Upcoming Exams

Defences held in person have locations listed with the date below. Exams held via Zoom are by invitation only and are listed here for information.

Monday, 27 March 2023 - 9:00am

Leila Fazel Todd
Department: Forestry
Planning for Public Parks to Meet Urban Forest Canopy Objectives: A Canadian Perspective

Monday, 27 March 2023 - 12:30pm - Room 200

Anne Kim
Department: Zoology
On the Role of Physiological Acidosis in Hibernating Rodents

Tuesday, 28 March 2023 - 1:00pm

Nguyen Le Tam Nhan
Department: Zoology
Functional Characterization of the Nuclear Localization Signals of Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein and the Nucleolar Protein 14

Tuesday, 28 March 2023 - 1:00pm - 2916, Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, 2424 Main Mall

Jonathan David Reich
Department: Forestry
Combining Air Sampling and Molecular Methods to Monitor Airborne Fungal Plant Pathogens

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 - 10:00am

Patrick Klaiber
Department: Psychology
Engaging in and Responding to Daily Positive Events: Roles of Personality and Age

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 - 12:30pm - Room 200

Fiona Louise Beaty
Department: Zoology
From Marine Snails to Marine Spatial Planning: The Science of Human Impacts and Relationships with Marine Ecosystems

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 - 12:30pm

Assaf Yogev
Department: Kinesiology
Measuring Muscle Oxygenation in Endurance Sports with Wearable NIRS - from Validation to Application

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 - 1:00pm - 416, Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory (AERL), 2202 Main Mall

Juan Diego Martinez
Department: Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Inequality in Global Access to Food and its Implications for Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 - 4:00pm - 4018, Fred Kaiser Building, 2332 Main Mall

Rafiuzzaman Mohammad
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
An Observation-Based Runtime Configuration Framework for the Front-End Network Edge

Wednesday, 29 March 2023 - 4:00pm - Room 200

Anna Maslany
Department: Psychology
The Influence of Valence States on the Scope of Visual Attention

Thursday, 30 March 2023 - 9:00am

Ka Ming Nip
Department: Bioinformatics
Transcriptome Assembly and Visualization for RNA-Sequencing Data

Thursday, 30 March 2023 - 12:30pm - 14th Floor meeting room, BC Cancer Research Centre, 675 W 10th Ave

James Wells
Department: Oncology
Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Ubiquitination as a Central Regulator of Transcriptional Stress

Friday, 31 March 2023 - 9:00am

Ke Zhang
Department: Psychology
Chasing in Online Gambling and its Practical Application in Gambling Intervention

Friday, 31 March 2023 - 12:30pm - Room 200

Estefania Alejandra Milla-Moreno
Department: Forestry
An Assessment of Native Chilean Woody Plants for Phytoremediation of Copper-Contaminated Sites

Friday, 31 March 2023 - 12:30pm - 335, Allard Hall, 1822 East Mall

Grace Elizabeth Nosek
Department: Allard School of Law
Climate Discourse Polluted: A Cumulative Effects Analysis of the Fossil Fuel Industry's Tactics Influence Public Discourse

Friday, 31 March 2023 - 1:00pm - 5108, Earth Sciences Building, 2207 Main Mall

Hannah Sarah Gatz-Miller
Department: Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Exploring the Role of Model Complexity in Soil-Plant Reactive Transport Simulations

Friday, 31 March 2023 - 1:30pm

Yukiya Saito
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Development of Statistical Tools for Studies of the Rapid Neutron Capture Process

Friday, 31 March 2023 - 2:00pm - 226, Michael Smith Laboratories, 2185 East Mall

John Edgar
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Engineering the Thymic Niche for T-Cell Differentiation from Stem Cells

Monday, 3 April 2023 - 9:30am - 3335, Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, 2405 Wesbrook Mall

Karan Khanna
Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nanoscale Flow Cytometry for Extracellular Vesicle Analysis and Isolation

Monday, 3 April 2023 - 12:00pm - Conference Room, UBC Hospital - Koerner Pavilion, 2211 Wesbrook Mall

Lucero Guadalupe Aceves Serrano
Department: Neuroscience
Neuromodulatory Effects of Theta Burst Stimulation, a Molecular and Functional Assessment

Monday, 3 April 2023 - 3:00pm - 5104, Earth Sciences Building, 2207 Main Mall

Maryam Zarrinderakht
Department: Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Modelling the Propagation of Crevasses and Calving in Ice Shelves

