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Title Available
The molecular biology of calbindin-D₉ 09 September 2008
Women, the household economy and the informal sector in Hanoi 09 September 2008
Bayesian statistics for fishery stock assessment and management 09 September 2008
Severed texts : aspects of aestheticization in Roland Barthes’ post-structural writings 09 September 2008
Photochemistry of dibenzobarrelenes and [alpha]-adamantyl acetophenones in both the solution and crystalline state 09 September 2008
Regulation of the versican gene : implications for vascular health and disease 08 September 2008
Chemistry of the drainage from a waste dump at BHP-Utah Mines Ltd, Island Copper mine 08 September 2008
CBD-cellulose : a novel adjuvant system 08 September 2008
Viral ecology of lakes : a descriptive and ecological study of viruses that infect phytoplankton 08 September 2008
Investigation into the importance of geochemical and pore structural heterogeneities for shale gas reservoir evaluation 08 September 2008
Collaborative planning of interdisciplinary experiences : a case study at the middle school level 08 September 2008
Cooperative and intelligent control of multi-robot systems using machine learning 08 September 2008
Differential polarisation studies of the deffuse interstellar band and Be stars 08 September 2008
Solid solubility of silver in the superconducting YBa₂Cu₃O compound 08 September 2008
Plastic deformation of gallium arsenide 08 September 2008
The effects of release techniques on the reproductive performance and post-fledging juvenile survival of captive-bred Western Burrowing Owls (Athene cunicularia hypugaea) in the Nicola Valley, British Columbia 07 September 2008
High-throughput characterization of mutations in antioxidant responsive elements 07 September 2008
Decommissioning citizenship : the organization of long-term residential care 07 September 2008
Partitioning of the response to cAMP via two specific Ras proteins during Dictyostelium discoideum development 07 September 2008
Enchanted desires, sacred embodiments : sex and gender variant spiritualities in Weimar Germany 07 September 2008
An assessment of historical changes in aquatic biota, water and sediment quality within a catchment at a developing urban front 07 September 2008
Structural examination of voltage gated potassium channels by voltage clamp fluorometry 07 September 2008
Corrosion of basic refactories in non-ferrous converters 07 September 2008
Population patterns of hair zinc, dietary and socio-demographic determinants 07 September 2008
Surface science studies of conversion coatings on 2024-T3 aluminum alloy 07 September 2008
Strategic firm behavior and entry deterrence: three essays 05 September 2008
Investigation of selected variables from the primary and secondary circulatory systems in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 05 September 2008
The ontogeny and functional distribution of novel, neurochemically-defined columns in mammalian visual cortex 05 September 2008
Lithofacies, provenance, and diagenesis of jura-cretaceous strata of the Northern Bowser Basin, British Columbia 05 September 2008
Ethnicity and community : southern Chinese immigrants and descendants in Vancouver, 1945-1980 05 September 2008
The organization, expression, function and evolution of some essential genes from the hyperthermophilic eubacterium thermotoga maritima 05 September 2008
Studies of the orientational order and bilayer thickness in biological and model membranes 05 September 2008
Fuelwood and tree planting : a case study from Funyula Division in Western Kenya 05 September 2008
Implementing visions for sustainable development in regional land use planning 05 September 2008
Fokker-Planck models and globular cluster evolution 05 September 2008
Analysis of construct comparability in the program for international student assessment, problem-solving measure 05 September 2008
Functional analysis of ICAM-1 : LFA-1 interaction in cell adhesion 05 September 2008
Role of transporters in pancreatic cancer drug resistance 05 September 2008
Using the Dusty Gas Model to investigate reaction-induced multicomponent gas and solute transport in the vadose zone 05 September 2008
Fast-track benefits : fact or fiction 05 September 2008
Built environment education : a feminist critique and reconstruction 05 September 2008
Irish language activism in West Belfast : a resistance to British cultural hegemony 05 September 2008
Daphne Sudden Death Syndrome (DSDS) : pathogen identification, characterization and screening for disease resistance 05 September 2008
Sturcture and function of tomato ringspot virus RNA1 and RNA2 05 September 2008
On TESTGEN+, an environment for protocal test generation and validation 05 September 2008
Microcomputers in psychological experimentation, headturn: a case study 05 September 2008
Deformable models using displacement constraints 05 September 2008
A model checker for statecharts (linking case tools with formal methods) 05 September 2008
Experimental sliding mode control of a flexible single link manipulator 05 September 2008
Cross-layer adaptive transmission scheduling in wireless networks 05 September 2008