Master's Thesis Approval

A student's examination committee must sign this form to confirm that the thesis is ready for final submission. The student submits the completed form to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Further Information

Thesis/Dissertation Approval Forms

Graduate programs: Please ensure you have entered the student’s supervisory committee in the Supervisory Committee screen in SISC before sending in the Master's Thesis Approval form.

Instructions for using the Supervisory Committee screen are here:

  • Go to the bottom of any page on the G+PS website
  • Click on “Faculty and Staff Intranet”
  • Login with your CWL
  • Click on “Resources” in the top drop-down menu
  • Choose “Documentation”
  • Click on “Supervision & Supervisory Committee Screen in SISC (GRAD-11)” in the left-hand menu