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Title Available
The interior point method and its application to the fractional (g.f)-factor problem 13 March 2009
The incremental informativeness of Canadian GAAP in the presence of US GAAP 13 March 2009
Rogues, vagabonds, and actors : an essay on the status of the performing artist in British Columbia 13 March 2009
Loyalty and collaborationist theory : an alternative view to the collaboration theory’s conceptualization of loyalty 13 March 2009
The problem of infant mortality in Hong Kong, 1886-1937 12 March 2009
Re/producing a "white British Columbia" : the meanings of the Janet Smith Bill 12 March 2009
Patterns of channel change on Chilliwack River, British Columbia 12 March 2009
Imagery as a mnemonic device in the flotation method of the restricted environmental stimulation technique (Rest) 12 March 2009
Stimulus-driven spatial attention mechanisisms in audition : evidence from an implicit localization task 12 March 2009
The audible space : attuning the Orpheum in downtown Vancouver 12 March 2009
A biological mutant of coxsackievirus B3 and its pathogenesis in mice 12 March 2009
A methodology to quantify the environmental impacts of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union’s paper use 12 March 2009
Rasterbilder : Parody in 1960s representational art in West Germany 12 March 2009
Los Indios and the Pan-American solution : the photography of modotti and strand : defining Mexicanness 12 March 2009
Stochastic simulation in dynamic probabilistic networks using compact representation 12 March 2009
Properties of tabulated bidirectional reflectance distribution functions 12 March 2009
Overview of multimedia application development 12 March 2009
"How will this reflect on the family" Lokeen Kee Kehan Gay? Indo-Canadian parents and adolescents : Intergenerational differences and health factors 12 March 2009
The role of government and the constitutional protection of equality and freedom of expression in the United States and Canada 12 March 2009
Interacting foreground and middleground structures in Berg’s Altenberg Lieder, opus 4, nos. II and III 12 March 2009
Some aspects of western hemlock air permeability 12 March 2009
The impacts of sawmill processing variances on lumber target sizes and production revenue 12 March 2009
The Bioleaching of copper sulfide ores in saline media : shake flask studies 12 March 2009
Aluminum-silicon carbide composite coatings by plasma spraying 12 March 2009
Comprehensive design methodology for coal mining under competent sandstone roof 12 March 2009
Anticipating hephzibah rediscovering the fourth gospel 12 March 2009
Government archivists’ perceptions about their responsibilities to citizens and to government : "simply a matter of serving those around us"? 12 March 2009
Modelling of transmission lines using idempotent decomposition 12 March 2009
Environmental modification of the expression of neural tube defects in SELH/Bc mice 12 March 2009
The therapeutic management of HIV disease : concurrence with contemporary clinical guidelines among the physicians of British Columbia 12 March 2009
Water demand-management policy implementation issues in Beijing, China 12 March 2009
Comparison of Canadian and Korean preadolescent’s attribution patterns affecting inductive rule learning 12 March 2009
Shock wave as a probe of flux-limited thermal transport in laser-heated solids 11 March 2009
An error analysis of the oral production of English speakers (heritage learners and non-heritage learners) in learning Korean 11 March 2009
Deterrents to participation in diabetes education : perspectives of elderly Sikh Indo-Canadians 11 March 2009
Accumulated oxygen deficit among highly conditioned female rowers during a 2,000 meter race simulation 11 March 2009
Economic and urban changes in the Shenzhen special economic zone, 1979-1986 11 March 2009
Mediators of rejection in social anxiety : similarity, self-disclosure, and overt signs of anxiety 11 March 2009
Unlocking the gate : teaching for transformation as pedagogical artists 11 March 2009
A study of the application of the TESSI model in Biology 11 March 2009
Employment relocation, residential preference, and transportation mode choice: the case of the Justice Institute of BC [sic] 11 March 2009
Tourists, art and airports : the Vancouver international airport as a site of cultural negotiation 11 March 2009
Investigation of rock slope deformation at the Wahleach Hydroelectric Project using the Flac computer code 11 March 2009
The seismic response of a timber frame with dowel type connections 11 March 2009
Combined transmission and diffraction around a floating breakwater 11 March 2009
A portable real time threads environment 11 March 2009
Phosphorus release from a slow-release fertilizer under simulated stream conditions 11 March 2009
Modeling of rocks and ornamental garden stones 11 March 2009
Finding topographically-similar regions in a triangulated terrain model 11 March 2009
Parents’perceptions of the interpersonal aspects of care in a pediatric tertiary care neurosciences unit 11 March 2009