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Title Available
Public participation in urban mega-project planning: a case study of Pacific Place Vancouver, B.C. 07 April 2009
Theoretical models of nonthermal processes in the atmospheres of Venus, Earth and Mars 07 April 2009
The philosophy of filiality in ancient China : ideological development of ancestor worship in the Zhanguo period 07 April 2009
Filtering volumetric data 06 April 2009
Unified language and operating system support for parallel processing 06 April 2009
A novel constraint-based data fusion system for limited-angle computed tomography 06 April 2009
Materializing nature : discourse, practice and power in the temperate rainforest 06 April 2009
Three essays on expectations and housing price volatility 06 April 2009
Identification of a novel candidate receptor for human respiratory syncytial virus subgroup A 06 April 2009
Mineral development and mining policy in Greenland 06 April 2009
Physiology of the mesopontine cholinergic/nitric oxide system : mechanisms of behavioral state control 06 April 2009
UPD-Glucose : sinapic acid glucosyltransferase in Brassicaceae 06 April 2009
Characterization of an alphaherpesvirus resistant cell line 06 April 2009
Disaggregate dynamics and economic growth in Canada 06 April 2009
English puritans and german pietists : a re-examination of precritical interpretation in light of the anthropocentric turn in hermeneutics 06 April 2009
Closer to home : Using social marketing to study participation in health reform 06 April 2009
The carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of particulate organic matter in the subarctic northeast Pacific Ocean 06 April 2009
Enzymes as indices of growth rate and nitrate metabolism in marine phytoplankton 06 April 2009
The integral symplectic groups and the eichler trace of ℤp actions of Riemann surfaces 06 April 2009
Risk planning for large and BOT projects : a holistic framework 06 April 2009
Order and organization in lodgepole pine forests of West-Central British Columbia 06 April 2009
Morphological evolution and development of the euglenid cytoskeleton 06 April 2009
The effects on inhibiting estrogen production on sexual development in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) 06 April 2009
Life on the other side : Alaska native teacher education students and the University of Alaska Fairbanks 06 April 2009
The assessment of psychopathy in female offenders 06 April 2009
Curriculum rhetoric and contemporary practice in the Bahamian primary school system 06 April 2009
Objectivist compatibilist utilitarianism 06 April 2009
Engagement with text : collaborative writing in a high technology company 06 April 2009
Structure-function analysis of the MAT[Alpha]2 protein of Saccharomyces cerevisiae 06 April 2009
The priority of biological diversity conservation in forest land-use decision-making 06 April 2009
Essays on quality competition 06 April 2009
Environmental policy and corporate greening in China 06 April 2009
Colonizing masculinity : the creation of a male British subjectivity in the oriental fiction of W. Somerset Maugham 06 April 2009
Chicken egg yolk immunoglobulin Y and fragments : purification, allergenicity and their neutralization of Escherichia coli heat labile toxin 06 April 2009
Analysing voice in the contemporary Canadian short story 06 April 2009
Heat transfer analysis of the plasma spray deposition process 06 April 2009
Fundamental study of the deposition of cobalt from electrolytes containing zinc 06 April 2009
Surface science studies of Oxidized zirconium 06 April 2009
The role of natural resistance-associated macrophage protein 1 (Nramp1) in salmonellosis 05 April 2009
The consequences of genetic diversity for invasion success in populations of dandelions 05 April 2009
The PIERS (Pre-eclampsia Integrated Estimate of RiSk) model : development of a valid outcome prediction model for pre-eclampsia. 05 April 2009
Comparison of occlusal contacts on mounted dental models to contacts identified on digital 3D models using a new virtual alignment method 05 April 2009
Slashburning effects on tree growth and nutrients in the Coastal Western Hemlock zone, Southern British Columbia : longer term trends 05 April 2009
Redundancy of temporal envelope information across frequency bands in normal hearing individuals 05 April 2009
Psychological realism and the simulation theory of belief attribution 05 April 2009
Expanding the unit of analysis and intervention for children with developmental disabilities and food refusal behaviour 05 April 2009
Metal chelating and oxidative behaviour of maillard reaction products extracted from model and food systems 05 April 2009
Identification of frictional effects and structural dynamics for improved control of hydraulic manipulators 03 April 2009
Spin gaps in two models of strongly correlated electron systems 03 April 2009
Effects of fluctuating levels of ozone or nitrogen dioxide alone and in sequence on plant growth and photosynthesis 03 April 2009