Resources for Thesis Preparation and Checking

These resources are designed to help you check the presentation and formatting of your thesis. Please review the resources early in the writing of your thesis, and to use them to check your thesis before sending it to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Important: It is your responsibility to proofread your thesis. Grad Studies will check the formatting but does not proofread. You cannot make changes to your thesis after it has been accepted into cIRcle, so you will not be able to correct any errors after your final submission.


Committee page examples:

Committee page templates:

For Committee Pages: Please remove any lines you do not need.

NOTE: The samples are intended to demonstrate thesis formatting and to give you tips and information to help you check yours. Your thesis does not have to look exactly like these. Please remove any unneeded lines if you have fewer examiners than there are listed in the templates.

Thesis Preparation Quick Links

Thesis Submission Quick Links

Webinar Recordings

These webinars provide information and advice on preparing and submitting the text-based components of your thesis.

Other Resources