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Title Available
Camera-based estimation of needle pose for ultrasound percutaneous procedures 08 October 2008
Mechanisms and evolution of hypoxia tolerance in family Cottidae 08 October 2008
The role of AMP-activated protein kinase in the coordination of metabolic suppression in the common goldfish 08 October 2008
Female intrasexual reproductive competition in the facultatively polygynous song sparrow 08 October 2008
How spirituality shapes the practice of community health nurses who work in First Nations communities in British Columbia 08 October 2008
Rainwater recycling on green roofs for residential housing : case studies in Richmond, British Columbia; San Antonio, Texas; and Toronto, Ontario 08 October 2008
Highly active anti-retroviral therapy and liver mitochondrial toxicity in human immunodeficiency virus / hepatitis C virus co-infection 08 October 2008
Une ouverture sur le monde : children's theatre and Théâtre de la Vieille 17 08 October 2008
Rituals and repetitions : the displacement of context in Marina Abramovic's Seven Easy Pieces 07 October 2008
Aerobic and anaerobic capacity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: the cardiorespiratory response during aerobic exercise 07 October 2008
Performance of paste fill fences at Red Lake Mine 07 October 2008
Doing provincial constitutions differently : codifying responsible government in the era of executive dominance 07 October 2008
Assessment of chemical exposure and self-reported health among tree planters in British Columbia 07 October 2008
Development of methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(caprolactone) amphiphilic diblock copolymer nanoparticulate formulations for the delivery of paclitaxel 07 October 2008
An investigation of trauma and its cognitive and emotional consequences in prostituted victims of sexual crimes 07 October 2008
Understanding the impact of tobacco industry promotional activities on youth smoking behaviour 07 October 2008
Health services utilization and provider continuity of care among survivors of childhood cancer : a cohort analysis 07 October 2008
Investigations into the Shear Strength Reduction method using distinct element models 07 October 2008
Impact of word prediction & symbol-supported writing software on written output of students with Down syndrome 07 October 2008
The role of insularity in promoting intraspecific differentiation in Song Sparrows 06 October 2008
Studies of cryptic phytochromes in Rhodopsedomonas palustris 06 October 2008
Novel therapeutic targeting of apoptosis and survival pathways in melanoma 06 October 2008
High-frequency limits of carbon nanotube transistors 06 October 2008
Magnetic susceptibility scaling of rocks using geostatistical analysis : an approach to geologic and geophysical model integration 06 October 2008
The point of no return : Aboriginal offenders' journey towards a crime free life. 06 October 2008
Large smooth cylindrical elements located in a rectangular channel : upstream hydraulic conditions and drag force evaluation 05 October 2008
Managerial competencies for information systems project success : development of a theoretical model and a proposed empirical investigation framework 05 October 2008
Multiagent learning and empirical methods 05 October 2008
A common model for ubiquitous computing 05 October 2008
Ornament and the affections in the opera arias of George Frideric Handel 03 October 2008
Long-range neural synchronization in attention and perceptual consciousness 03 October 2008
(2+1)-dimensional gravity over a two-holed torus, T²#T² 02 October 2008
Seismic and mechanical attributes of lithospheric deformation and subduction in western Canada 02 October 2008
The effect of single and fractionated dose radiation on craniofacial growth in rats 02 October 2008
Surveillance of asthma in relation to work among Canada's adult population 02 October 2008
Retrofitting beam-to-column joints for improved seismic performance microform 02 October 2008
The chalice and the cup : the changing role of wine in the High Middle Ages 02 October 2008
Irrevocable ties and forgotten ancestry : the legacy of colonial intermarriage for descendents of mixed ancestry 02 October 2008
Attitudes toward resource conservation and conservation behaviour: the moderating role of self-interest and social values 02 October 2008
Integrated optics pockels cell high voltage sensor 02 October 2008
Genetic attributions and gender differences the effect of scientific theories and evaluations of sexual behaviors 02 October 2008
Genetic factors in premature ovarian failure 02 October 2008
Sinsistral high strain in the Coast Mountains near Bella Coola, West Central British Columbia 02 October 2008
Fatigue cracking of lumber bandsaw blades 02 October 2008
Dynamic changes in haematopiotic stem cells after myocardial infarction 02 October 2008
The experiences and meanings of adults who were raised in and later departed from evangelical fundamentalism : a descriptive phenomenological inquiry 02 October 2008
Being positive: women living with HIV and AIDS in British Columbia 02 October 2008
Chinese architectural practice and the spatial discourse of Vancouver's Chinatown 01 October 2008
Journeys of faith and survivial : an examination of three Jewish graphic novels 01 October 2008
Phenomenological modeling of the nucleated polymerization of human islet amyloid polypeptide : a combined experimental and theoretical approach 01 October 2008