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Title Available
Canadian copyright legislation and archival material 19 December 2008
Geometric approach to monotone stochastic control 19 December 2008
Utilization of Pacific hake offal meals of different ash content as protein sources for shinook salmon in sea water 18 December 2008
Explorations in the semiotics of text : a method for the semiotic analysis of the picture book 18 December 2008
We are a cell aren’t we? : art and language and the documenta index 18 December 2008
Ischemia-induced amnesia in rats : a neurobehavioural analysis 18 December 2008
Naturalized seeing/colonial vision : interrogating the display of races in late nineteenth century France 18 December 2008
The mechanism of human monocyte activation by staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 (TSST-1) 18 December 2008
Characterization of hemopoietic stem cells in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) 18 December 2008
Structure-function correlates in human apolipoprotein A-1 18 December 2008
The worth of data in predicting aquitard continuity in hydrogeolgical design 18 December 2008
Forward modeling and inversion of DC resistivity and MMR data 18 December 2008
Changes in nasal morphology during primary palate formation in the C57BL/6J mouse embryo as revealed by transmission electron microscopy and histochemistry 18 December 2008
A comparative study of Canadian political party constitutions 18 December 2008
Ethnicity and politics : the case of the Turkish minority of Bulgaria 18 December 2008
Static, cyclic and post liquefaction undrained behaviour of Fraser river sand 18 December 2008
Identification and cloning of the genes required for production of the adhesive holdfast organelle of the marine Caulobacter MCS6 18 December 2008
Electronic data interchange(EDI) : key audit issues 18 December 2008
The 1921 Mitsubishi Kawasaki strike : the past and present world of the Kobe Shipyard workers 18 December 2008
Airline yield management : a dynamic seat allocation model 18 December 2008
A historical commentary on Plutarch’s Marcellus 18 December 2008
An ultrastructural study of macrovascular changes in rats with diabetes mellitus and hypertension 18 December 2008
The development of the tools to implement evolutionary operation as an operations strategy in wastewater treatment plants 18 December 2008
Spatial memory changes in adulthood 18 December 2008
Everything but the moo : a stakeholder analysis of livestock waste tissue disposal options in British Columbia 18 December 2008
Microcontroller-based current source inverter driven induction motor drive 18 December 2008
Dynamics and control of evolving space platforms : an approach with application 18 December 2008
On the nonlinear dynamics of a space platform based mobile flexible manipulator 18 December 2008
Quantitative adaptive robust control based on a robust frequency domain estimator 18 December 2008
The effect of corona on wave propagation on transmission lines 18 December 2008
A comparative study of the effects of non-reciprocal and reciprocal instructional supervision dyads on elementary and secondary teachers classroom management practice 18 December 2008
Studies on the calcium- and phospholipid- dependent protein kinase activity from heart 18 December 2008
Mediating community disputes : the regulatory logic of government through pastoral power 18 December 2008
Extending interpersonal problems to include the "big five" personality dimensions 18 December 2008
The modification of dysfunctional patterns of sexual arousal through false physiological feedback and sympathetic activation 18 December 2008
Enzyme immobilization using the cellulose-binding domain of the Cellulomonas Fimi exoglucanase 18 December 2008
Computer simulations of critical phenomena in systems with long range interaction: A study of ising dipoles and self-organized criticality in earthquakes 18 December 2008
Facilities programming and case study of Kwantlen College Richmond Campus : implications for community planning 18 December 2008
Manufacturing incubation and the inner city. A case study of Greater Vancouver and implications for land use policy 18 December 2008
The Norman Wells Project Coordinating Committee : an evaluation 18 December 2008
Predicting time-since-fire from forest inventory data in Saskatchewan, Canada 18 December 2008
Graduate recital 18 December 2008
Level of uncertainity preceived by women hospitalized with high-risk pregnancy 18 December 2008
Analysis of the molecular defects causing haemophilia B in six patients 18 December 2008
Writing their world : conceptions of literacy in a remedial behavioural classroom 18 December 2008
Crown-aboriginal fiduciary relationships : false optimism or realistic expectations? 18 December 2008
Women workers in export processing zones in Asia : a political economy perspective 18 December 2008
Living with facial disfigurement : a phenomenological study of individuals after radical surgery for head and neck cancer 18 December 2008
Brain lipid binding protein expression in lamina-propria olfactory ensheathing cells is regulated by delta/notch-like epidermal growth factor-related receptor 18 December 2008
Power, resistance and the law in a British Columbia land title trial 18 December 2008