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Title Available
Olfactory ensheathing cell mediated mechanisms of neurite outgrowth and axon regeneration 30 June 2008
Identification of differentially expressed genes in AHI-1-mediated leukemic transformation in cutaneous t-cell lymphoma 30 June 2008
Experiments and modeling of size reduction of switchgrass in laboratory rotary knife mill 29 June 2008
The effects of topical calcipotriol treatment on immune responses to vaccination 29 June 2008
Plasma concentrations of nelfinavir and viral suppression in HIV-1 infected pregnant women 29 June 2008
Dynamic resource allocation for cognitive radio systems 26 June 2008
Protein kinase A-dependent phosphorylation and degradation of CDK8 : implications for yeast filamentous growth 26 June 2008
Linear clustering with application to single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping 26 June 2008
Face perception : the relationship between identity and expression processing 25 June 2008
The syntax and semantics of clause-typing in Plains Cree 25 June 2008
Susceptibility to smoking among Chinese-Canadian non-smoking adolescents 24 June 2008
Dynamical correlations of S=1/2 quantum spin chains 24 June 2008
Infection prevention and control effectiveness and safety : validation of a survey for long term care facilities 24 June 2008
Computational ligand discovery for the human and zebrafish sex hormone binding globulin 24 June 2008
Aneuploidy and DNA fragmentation in morphologically abnormal sperm 24 June 2008
Silencing mutant Huntingtin by RNA interference for the treatment of Huntington Disease 23 June 2008
kâ-yôskâtahk ôma nêhiyawêwin : the representation of intentionality in Plains Cree 23 June 2008
Danger appraisals as prospective predictors of disgust and avoidance 20 June 2008
Aspects of SU(2|4) symmetric field theories and the Lin-Maldacena geometries 20 June 2008
Health experiences of women who are street-involved and use crack cocaine : inequity, oppression, and relations of power in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside 19 June 2008
Making meaning out of mountains : skiing, the environment and eco-politics 19 June 2008
Dissecting the erotic : art and sexuality in mid-Victorian medical anatomy 19 June 2008
A genome-wide linkage scan and targeted family-based association analysis of dyslexia 19 June 2008
"Colonization is such a personal process" : colonialism, internalized abuse, and healing in Lee Maracle's Daughters Are Forever 19 June 2008
Mechanical properties of arterial wall 18 June 2008
Targeted therapies in mantle cell lymphoma 18 June 2008
Immunomodulatory effects of LL-37 in the epithelia 18 June 2008
Intermolecular C-H activation effected by CP*W(NO)-containing complexes 17 June 2008
Direct methanol fuel cell with extended reaction zone anode : PtRu and PtRuMo supported on fibrous carbon 17 June 2008
Strengthening of timber beams using externally-bonded sprayed fibre reinforced polymers 17 June 2008
Mass spectrometric indentification of formaldehyde-induced modifications of peptides and proteins under in vivo protein cross-linking conditions 17 June 2008
Life cycle assessment case study of North American residential windows 17 June 2008
Rheology and processing of mozzarella cheese 16 June 2008
The simulation modeling of supply logistics of forest biomass in British Columbia 16 June 2008
Characterization of antioxidant activities from fruits rich in delphinidin or malvidin anthocyanins 16 June 2008
Ethical and science understandings in school science : a conceptual framework of classroom practices and understandings 16 June 2008
An assessment of the representation of fire severity and coarse woody debris dynamics in an ecosystem management model 16 June 2008
Using fungicides or combinations of fungicides to provide mold and decay fungal protection to OSB 16 June 2008
Communication over channels with symbol synchronization errors 16 June 2008
Y-box binding protein-1 (YB-1) is a bio-marker of aggressiveness in breast cancer and is a potential target for therapeutic intervention 16 June 2008
What I meant to say about love : a poetic inquiry of un/authorized autobiography 15 June 2008
Kazimir Malevic and architectons as monument : on looking at early modernism 15 June 2008
Performance of cooperative space time coding with spatially correlated fading and imperfect channel estimation 15 June 2008
What I meant to say about love : a poetic inquiry of un/authorized autobiography 15 June 2008
Adaptation and survival in government agencies : the case of western economic diversification Canada 15 June 2008
What causes a cabinet to change its mind? the British farmer and the state 1818-2004 15 June 2008
Improving disk read performance through block-level replication into free space 15 June 2008
Fluid surface reconstruction from particles 15 June 2008
The role of adventure therapy in promoting inclusion for people with disabilities 15 June 2008
The effect of experiential analogies on consumer perceptions and attitudes 15 June 2008