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Title Available
Determining the complete spectrum for sparse symmetric matrices 07 April 2009
A computational theory of decision networks 07 April 2009
Bangkok’s foodscape : public eating, gender relations and urban change 07 April 2009
In Ovo induction of hepatic ethoxyresorufin o-deethylase activity by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-P-dioxin in four avian species 07 April 2009
Isolation and characterization of three novel dictyostelium ras genes : evidence for a unique, developmentally regulated ras gene family 07 April 2009
Sources of inequality in Canada 07 April 2009
Bifunctional organometallic reagents: preparation and use in annulation sequences 07 April 2009
Dinuclear dinitrogen and mononuclear paramagnetic complexes of zirconium 07 April 2009
Synthesis and study of ruthenium phosphine complexes for the catalytic hydrogenation of imines 07 April 2009
The biomethylation of arsenic 07 April 2009
The impact of industrialization on the quality of life in Korea: case studies of Ulsan and Kyungju 07 April 2009
Outcome prediction and genome-transcriptome correlation analysis in classical Hodgkin's lymphoma 07 April 2009
Field, kinetic, and thermodynamic studies of magmatic assimilation in the Northern cordilleran volcanic province, northwestern British Columbia 07 April 2009
Numerical models of the general circulation in the Strait of Georgia 07 April 2009
A study of flexible space structures : dynamics and control 07 April 2009
Development of a hybrid bridge evaluation system 07 April 2009
Application of reliability theory to highway geometric design 07 April 2009
Rebound and toughening mechanisms in steel fiber reinforced dry-mix shotcrete 07 April 2009
Heat loss from a model deer in a wind tunnel and in forest stands 07 April 2009
Plasma concentrations of amino acids in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in response to nutritional and feeding management 07 April 2009
A study into the regulation of ovarian follicular dynamics by progestins in the bovine 07 April 2009
Responsibility in obsessive compulsive disorder: is it worth checking? 07 April 2009
From Dewey’s legacy to Schon’s epistemology of practice : reconceptualizing reflective teacher education 07 April 2009
A vulnerability-stress model for the course of schizophrenia ? 07 April 2009
Release and metabolism of gastric inhibitory polypeptide 07 April 2009
Investigation of insulin secretory abnormalities in pancreatic islets from diabetic and non diabetic BB rats 07 April 2009
Overcoming depressed moods after an HIV+ diagnosis : a critical incident analysis 07 April 2009
Characterization of the ESX-1 (Snm) secretion system in mycobacteria 07 April 2009
Comprehensive modelling and its application to simulation of fluidized-bed reactors for efficient production of hydrogen and other hydrocarbon processes 07 April 2009
Purification of partially degraded diethanolamine solutions 07 April 2009
Transformative or abortive? : a "de-voluntaristic" analysis of the Nationalist Revolution in modern Chinese history 07 April 2009
Use of a developmental theory of parental cognition to construct a model of parental decision-making strategies 07 April 2009
Autocrine/paracrine regulation of steroidogenesis in human ovarian cells 07 April 2009
Power, politics and the innovation process: analysis of an organizational field in agriculture 07 April 2009
Exchange rates, monetary policy, and the international transmission mechanism 07 April 2009
Essays on production and pricing decisions 07 April 2009
Pricing perishable inventories by using marketing restrictions with applications to airlines 07 April 2009
Three essays on expectations and housing price volatility 07 April 2009
Assessment of protein surface hydrophobicity by spectroscopic methods and its relation to emulsifying properties of proteins 07 April 2009
Public participation in urban mega-project planning: a case study of Pacific Place Vancouver, B.C. 07 April 2009
Theoretical models of nonthermal processes in the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars 07 April 2009
The philosophy of filiality in ancient China : ideological development of ancestor worship in the Zhanguo period 07 April 2009
Filtering volumetric data 06 April 2009
Unified language and operating system support for parallel processing 06 April 2009
A novel constraint-based data fusion system for limited-angle computed tomography 06 April 2009
Materializing nature : discourse, practice and power in the temperate rainforest 06 April 2009
Three essays on expectations and housing price volatility 06 April 2009
Identification of a novel candidate receptor for human respiratory syncytial virus subgroup A 06 April 2009
Mineral development and mining policy in Greenland 06 April 2009
Physiology of the mesopontine cholinergic/nitric oxide system : mechanisms of behavioral state control 06 April 2009