish: trials with krill (Euphausia pacifica) hydrolysates 16 March 2009
Pilot-ignited natural gas combustion in diesel engines 16 March 2009
A study of unsteady wake-boundary layer interaction in turbomachines 16 March 2009
Numerical investigation of the gas/spray jet interaction with fluidized beds 16 March 2009
Modelling Laurentide ice stream thermomechanics 16 March 2009
Patterns of change, sources of influence : an historical study of the Canadian museum and the middle class, 1850-1950 16 March 2009
Glutamine metabolism and function in skeletal muscle 16 March 2009
Supportive and unsupportive processes within the stress and coping context 16 March 2009
Culture and the need for positive self-regard : the Japanese case 16 March 2009
The meaning of stealing as lived in women with bulimia nervosa 16 March 2009
Constrained scaling : calibrating individual subjects in magnitude estimation 16 March 2009
The experience of career development in women with bulimia nervosa 16 March 2009
Children’s conceptualizations of attachment and caregiving 16 March 2009
Pharmacokinetics, limited sampling strategies, and pharmacogenetics of mycophenolic acid in thoracic transplant recipients 16 March 2009
A longitudinal study of the effects of instruction on the development of article use by adult Japanese ESL learners 16 March 2009
Absolute photoabsorption and photoionization studies of halogen containing molecules by dipole electron impact methods 16 March 2009
Further investigations on the use of Camphor as an Enantiopure starting material in natural product synthesis 16 March 2009
Cationic carbonyl derivatives of electron-rich metals-syntheses, structures, and spectroscopic properties 16 March 2009
Informal settlement upgrading in Durban, South Africa : building institutional capacity to sustain the improvement process 16 March 2009
Design, analysis, and implementation of a DSP-based modem for Code-Phase-Shift Keying 16 March 2009
Empirical studies in information modeling: interpretation of the object relationship 16 March 2009
The operating and financial performance of privatized firms : an empirical investigation 16 March 2009
Firm value, audit quality, and social welfare in the presence of costly litigation against auditors 16 March 2009
Jeanne d'Arc au front de 14: une guerre à la française (Maurice Barrès et Léon Bloy) 16 March 2009
Essays in inventory control 16 March 2009
Dialogism, cultural narratolgy, and contemporary Canadian novels in English 16 March 2009
Heat transfer and stress generation during forced convective quenching of steel bars 16 March 2009
Some statistical models for the multivariate analysis of longitudinal data 16 March 2009
Statistical modelling and inference for multivariate and longitudinal discrete response data 16 March 2009
Local linear regression versus backcalculation in forecasting 16 March 2009
A robotic workstation vision-based safety system for persons with physical disabilities 16 March 2009
Essays in inventory control 15 March 2009
An exploration of diversity in the adult basic education literacy classroom 15 March 2009
Realities and perceptions of human rights and the mining industry : a case study 15 March 2009
The Teocalli of Tenochtitlan : a digital interpretation of the Aztec Ceremonial Precinct 15 March 2009
Back to Batoche : a cultural centre for the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan 15 March 2009
Screening, characterization and inhibition of viral cysteine proteinases 15 March 2009
The effects of small GTP-binding proteins, Ras and Rap, on Dictyostelium Discoideum growth and differentiation 15 March 2009
Proving Newtonian Arbiters Correct, almost surely 15 March 2009
The China Labour Code: its major issues and improvement 15 March 2009
Reforming the Chinese state-owned enterprise a law and economics perspective 15 March 2009
Synthetic strategies for self-assembled schiff-base macrocycles 15 March 2009
Practices in professional development : does professional development enhance teacher education? 15 March 2009
An adaptive model for predicting !Kung reproductive performance : a stochastic dynamic programming approach 15 March 2009
Determiner systems and quantificational strategies: evidence from Salish 15 March 2009
The heat shock protein response and physiological stress in aquatic organisms 15 March 2009
Impact of information technology on health care professionals and patient care : a multiple case study in community hospitals 15 March 2009
NMR imaging and spectroscopic investigations of blowing gases in polymer insulating foams 15 March 2009