Final Doctoral Examination Guide

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At UBC, the Final Doctoral Examination is an integral part of doctoral degrees. It is an inherently complex process to navigate. You can reduce stress for yourself and everyone else involved in your examination by being well-informed and well-organized.

Advance planning and consistent communication are crucial. Please note that all timelines represent an estimate in a best-case scenario, and they are not guaranteed.

How to use this guide

If you are a doctoral candidate or research supervisor looking ahead to a Final Doctoral Examination within the next year, then the information contained in this guide will help you to effectively plan that examination.

Please start by reading this guide completely (even the Frequently Asked Questions). Then prepare a timeline and a plan of action for yourself using our Doctoral Examinations Planning Tool and Checklist for Candidates and Supervisors and discuss this with your supervisory committee. We encourage you to also make use of the other planning resources available on our Tools for Planning page.

If you have a plan or timeline that differs from the recommendations, it would be wise to communicate your expectations to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. That way, if there are foreseeable difficulties with your plan, we can make this clear and you can adjust accordingly.


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