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Title Available
Seismic induced flow deformation and remediation study of Sardis Dam 11 September 2008
Time-domain second-order wave interactions with floating offshore structures 11 September 2008
Changing urban eras in Canada: from the modern to the postmodern city 11 September 2008
Parent attributions for spouse behavior during negative parent-child interactions 11 September 2008
JQuery - a tool for combining query results and a framework for building code perspectives 11 September 2008
Multi-resolution surface approximation for animation 11 September 2008
An Object-oriented design for hierarchical B-spline surfaces 11 September 2008
Design and modeling of advanced gyroscopes 11 September 2008
Precipitation scatter interference on communication links with emphasis on the melting-snow layer 11 September 2008
Rotary kiln transport phenomena: a study of the bed motion and heat transfer 11 September 2008
Clause structure, agreement and case in Gitksan 11 September 2008
A metric-based theory of test selection and coverage for communication protocols 11 September 2008
Trace analysis of protocols based on formal concurrent specifications 11 September 2008
Counter-discursive strategies in first-world migrant writing 11 September 2008
Vegetation-environment relationships in a subalpine wet meadow and a brackish tidal marsh 11 September 2008
Asymmetric induction in solid state photochemistry 11 September 2008
Absolute molecular electronic spectroscopy at UV and soft X-Ray energies by hihg-energy electron impact 11 September 2008
Silica based immunoassays for a covalently attached antigen 11 September 2008
Essays in group decision-making 10 September 2008
High density animal cell culture systems using porous supports 10 September 2008
The four Mephisto waltzes of Franz Liszt 10 September 2008
Heading effects on fifth grade recall of expository prose without and with heading strategy awareness 10 September 2008
Metacomprehension and reading proficiency 10 September 2008
Portraiture, revolutionary, identity and subjucation: Anne-Louis Girodet’s citizen Belley 10 September 2008
Composition and facies variations in mid-cretaceous gates formation coals, Northeastern British Columbia : implications for interpretation of paleo-wetland environments and assessment of coalbed methane characteristics 10 September 2008
Stabilization via smooth partitions, transversality and graphs 10 September 2008
The origins of state security screening in Canada 10 September 2008
Growth and nutrient relations in black cottonwood in South-Coastal British Columbia 10 September 2008
Evolution of galaxies in compact groups 10 September 2008
A study of the applications of gainsharing incentive plans in the Canadian mining industry 10 September 2008
Understanding the CO₂cycle in the North Pacific Ocean using inverse box models 10 September 2008
Upper ocean response to storms: a resonant system 10 September 2008
The ethics of animal experimentation: the Littlewood report 10 September 2008
Leadership exit: the departure of provincial party leaders 10 September 2008
Supreme Court appointments in the charter era: the current debate and its implications for reform 10 September 2008
Characterization of a murine activated lymphocyte antigen (MALA-2) : the murine homologue of human intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM-1) 10 September 2008
Las Inquisiciones de Jorge Edwards 10 September 2008
Balancing discourse and silence : an approach to First Nations women’s writing 10 September 2008
The role of language in the development of modernity: the discussion of origins of language in Rousseau and Vico 10 September 2008
Numerical modeling of resonant internal seiche triggered by unsteady withdrawal 10 September 2008
Imprecise probability and decision in civil engineering : Dempster-Shafer theory and application 10 September 2008
A study of image: Maillardville British Columbia 10 September 2008
Greek knowledge of India before the fourth century B.C 10 September 2008
Professional development in elementary science teaching using video technology 10 September 2008
Student understanding of the kinematic quantities of angular speed and angular acceleration 10 September 2008
Evaluation of long-term effects of early auditory deprivation: an animal model for otitis media 10 September 2008
Interpersonal differences in sociotropic and autonomous dysthymic subtypes 10 September 2008
Audiotaped hypnosis for chronic back pain : a case study 10 September 2008
Cultural variation in unrealistic optimism 10 September 2008
Bias and clinical judgment in counselling and psychotherapy: extending theory and research design 10 September 2008