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Title Available
Expanding the unit of analysis and intervention for children with developmental disabilities and food refusal behaviour 05 April 2009
Metal chelating and oxidative behaviour of maillard reaction products extracted from model and food systems 05 April 2009
Identification of frictional effects and structural dynamics for improved control of hydraulic manipulators 03 April 2009
Spin gaps in two models of strongly correlated electron systems 03 April 2009
Effects of fluctuating levels of ozone or nitrogen dioxide alone and in sequence on plant growth and photosynthesis 03 April 2009
Starring Joseph K. : four stage adaptations of Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial 03 April 2009
Performance of deflecting concrete highway barriers 03 April 2009
Tidal residual circulation over an axisymmetric seamount : seamount geometry effects 03 April 2009
Analysis of the deformation and failure of blast loaded unstiffened and striffened plates 03 April 2009
Population ecology of the clonal red alga Mazzaella Cornucopiae from Barkley Sound, Canada 03 April 2009
An interpersonal conceptualization and quantification of social support transactions 03 April 2009
Coping with contradictions : doctoral student experiences at a Canadian research university 03 April 2009
Temporal integration and attention : contributions of visible persistence and masking 03 April 2009
The ethics of writing : Deconstruction and Pedagogy 03 April 2009
Following unnamed rivers and ruminating on teaching as vocation 03 April 2009
Teaching heroics : identity and ethical imagery in science education 03 April 2009
Biology and behaviour of the white pine weevil pissodes strobi (Peck) in white spruce 03 April 2009
An econometric analysis of the demand for wood products in Japan by product type, species, and source 03 April 2009
Copper(I) chloride and copper(I) cyanide-mediated transformations of alkenlytrialkylstannanes 03 April 2009
A nuclear magnetic resonance study of molecular permeation through lipid membranes 03 April 2009
Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy of halogenated triatomic molecules 03 April 2009
Reactivation of TK-deficient Herpes simplex virus and homopolymer mutational hot spots 03 April 2009
Anaesthetic effects in thalamocortical neurons 02 April 2009
Electronic structure of semiconductor nanostructures 02 April 2009
Effects of foetal ethanol exposure on hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis function and behaviour on the elevated plus maze 02 April 2009
The effects of wounding response and cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase levels on ozone susceptibility in ozone-sensitive tobacco cultivar 02 April 2009
Structure-function studies of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa porin Oprp 02 April 2009
Lipopolysaccharide induced apoptosis of a bovine pulmonary endothelial cell line 02 April 2009
Mechanism of leukemic cell killing by IL-2 activated natural killer cells : role of cell adhesion molecules 02 April 2009
A genre for our times: the Menippean satires of Russell Hoban and Murakami Haruki 02 April 2009
Sampling methods and population prediction in Lambdina fiscellaria lugubrosa (Lepidoptera: geometridae) in British Columbia 02 April 2009
Evaluating interior spruce genetic resource management practices through GIS-based tracking of seed deployment over time in British Columbia 02 April 2009
Oil flow in the oilwell tube annulus of vertical bearing assemblies 02 April 2009
Mood dependent memory : extension and validation 02 April 2009
Learning to teach prospective teachers to teach mathematics 02 April 2009
Identity-processing style and decision making theory: factors to consider when adolescents are deciding upon a career 02 April 2009
Characterization of two C. elegans molecular chaperone families, CCT (chaperonin containing TCP-1) and the small heat shock proteins 02 April 2009
Resource allocation for solid organ transplantation : toward public and health care provider dialogue 02 April 2009
Towards connectedness and trust : nurses’ enactment of their moral agency within an organizational context 02 April 2009
The influence of didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) treatment on wood weathering 02 April 2009
Organic matter dynamics of coastal peat deposits in Sumatra, Indonesia 02 April 2009
Genomics of adaptation to local climate in Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) 02 April 2009
Studies of valence electron densities using electron momentum spectroscopy and computational quantum chemistry 02 April 2009
Indexing without invariants in model-based object recognition 01 April 2009
Adapting the human-computer interface to support collaborative learning environments for children 01 April 2009
Travelling home and empire British women in India, 1857-1939 01 April 2009
Holocene sediment yield and geomorphic sensitivity in alpine landscapes, Cathedral Lakes, British Columbia 01 April 2009
Constructing globalization in the Philippines : labour, land and identity on Manila’s industrializing periphery 01 April 2009
[Pi]p analyzing powers from 87 to 269 MeV 01 April 2009
Exclusive measurements of [pi]N --> [pi][pi]N 01 April 2009