Document Requirements for Final Submission

Important: This section is only for final, post-defence submission of theses and dissertations.

This section describes the various forms associated with final thesis submission to cIRcle and indicates which are mandatory and which are optional. Please read through the descriptions of the forms to determine which ones you need.

Submission of Forms

Thesis or Dissertation Approval forms must be submitted to your graduate program. The program will ensure that the form is complete and that the signatures/endorsements are genuine, and will forward the form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies on your behalf.

It is preferable for you to submit the Thesis/Dissertation Cover Sheet to your program office at the same time as you submit the Thesis or Dissertation Approval form, so that forms arrive as a complete package.

All forms can be downloaded from this page or from the Forms Centre.

Doctoral forms: Mandatory

Master's forms: Mandatory

Doctoral and Master's: Optional