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Title Available
Suspend the bridge : community power, regime theory and the decision to build Vancouver’s Lions’ Gate Bridge 24 March 2009
Identification of human macrophage genes differentially expressed by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis 23 March 2009
Construction and characterization of tpr and prT single and double mutants of Porphyromonas gingivalis W83 23 March 2009
Enzymatic probing of chromatin conformation using the comet assay 23 March 2009
Peer response and second language writers 23 March 2009
A Semi-classical analysis of the Wilson Loop in a 2+1 Dimensional Yang-Mills theory with a monopole gas 23 March 2009
A cross-cultural study of communication during social visits : Japanese ESL students as ethnographers in interlanguage pragmatics research 23 March 2009
The behavior of the map mirror with changes in temperatures as determined by double exposure holography 23 March 2009
Vocabulary learning : a study of student and activity elicited learning processes & strategies used in an adult ESL classroom 23 March 2009
Exercise and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus questionnaire : modifications required in diet and insulin administration for the active person with insulin-dependent diabetes 23 March 2009
Negotiating expectations : how community health nurses conceptualize health promotion in the context of their practice 23 March 2009
Changes in material body composition from month one to month six postpartum in 11 breastfeeding, exercising women 23 March 2009
Learning strategies of early British Columbia divers 23 March 2009
The acute effects of conservative surgery plus radiotherapy on the functional capacity and psychological well being of women with early stage breast cancer 23 March 2009
Navigating bordered geographies : water governance along the Canada - United States border 23 March 2009
The role of visual sampling in obstacle compensation 23 March 2009
Trait and self-presentation dimensions of perfectionism among women with anorexia nervosa 23 March 2009
Bereavement and spouse sanctification 23 March 2009
Trace elements : an art school in New Westminster 23 March 2009
he role of lipoprotein-X in the development of glomerulosclerosis in familial LCAT deficienty 23 March 2009
Sequencing adjacent to BssHII sites on human chromosome 8 : a method of gene identification 23 March 2009
An Investigation of conceptuses with placental chromosomal mosaicism for the presence of germline mosaicism 23 March 2009
Westall’s peasants : British identity and the crisis of nation in 1799 23 March 2009
A fast heuristic for finding the minimum weight triangulation 23 March 2009
Statistical modeling of contact interaction for telerobotics and haptics 23 March 2009
Penetration of composite laminates by conical indenters and projectiles 23 March 2009
Efficient transfer and storage of image data for distributed development of biomedical imaging tools 23 March 2009
Integrating Hsplines into Softimage|3D 23 March 2009
How does the nature of setting influence clinical teaching? : the perceptions of pediatric and maternity clinical teachers 23 March 2009
"Chi lo, mai lo" : the experience of aging and chronic illness in older women of Chinese ethnicity : a phenomenological, feminist study 23 March 2009
Public health nurses and health promotion 23 March 2009
Reinforcement of stickleback mate preferences : sympatry breeds contempt 23 March 2009
1H-MRS evaluation of the Phosphocreatine-Creatine (PCr/Cr) pool in human muscle 23 March 2009
Habitat variation due to seasonal flooding of the lower Fraser river and the influence on the macroinvertebrate community 23 March 2009
Drag and energetics of swimming in Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) 23 March 2009
Consultation, collaboration and community participation : the archaeological excavation of two prehistoric Inupiaq burials at Kotzebue, Alaska 23 March 2009
Heart rates and dive behaviour of the leatherback sea turtle 23 March 2009
Grazer control of bacterial abundance in a freshwater pond community 23 March 2009
The road back from hell? : First Nations, self-government, and the universal goal of child protection in Canada 23 March 2009
Corporate governance in publicly-held companies: lessons for China’s companies limited by shares 23 March 2009
Legitimate governance and statehood in Africa: beyond the failed state and colonial determination 23 March 2009
Negotiating expectations : how community health nurses conceptualize health promotion in the context of their practice 23 March 2009
Learning strategies of early British Columbia divers 23 March 2009
Application of the urban airshed model in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia 23 March 2009
Customer attitudes towards environmentally sound wood products in three British Columbian home improvement markets 23 March 2009
The effect of manual thinning and glyphosate application on breeding bird communities in southern British Columbia 23 March 2009
Dielectric characteristics of two BC coastal species during radio frequency heating 23 March 2009
Nitrogen mineralization in forest floors of three tree species on the same site : the role of litter quality 23 March 2009
BC moulding and architectural millwork : an analysis of the US market and emerging competitors 23 March 2009
Deformation and fracture behavior of eutectic aluminum-silicon casting alloys 23 March 2009