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Title Available
Producing publics : an ethnographic study of democratic practice and youth media production and mentorship 14 October 2008
3D task performance using head-coupled stereo displays 14 October 2008
Antenna boresight calibration using optimal estimation techniques 14 October 2008
A secure radio-frequency assistive listening device for hard of hearing people 14 October 2008
Evaluation of capture-recapture estimators using a cyclic snowshoe hare population 14 October 2008
The status and distribution of terrestrial amphibians in old-growth forests and managed stands 14 October 2008
A Study of factors influencing a non-cyclic, island population of snowshoe hares 14 October 2008
Knowing but not knowing: the experience of parents who knew about their baby’s heart defect before their baby was born 14 October 2008
Prolegomena to a postmodern theory of law 14 October 2008
Pulmonary diffusion limitation, V̇ /Q̇ mismatch and pulmonary transit time in highly trained athletes during maximal exercise 14 October 2008
Diazine-bridged coordination polymers of copper and nickel : synthesis and thermal, spectral, structural, and magnetic properties 14 October 2008
The music industry and Canadian national identity 14 October 2008
New social movements, Claus Offe, and environmental groups in British Columbia 14 October 2008
Subversion, transcendence, and rejection history in the fiction of contemporary Chinese avant-garde writers Su Tong, Yu Hua, and Ge Fei 13 October 2008
Use of alternative feed ingredients and the effects on growth and flesh quality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria). 13 October 2008
Socialization in the margins : second language writers and feedback practices in university content courses 13 October 2008
Microglial-mediated inflammatory responses and perturbed vasculature in an animal model of inflamed Alzheimer's disease brain 13 October 2008
Repositioning BC ferries : from Crown corporation to administrative hybrid 13 October 2008
A methodology for assessing the seismic risk of buildings 13 October 2008
Genealogies of desire : "Uranianism", mysticism and science in Britain, 1889-1940 13 October 2008
Micro flow control using thermally responsive polymer solutions 13 October 2008
Quantitative analysis of quota trading behaviour at the end of the quota year 13 October 2008
Parallax : volume management for virtual machines 13 October 2008
Development of a desktop high-resolution MRI for microflow visualization 13 October 2008
Improvement of longevity and signal quality in implantable neural recording systems 13 October 2008
Carbon nanotubes for biomolecular sensing and photovoltaics 13 October 2008
Potential environmental influences on biological control : can drought improve success and do congeners preferentially exploit different habitats? 13 October 2008
A role for epigenetic modifications in the maintenance of mouse Ly49 receptor expression 13 October 2008
Positron emission tomography region of interest and parametric image analysis methods for severely-lesioned small animal disease models 13 October 2008
Meeting people where they are at : how nurses, using the framework of harm reduction, make sense of nursing practice with people who use drugs 13 October 2008
Legal, economic, and industrial relations considerations in workforce integrations following corporate mergers 13 October 2008
In situ analysis of lateral triterpenoid distribution in plant cuticular waxes using Raman microspectroscopy and non-linear optical imaging 13 October 2008
"The king is a thing": Hamlet and the prostheses of nobility 13 October 2008
Making sense of change : how place-specific cultural models and experiential influencers are shaping understandings of climate change in two BC coastal communities 13 October 2008
Isovaline : a new analgesic 13 October 2008
Home range behavior of Roosevelt elk in Strathcona Park 11 October 2008
Wind induced entrainment in the Strait of Georgia and the possible consequences for fish survival 11 October 2008
Making Europeans: Pan-European television and the European Community 11 October 2008
Experiments with withdrawal-induced resonant internal waves 11 October 2008
The Accuracy and precision of ORP monitoring in bio-nutrient removal processes 11 October 2008
Reluctant realists: the Pacific Northwest lumber industry, federal labor standards and union legislation during the New Deal 11 October 2008
A System for the efficient automated analysis of reconstructed double-pulsed holograms 11 October 2008
The implementation of sequential and parallel algorithms for solving almost block bidiagonal systems 11 October 2008
Increasing public awareness: a community action group case study 11 October 2008
Effects of water mite parasitism on Cenocorixa spp. (Heteroptera: Corixidae) 11 October 2008
Oxovanadium(IV) and (V) complexes with naturally-occurring molecules 11 October 2008
Triassic-Jurassic biochronology of the eastern Iskut River map area, northwestern British Columbia 11 October 2008
Volcanic stratigraphy and lithochemistry of the lower Jurassic Hazelton group, host to the Eskay Creek precious and base metal volcanogenic deposit 11 October 2008
Central American refugee claimants’ experiences accessing health care 11 October 2008
The adolescent female’s experience of pregnancy 11 October 2008