Submitting the Thesis FAQ

Submitting the Thesis FAQ

I'm using LaTeX to create my PDF, but the page size comes out as 8.26 X 11.69. How do I change it to 8.5 X 11?

Make sure that in BOTH the editing program (e.g. "LED") AND LaTeX compiling program (e.g. "Miktex"), that the paper preference is set to Letter, not A4. As long as that is set properly, you don't have to specify any paper sizes in the actual .tex files.

Do I have to apply for graduation on SSC before I can submit my thesis?

You don't have to, but we recommend you apply for graduation very early, before your thesis submission, as Enrolment Services will not accept late applications for graduation.

I created a cIRcle account and emailed Grad Studies with my name and login. I tried to start a new submission, but when I get to the "Submit: Choose Collection" page, there are no options under "Collections".

We must receive your thesis forms at Graduate Studies before we can activate your cIRcle account for you to submit your thesis.

I delivered my thesis forms to Graduate Studies and I have created a cIRcle account. I tried to start a new submission, but when I get to the "Submit: Choose Collection" page, there are no options under "Collections".

Your cIRcle account has not been activated. Please send an email to with your full name and email login so that we can activate your account.

I signed up for a cIRcle account, but when I clicked on the URL in the email to complete my registration, I got an "Invalid Token" error message. What should I do?

When you receive the email for cIRcle referring you to a URL to complete the registration process, you must do this immediately. You will get the "Invalid Token" error message if you delay too long. If this happens, please start the registration process again from the beginning.

I have questions about my cIRcle submission. Should I contact people at the Library?

All questions about electronic submission should be directed to Graduate Studies. Please do not contact the Library, as they are not in a position to help you.

I want to submit my thesis, but I don't want it to go online yet. Can I request a delay in publication?

The request must be made before you submit your thesis to cIRcle. Please complete the Request to Delay Publication form available on this website and submit it with the other required documents.

When you submit your thesis to the Library’s online repository, cIRcle, you must type “EMBARGO” in front of the thesis title when you enter the title in cIRcle.

Please see Delaying Publication of your Thesis for details.

I'm planning to use some chapters or parts of my thesis as a basis for papers for journal submission. Can I have the thesis withheld from the Library while I do that?

Planning to submit chapters of your thesis for journal publication is not normally grounds for delaying publication of a thesis in the UBC Library. Before a request to delay publication will be considered, you must demonstrate that the journal(s) you are planning to submit to will not consider publishing material that has previously appeared in a thesis.

When my thesis was approved, I received an email with a "handle" link to my thesis. Will this link always lead to my thesis?

Yes. Even if the electronic file is migrated to a different server, the link (handle) will still be the same.

I need to get a letter confirming that I have fulfilled all requirements for my degree. How do I get this letter?

Once your program has been closed, you can download an official Program Completion Letter from the SSC. You must have completed all your program requirements and all grades must be entered before the letter will be available.

I submitted my final thesis before electronic submission was available. Can I now submit an electronic copy as well?

The UBC Library is not able to accept electronic theses from previous graduation seasons at this time. However, all previous UBC theses are being digitized (scanned to PDF) and will eventually be available in cIRcle.

I don't know how to create a PDF. Where can I get help?

The Graduate Learning Commons in the Koerner Library on campus has resources to help you create your PDF and submit it to cIRcle.