Order of Components

Workday Student Support

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Theses and dissertations will have the following components as noted, in this order:


1.  Title page

2.  Committee Page

3.  Abstract

4.  Lay Summary

5.  Preface

6. Table of contents

7. List of tables (if there are tables)

8. List of figures (if there are figures)

9. List of submitted files (if additional files are submitted with the PDF)

NOrmally required if there are illustrations:

10.  List of illustrations


11. Lists of symbols, abbreviations or other

12. Glossary

13. Acknowledgements

14. Dedication

Usually required unless thesis consists only of multimedia:

15. Introduction

16. Research chapters

17. Conclusion

Required for all except Master of Music and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing:

18. Bibliography


19. Appendices