School of Population and Public Health

The School of Population and Public Health brings together outstanding students and faculty in a collaborative and innovative learning environment dedicated to the development of public health in Canada.

Part of the Faculty of the Medicine, the School focuses on training researchers and practitioners in the field of public health, preparing future leaders who will shape health care systems in Canada and globally. We offer a wide range of programs for students from varied backgrounds and career goals.

SPPH graduates secure senior roles in professional and academic settings, including positions in government, hospitals, acute and long-term care, rehabilitation, policy planning and analysis and health agencies. Many also go on to become clinicians and researchers, generating new knowledge and translating it into action to improve and sustain the health of the population.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Anis, Aslam cost effectiveness of AIDS treatments; drug assessments – pharmacoeconomics; health care economics; health regulations, Health economics, rhematoid arthritis, biologic therapies
Bansback, Nick inform policies and practices in health through the application of
Bartlett, Karen Hastings Indoor air quality, bioaerosol exposures in work and community environments, particularly in rural or agricultural settings
Berman, Peter Economics; Developing primary care systems; “Resource Tracking and Management” (RTM); Improving health care financing mechanisms; Ethiopia; India; Malaysia
Black, Charlyn Health Care Organization; Health Information Systems; Quality, effectiveness and outcomes of health care; Health information systems; Knowledge translation; Population health; Graduate education; Health services and policy research
Brauer, Michael Environmental Health; Community Health / Public Health; air pollution; environmental health; built environment; environmental epidemiology; remote sensing; healthy cities
Brussoni, Mariana Developmental psychology; Psychosocial, sociocultural and behavioral determinants of health; Population health interventions; injury prevention; Children's outdoor play; Risky play; Parenting; health behaviour change
Bryan, Stirling Economics of health care, policy, from UK
Burgess, Michael Genetics and Ethics; Ethics and Health; Applied Ethics; Individual and Collective Ethics; Participatory research; Public deliberation; Health Policy; Science Policy; Deliberative Democracy
Buxton, Jane Epidemiology, harm reduction
Cox, Susan Other medical sciences; Sociology and related studies; Arts (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music), architecture and design; narratives of health and illness; grief, loss, death and dying; research ethics/ethics in research; arts in health education; scholarship of teaching and learning; qualitative and arts-based approaches to research; visual methods; contemplative inquiry
Davies, Hugh William Occupational Safety and Health; Community Health / Public Health; Environmental Health; Occupational Health; Exposure Assessment; Noise and Health; Antineoplastic drug hazards
Dummer, Trevor health geography, cancer prevention, environmental exposures, health inequalities, geographic information science, obesity, risk factors, Environmental epidemiology and environment and health interactions, with specific emphasis on cancer etiology and cancer prevention
Elango, Rajavel Protein Nutrition, Maternal-Fetal Nutrition, Childhood Malnutrition, Amino Acid Metabolism, Human Nutrition
Frank, Erica Preventive medicine; Free accredited education
Frank, Lawrence health and environmental impacts of transportation and urban planning (land use) decisions. transportation, transit, public health, sustainability, sprawl, neighbourhood walkability, physical activity, urban planning, Sustainable transportation
Gilbert, Mark Development, implementation, evaluation and scale-up of innovative sexual health programs; Gay men’s sexual health, including sexual health literacy; Synergistic and integrated dynamics of infectious diseases, mental illness and other conditions
Henderson, Sarah Environmental and occupational health and safety; wildfire smoke; air pollution; Extreme weather events; environmental health; radon gas; Food safety; Water quality
Himsworth, Chelsea One Health approach; one health; Veterinary Public Health; Zoonotic Disease; Science and Risk Communication; Wildlife health; Disease ecology and epidemiology; pathogen surveillance; pathogen genomics
Ho, Anita Human right issues, cross-cultural ethics, health-care access and disparity, professional-patient relationship, minority care experience, decision-making models, and various concepts of autonomy
Janssen, Patricia Lifestyle Determinants and Health; Social Determinants of Health; Perinatal Period; Gestation / Parturition; maternal child health; health of marginalized women; mobile health for pregnancy and parenting
Joseph, K.S. Pregnancy complications, preterm birth, fetal growth, infant mortality, neonatal
Karim, Ehsan Causal inference, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Statistical learning, Big-data analytics, Bayesian methodologies
