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Title Available
Neural and hormonal control of blood pressure and vascular conductance during hemorrhage in hypertensive rabbits 21 April 2009
The similarities and differences of men’s and women’s personal work networks 21 April 2009
Public report, private information, managerial compensation and effort allocation 21 April 2009
Mechanism of weight loss in the morbidly obese following ileogastrostomy and validation of reported energy intake in normal-weight and morbidly obese subjects 21 April 2009
Effects of chronic stress and diabetes on antioxidant status and myocardial susceptibility to ischemia/reperfusion injury 21 April 2009
Intracellular calcium regulation in the intact endothelial cells from rabbit aortic or pulmonic valves 21 April 2009
Transfer of acquired rule to conditional reasoning as a function of content similarity, attribute dimension size, and acquisition mode 21 April 2009
Local knowledge in physical design and planning : a case study of Chiangmai, Thailand 21 April 2009
Performance modelling and evaluation of protocols based on formal specifications 21 April 2009
Dietary lipids and in vivo antioxidant status in atherosclerosis resistant (rat) and sensitive (quail) animals 21 April 2009
Aesthetic violence : the victimisation of women in the Quebec novel 21 April 2009
Modulation of the MHC class I antigen processing and presentation pathway 21 April 2009
The role of the pufX protein in photosynthetic electron transfer 21 April 2009
The development of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane protein OprF as a presentation vector for foreign antigenic determinants 21 April 2009
Calibration of the Jurassic time scale 20 April 2009
Integrated planning, monitoring, and control of milling operations 20 April 2009
Effect of hydraulic retention time on landfill leachate and gas characteristics 20 April 2009
Forecasting El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events : a neural network approach 20 April 2009
Mechanical properties of granular deposits from self-boring pressuremeter tests 20 April 2009
Stochastic phase dynamics in neuron models and spike time reliability 20 April 2009
Personal agency in employment groups 20 April 2009
An evaluation of the social cultural competency for success training program for the acquisition of intercultural interpersonal competency skills among health care trainees 20 April 2009
Impacts of trade, environmental and agricultural policies in the North American hog/pork industry on water quality, trade patterns and welfare 20 April 2009
A fuctional [sic] analysis of Cis-elements contributing to developmental regulation of gene expression by the 4CL1 promoter in transgenic tobacco plants 20 April 2009
Counterhegemonic pedagogies : educators’ reflections on social vision, subjectivity, resistance and practice 20 April 2009
Criterion-referenced assessment and evaluation as socially situated practice 20 April 2009
Modelling and dynamic simulation of CTMP plant 20 April 2009
Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) as a real-time control parameter in swine manure treatment process 20 April 2009
"They recognize no superior chief" : power, practice, anarchism and warfare in the Coast Salish past 20 April 2009
Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) for interior spruce (Picea engelmannii x P. glauca) seedlings 20 April 2009
C.K. Stead and three modes of New Zealand poetry 20 April 2009
The English lyrics of the Henry VIII manuscript 20 April 2009
An experimental study of the effects of the use of an expert support system and its explanation facilities on group decision making 20 April 2009
Structuring in Luciano Berio’s Sequenza IV 20 April 2009
EDX investigation of evaporative losses during the EB melting of SS316 20 April 2009
The interactions of putative neuroprotectant compounds with NMDA ion channels 20 April 2009
High-speed guided-wave electro-optic modulators and polarization converters in III-V compound semiconductors 20 April 2009
Asynchronous hopping and code diversity in frequency hopped code division multiple access systems 20 April 2009
Community-based sustainability and the construction of difference on Galiano Island, British Columbia 20 April 2009
Writing post-person : literacy, poetics, and sustainability in the age of disposable information 20 April 2009
A novel programmable logic array structure with low energy consumption 20 April 2009
On the margins : international society and the De facto state 20 April 2009
Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of some transition metal diorganophosphinate and dimethylarsinate complexes 20 April 2009
Far-from-equilibrium gas kinetic theory : reactive systems and sound propagation 20 April 2009
Second-harmony generation studies of organic salts 20 April 2009
Antibody-catalyzed formation of a 14-membered ring lactone 20 April 2009
Orbital electron density from electron momentum spectroscopy : comparison with AB initio calculations 20 April 2009
Exocyclic alkene synthesis via stereoselective radical cyclizations 20 April 2009
Cytometric detection of nuclear features associated with pre-malignancy or malignancy in human bronchial specimens 20 April 2009
A constant comparative analysis of opposition campaign leaders’ experiences during a controversial referendum about alcohol sale initiated by a commercial interest 20 April 2009