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Title Available
Mediators of rejection in social anxiety : similarity, self-disclosure, and overt signs of anxiety 11 March 2009
Unlocking the gate : teaching for transformation as pedagogical artists 11 March 2009
A study of the application of the TESSI model in Biology 11 March 2009
Employment relocation, residential preference, and transportation mode choice: the case of the Justice Institute of BC [sic] 11 March 2009
Tourists, art and airports : the Vancouver international airport as a site of cultural negotiation 11 March 2009
Investigation of rock slope deformation at the Wahleach Hydroelectric Project using the Flac computer code 11 March 2009
The seismic response of a timber frame with dowel type connections 11 March 2009
Combined transmission and diffraction around a floating breakwater 11 March 2009
A portable real time threads environment 11 March 2009
Phosphorus release from a slow-release fertilizer under simulated stream conditions 11 March 2009
Modeling of rocks and ornamental garden stones 11 March 2009
Finding topographically-similar regions in a triangulated terrain model 11 March 2009
Parents’perceptions of the interpersonal aspects of care in a pediatric tertiary care neurosciences unit 11 March 2009
Mothers who have left an abusive relationship : the effect of their participation in a parenting support group 11 March 2009
An evaluation of an acute pain service program 11 March 2009
"Their works do follow them" : Tlingit women and Presbyterian missions 11 March 2009
The thermodynamics of irreversible nonspecific protein adsorption at a solid-aqueous interface 11 March 2009
The diving physiology of pinnipeds : an evolutionary enquiry 11 March 2009
Association patterns and pod cohesion in northern resident killer whales (Orcinus orca) 11 March 2009
Immortalization of human ovarian surface epithelium with a temperature sensitive immortalization agent 11 March 2009
Beyond territoriality: international regimes for the control of land-based marine pollution 11 March 2009
Toward a new wills variation act 11 March 2009
Deterrents to participation in diabetes education : perspectives of elderly Sikh Indo-Canadians 11 March 2009
Defining disability: the social construction of an illness career 11 March 2009
Beijing : housing form in transition: multimedia reader of Siheyuan and its contemporary interpretations 11 March 2009
Absolute photoabsorption and photoionization studies of the hydrogen halides HC1, HBr, and HI, by dipole (e,e) and (e,e+ion) spectroscopies in the UV,VUV and soft x-rays regions 11 March 2009
George Frederic Handel’s La Resurrezione: its genesis, dramatic structure, characterization and influence on his later works 11 March 2009
The production of non-traditional poultry in British Columbia and the introduction of a new poultry species 11 March 2009
An ectomycorrhizal symbiosis? a morphological and molecular characterization of Tricholoma magnivelare in Pinus contorta roots from the West Chilcotin Plateau of British Columbia, Canada 11 March 2009
Experimental evaluation of the ulag glulam beam simulation program 11 March 2009
Small mammal associations with habitat structure in riparian zones of a managed ICH Forest; Revelstoke, B.C. 11 March 2009
Effects of [alpha]-bungarotoxin treatment on murine neuromuscular transmission 11 March 2009
Daughters of development : the state and women in Indonesia 11 March 2009
Linear stability analysis of a oceanic frontal system over a Submarine ridge 11 March 2009
Coding theory and algebraic curves 11 March 2009
Vibration isolation active control techniques and testing in a micro-gravity environment 11 March 2009
Analysis and evaluation of an adaptive silence deletion algorithm for compression of telephone speech 11 March 2009
Modeling, simulation, and control of a Stewart platform 11 March 2009
Interactive effects of dietary fat source and sterol intake on lipid metabolism in spontaneously hypertensive and normotensive rats 11 March 2009
Substantial changes of economic policy and strategy in the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China on Taiwan : a comparative study 11 March 2009
New design for pressure washer drums 11 March 2009
Phonemic segmentation ability in young children : a comparison of tasks 11 March 2009
Women organizing for women : disjunctures in the consumption and provision of health and wellness services for single mothers 11 March 2009
A computer-based approach for resolving budget discrepancy 11 March 2009
Who am I?: questioning identity in three short stories by Liliana Heker 11 March 2009
Still Creek interpretation facility 10 March 2009
The overseas Chinese and the economic underdevelopment of Indonesia 10 March 2009
Finite difference time domain modeling of diffraction losses in dielectric structures having translational symmetry 10 March 2009
Voices from across cultures: language socialization among college students in an English literature classroom and its ESL adjunct course 10 March 2009
Language socialization of Japanese ESL students in an advanced public speaking and debating class 10 March 2009