Kassam, Rosemin global health, access and use of medicines and health services among vulnerable populations, community readiness, improving patient/client self-efficacy to engage effectively in their health care processes and decision-making, implementation and evaluation of patient care and health promotion programs, and capacity building of current and future frontline health professionals
Kazanjian, Arminee Cancer Survivorship, Knowledge Exchange and, Translation, Psychosocial oncology, Palliative care in cross-cultural context, Vulnerable populations, including women
Koehoorn, Mieke Occupational health, injury, compensation policies, Worksafe BC, Gender Work and Health
Kopec, Jacek Andrzej Epidemiology; Arthritis / Osteo-Arthritis
Law, Michael Pharmacoeconomics; Pharmacoepidemiology; Health Policies; Global Health and Emerging Diseases; Pharmaceutical policy; Program evaluation; Observational studies; Global Health; Health Policy
Lovato, Chris Health promotion, population health and program evaluation, impact of health programs and policies, particularly in the areas of cancer prevention and health services
MacNab, Ying Bayesian paradigm, foundations of statistics, space-time statistics, structured statistical models, taxonomic models, item response theory, inductive reasoning, Bayesian burden of disease methodology, Geometics, Health service and population health geoinformation system, and meta-data innovation in medical and health research
Manges, Amee Epidemiology; Molecular epidemiology; Public health
Masse, Louise Obesity; Health Promotion; Nutrition; Films, Membranes and Multiphase Polymers; Childhood obesity with specific interests in prevention and treatment using lifestyle modification; Physical Activity
McGrail, Kimberlyn aging and health care services use; health care costs; health care financing; primary care; health care policy, Variations in health care services use across patients, providers and regions, and their relationship to population health, Aging and the use of health and social services, Personal, economic, and social factors that produce health at an individual and population level, and the role of the health care system in that process
McLeod, Christopher occupational heath and the social epidemiology of the working life course.
Mitton, Craig Health Policies; Health care resource allocation
Morgan, Steven Health Policies; Access to medicines; Pharmacare; Pharmaceutical pricing; Prescribing appropriateness
Murphy, Rachel Nutrition; Nutrition and Cancer; Community Health / Public Health; Obesity; Cancer prevention; Aging
Naus, Monika Communicable disease outbreak, control, vaccine, immunization, tuberculosis
Oberlander, Timothy Population epidemiological studies that characterize neurodevelopmental pathways that reflect risk, resiliency and developmental plasticity
Ogilvie, Gina Sexually transmitted infections, human papillomavirus, HIV in women and care for marginalized populations
Oviedo-Joekes, Eugenia public health and substance use, with a focus on testing alternative approaches to expand and diversify the treatments offered; treatment needs of patients
Patrick, David Antibiotics and Resistance; Pharmacoepidemiology; Response to Emerging Infectious Diseases; Responding to the Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance at Population Level
Poon, Brenda Population-level early identification and early intervention for children with special needs; Complex systems of coordinated service delivery and supports; Family-centered services; Integrated child health information systems; Community-based research regarding social determinants of children
Puyat, Joseph Epidemiology; Biostatistics and Public Health Practice; Psychopharmacoepidemiology; mental health; Mental Health Services
Regier, Dean theories of behavioral economics, personalized medicine, deliberative public engagement methods to inform healthcare priority setting
Schechter, Martin HIV/AIDS
Silver, David Ethics
Singer, Joel Clinical trial methodology and clinical trials in HIV/AIDS
Sobolev, Boris Health care, access, epidemiology, biostatistics, registries, simulation, policy evaluation, Methodology for analysis of waiting times, risk of adverse events while awaiting elective surgery, and the use of simulation experiments in policy evaluation
Spiegel, Jerry Global health, International health, environmental health, Cuba, Latin America, Effects of globalization on health, ecosystem approaches to human health, understanding and addressing influences of physical and social environments on health, global health and human security, the economic evaluation of interventions, and health and equity in Latin America



Kiran Parmar

Master of Science in Population and Public Health (MSc)

Alissa Greer

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

Lianping Ti

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)
UBC PhD student Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

Heather Palis

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)
Kate McLeod

Kate McLeod

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

Randip Gill

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

Ashleigh Rich

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

April Mazzuca

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

Jeffrey Morgan

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)

Sandeep Gill

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)