Doctoral Citations

A doctoral citation summarizes the nature of the independent research, provides a high-level overview of the study, states the significance of the work and says who will benefit from the findings in clear, non-specialized language, so that members of a lay audience will understand it.
Year Citation Program
2009 Dr Huitema investigated related proteases necessary for replication of the hepatitis A and SARS viruses. She characterized some of the most potent inhibitors of these proteases identified to date and described mechanisms of inhibition. She also developed a method to screen specificity for further inhibitor development and protease characterization. Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology and Immunology (PhD)
2009 Dr Vogt created a software framework for modeling the human upper airway to enable models of speaking, breathing and swallowing. He created an interactive 3-D finite-element tongue model to study dynamics for speech tasks. Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD)
2009 Dr. Enriquez investigated the problem of effective tactile communication. He developed methods to aid in the creation of meaningful tactile signals. These methods provide a novel means for designing human computer interfaces and may help to improve user experience and reduce sensory overload in modern user interfaces. Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD)
2009 Dr. Fujita's research has established a new understanding of how plant cells establish and maintain their direction of growth. Combining microscopical and biochemical strategies, she showed that polymer scaffolds known as microtubules modulate the crystalline property of cellulose, which is the principal load bearing component of plant cell walls. Doctor of Philosophy in Botany (PhD)
2009 Dr. Brown investigated the sound system of the endangered Gitxsan language of northern BC. He determined that there are many gradient pressures regulating the structure of words. This identification of new sound patterns serves as a contribution to phonological theory, and to our understanding of the Gitxsan language. Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics (PhD)
2009 Dr. Waissbluth studied the role of specific proteins in cancer development. More specifically, he discovered that certain proteins may function in promoting both cell survival and cell duplication, which if uncontrolled may lead to cancer. These studies have revealed novel therapeutic targets which may lead to future cancer therapies. Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Medicine (PhD)
2009 Dr. Li did extensive numerical modeling of secondary feed injection into different gas-solid systems encountered in industrial processes, to achieve a better understanding of gas/spray jet interaction with fluidized beds. His research provides a good tool for optimization of fluidized bed processes. Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
2009 Dr. Farzamian studied sociocultural and psychological factors that were part of immigrant executive?s cross-cultural adjustment experiences.This research assists us in understanding their challenges, identifies their coping strategies, and has important implications for counselling theory and practice. Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Studies (PhD)
2009 Dr. Grant examined the experience of interpreters involved in mental health counselling. Canada's demographics indicate an increasing need for interpreters in health care, yet research on interpreter use in these settings is rare. Her research offers important considerations regarding training and practice standards for mental health interpreters. Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology (PhD)
2009 Dr Selesky examined how charity becomes a powerful tool for religious women writers to initiate reform in social and cultural values, shaping new identities for women. This study provides new insight into the condition of women and thereby into the construction of society and social reform in the nineteenth century. Doctor of Philosophy in English (PhD)
2009 Dr. Norman investigated the rescaling of transboundary water governance along the Canada - U.S. border. This research helps to move environmental governance discussions beyond a nation-state framework, illuminates the role of local actors in international resources issues, and shows how the politics of power help define and redefine the landscape. Doctor of Philosophy in Geography (PhD)
2009 Dr. Maurer examined how conventional ways of using language evolve in computer-mediated communication. Studying internet etiquette, online activism, and the role of local contexts, she refined rhetorical and linguistic theories and also called into question social science theories of how the internet impacts identity and social relations. Doctor of Philosophy in English (PhD)
2009 Dr. Brunetti examined B.C. Lower Mainland fruit and vegetable supply chain relationships among its producers and Vancouver's food service industry for barriers and opportunities to improve food security. He discovered significant interest and need for capacity building among industry stakeholders constituting significant community economic development potential, food system integrity, sustainability and security. Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies (PhD)
2009 Through a quantitative analysis of surveys conducted during 35 elections in seven countries, Dr. Bittne examines the nature, origins (including partisan stereotypes), and impact of voters' perceptions of party leaders. This is the most comprehensive study ever on the topic Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (PhD)
2009 Dr. Guhn studied children's development, with a focus on gender differences, comparisons of English-, Cantonese-, and Punjabi-speaking children, and the effects of poverty on development. He proposes a theory that helps to better understand diverse patterns of child development, and that aims to inform educational research and practice. Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (PhD)
2009 Dr. Arim used the Canadian National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth to examine the relationship between parenting and adolescent developmental wellbeing. This work contributes to the area of measurement of parenting and adolescent problem behaviours, as well as to our understanding of the reciprocal relationship between these constructs. Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (PhD)
2009 Dr. Ives's work is the culmination of a 40 year search for an extremely rare and important decay of a sub-atomic particle, the charged K-meson, into a Pi-meson and a neutrino-anti-neutrino pair. Three new instances of this decay were observed, bringing the total to seven, and confirmed detailed theoretical predictions while suggesting the possibility of new effects. Doctor of Philosophy in Physics (PhD)
2009 Dr. Kim examined the ways signals are transmitted in the neutrophil cells of the immune system from patients with periodontal disease. She showed that novel mediators called resolvins promote the resolution of inflammation. Her research findings show that resolvins can serve as a potential therapeutic agent to treat not only periodontal disease, but also other inflammatory diseases. Doctor of Philosophy in Craniofacial Science (PhD)
2009 Dr. Zhang studied signal absorption phenomena in seismic data that are collected for oil and gas exploration. He developed new methods to estimate absorption properties based on the frequency variation with time of seismic signals. He then used these properties to compensate for the amplitude attenuation and phase distortion of the signals caused by absorption and thus to obtain more accurate images of the earth structure in seismic data processing. Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics (PhD)
2009 Dr. Lo examined whether temporal patterns in tree-ring chronologies of three species along an elevational gradient were consistent, and how ring-width variations reflected estimates of past variations in temperature and precipitation. Results from this study will be used - to simulate climate-change effects on tree growth. Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (PhD)
2009 Dr. Law's dissertation used a mixed-method approach to explore Cyberbullying, a form of Internet Aggression. Using a Socio-Ecological model, she assessed the interplay among individual, peer, parental, and school factors on Internet aggression. This work contributes to the area of child and adolescent development and responsible Internet use. Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (PhD)
2009 Dr. Seetzen's dissertation described a new technology using optics and advanced algorithms to deliver realistic high brightness, high dynamic range images. This technology will change the way we see digital images, and is emerging as the major product platform in the TV industry. Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies (PhD)
2009 Dr Li used computer modeling, experimental studies and reliability-based approaches to study the behavior of post-and-beam timber buildings during earthquakes. An efficient framework was developed to assess the seismic performance of these structural systems, leading to performance-based seismic design methods. Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (PhD)
2009 Dr. Michalak explored ways to improve numerical simulations in aerodynamics. He developed techniques to improve the physical fidelity and computational efficiency of simulations of flow around aircraft. This work is an important step towards more accurate prediction of aircraft aerodynamics and more cost-effective aircraft design. Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
2009 Dr. Cheng developed a colloidal electrodeposition method to prepare platinum-ruthenium and palladium nanostructures onto 3D substrates. He examined the benefits of employing 3D electrodes compared to conventional designs in direct liquid fuel cells. This research highlights the importance of electrode design and assists in reducing fuel cell costs. Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical and Biological Engineering (PhD)