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Title Available
Residents’ satisfaction with mini-suite housing : A case-study on 600 Drake 17 January 2009
Marine Drive, North Vancouver : Can it become pedestrian oriented? 17 January 2009
Assessment studies of substrate and vegetation on five past-producing mine-sites in B.C. 17 January 2009
The femme fatale : A recurrent manifestation of patriarchal fears 17 January 2009
Two rest stops along the Trans Canada Trail 16 January 2009
Lessons from Québec: towards a national policy for information privacy in our information society 16 January 2009
An examination of trace metal contamination and land use in an urban watershed 16 January 2009
The effect of micromachined surfaces on osteogenesis in vitro 16 January 2009
Sino-Japanese trade in the early Tokugawa period: kango, copper, and shinpai 16 January 2009
Iterative depth from defocus (I-DFD) algorithms 16 January 2009
Radiometric correction in range-SPECAN SAR processing 16 January 2009
Cash crop adoption by peasant households : Analysis from the middle mountains of Nepal 16 January 2009
An analysis of the effect of the Free Trade Agreement on profitability in the British Columbia wine industry 16 January 2009
A rapid-scan optical interferometric cross-correlator for time-resolved laser spectroscopy 16 January 2009
Property concepts and institutions in China: does tradition abide? 16 January 2009
Review and evaluation of strategy behind bicycle transportation policy in Greater Vancouver 16 January 2009
Gold distrubution in glacial sediments and soils at Spyder Lake, Hope Bay greenstone belt, NWT and the effects of a permafrost environment 16 January 2009
Optimum fertilization of hybrid poplar plantations in coastal British Columbia 16 January 2009
The Experiences of mental health nurses whose clients disclose sexual contact with a former physician : Three comparative case studies 16 January 2009
Aquatic environment protection in protected areas: a comparative study 16 January 2009
Parents’ interpretation of psychoeducational results as a function of test score reporting format 16 January 2009
The efficacy of parent-focused language intervention: a case study 16 January 2009
Interpreting their powerlessness: the case of Filipino domestic workers in Vancouver 16 January 2009
Access all areas: a backstage look at women’s experiences in the West Coast rock music scene 16 January 2009
Geography, reference groups, and the determinants of life satisfaction 16 January 2009
The pharmacology and antiarrhythmic actions of RSD 1000 16 January 2009
Context and contrast: urban infill in the Spandauer Vorstadt Berlin-Mitte, Germany 15 January 2009
Island identity in an age of ecology: rural land use and a lodge on Carmelo Point, Gambier Island, British Columbia 15 January 2009
Housing Skidegate community: an alternative approach at solving the housing needs of Skidegate Indian Band 15 January 2009
France makes history: the Exposition des Primitifs Français and the Third Republic 15 January 2009
Computerized site documentation of public sector construction projects 15 January 2009
Durability of buried galvanized steel structures in British Columbia 15 January 2009
Characterization of a hydrocarbon contaminated site using in-situ methods 15 January 2009
Estimation of mammalian biomass in high density cell culture using intracellular adenosine triphospate concentration 15 January 2009
Canadian public opinion and the war in Vietnam, 1954-1973 15 January 2009
The prediction and validation of greenhouse tomato yield using mathematical models and expert systems 15 January 2009
The application of artificial neural networks to transformer protection 15 January 2009
Competitiveness of the B.C. food and beverage industry in the Pacific Rim: an empirical analysis of the influencing factors 15 January 2009
Multiresolution surface construction for hierarchical B-splines 15 January 2009
Motives for the vertical integration and diversification of the Western Canadian prairie pools 15 January 2009
The role of context in the perception of emotion from facial expression 15 January 2009
Improving transit facilities through land use planning and urban design 15 January 2009
Affordable housing through affirmative zoning 15 January 2009
Battered women and child custody : The ongoing exposure to abusive ex-partners : A qualitative study 15 January 2009
The childbearing experience for women with stomas : A multiple-case study 15 January 2009
Speech perception in noise in the elderly: the effect of text type 15 January 2009
A study of ergodicity and chaos in the Bianchi cosmologies 15 January 2009
The effects of noise on identification of topic changes in discourse 15 January 2009
A simulation for the design of position encoding detectors for positron emission tomography 15 January 2009
The systematics of Rocky Mountain Maple, Acer Glabrum Torr 15 January 2009