Tuesday, 4 April 2023 - 9:00am - E311, Chemistry Building, 2036 Main Mall

Jade Victoria Poisson
Department: Chemistry
Surface-Initiated Polymerization for the Preparation of Organic Electronic Materials

Tuesday, 4 April 2023 - 2:00pm - Room 200

Bonnie Joline Tulloch
Department: Information
Do the Ends Justify the Memes? Exploring the Relationship between Youth, Internet Memes, and Digital Citizenship

Tuesday, 4 April 2023 - 2:30pm - 435, Henry Angus (ANGU) , 2053 Main Mall

Shipei Xing
Department: Chemistry
Towards Accurate Compound Annotation in Mass Spectrometry-Based Global Metabolomics

Wednesday, 5 April 2023 - 2:30pm - SCRF 1023, Neville Scarfe (SCRF), 2125 Main Mall

Adam Vladimir Dvorak
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Advances in Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Myelin

Thursday, 6 April 2023 - 9:00am

Colin Charles Dring
Department: Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Planning, Justice, and Municipal Governance - An Examination of Planning Conflicts, Pluralism, and Complexity in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada

Thursday, 6 April 2023 - 9:00am - 4001, Forest Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall

Cheng Chen
Department: Forestry
Mammal Community Responses to Human Disturbance: Insights from Global Camera Trap Surveys

Thursday, 6 April 2023 - 9:00am - Room 200

Casey Ray Collins
Department: Asian Studies
Walking in the Founders' Footsteps: Hagiography and Devotion in Shinnyo-en, a Japanese New Religion

Thursday, 6 April 2023 - 12:30pm - 4001, Forest Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall

Cindy Meliza Hurtado Martinez
Department: Forestry
Habitat Suitability and Landscape Connectivity for Carnivores in a South American Biodiversity Hotspot

Thursday, 6 April 2023 - 1:30pm

Kimberley Ann MacNeil
Department: Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Supporting Teachers' Professional Learning through Collaborative Inquiry: A Case Study

Tuesday, 11 April 2023 - 9:30am - Room 200

Sophie MacDonald
Department: Mathematics
Gibbs Measures and Factor Codes in Symbolic Dynamics

Tuesday, 11 April 2023 - 12:30pm

Marney Louise Jones
Department: Educational Studies
A Humanities-Based Pedagogy of Death: Apocalyptic Prose as Public Reimbursement Collapse Competency

Tuesday, 11 April 2023 - 12:30pm - Room 203

Sarah Rosemary Morris
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Measure Myelin: Orientation Dependence and Application to Spinal Cord Injury

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 - 12:30pm - Room 200

Rui Zhong
Department: Sauder School of Business
Reducing the Harmful Influence of Workplace Aggression: An Integrative Review, a Meta-Analysis, and an Empirical Study

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 - 3:00pm - 6124, Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (PHRM). 2405 Wesbrook Mall

Rui Shang
Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor B Effects Cardiac Substrate Utilization by Regulating Lipoprotein Lipase

Friday, 14 April 2023 - 12:00pm

Dina Badawy
Department: Materials Engineering
Fabrication and Characterization of Smart Yarn for Real-Time Mechanical Sensing Applications

Friday, 14 April 2023 - 1:00pm

Daniel Christopher Louie
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Development of Polarization Speckle Methods for Clinical Melanoma Evaluation

Friday, 14 April 2023 - 1:30pm

Renee Michelle Diemert
Department: Curriculum and Pedagogy
Exploring International Baccalaureate Students' Experiences of Community-Based Learning: An Interpretive Case Study

Friday, 14 April 2023 - 4:00pm - Room 203

Min Jun Jo
Department: Mathematics
Inviscid Damping Phenomena in Some Fluid Models

Monday, 17 April 2023 - 9:00am - Room 200

Sophie Nitoslawski
Department: Forestry
Smarter Forests for Smarter Cities? An Exploration of Digital and Smart Technologies in Urban Forest Management

Monday, 17 April 2023 - 9:00am - 350, MacMillan, 2357 main mall

Anna Ratuski
Department: Applied Animal Biology
Environmental Enrichment for Rats and Mice Housed in Laboratories

Tuesday, 18 April 2023 - 9:30am - 350, MacMillan, 2357 main mall

Bianca Ravani Cecato
Department: Agricultural Sciences
Essays on Environmental Economics: Environmental Regulations and Climate Change Adaption

Wednesday, 19 April 2023 - 9:00am - Room 200

Henry Walsgrove
Department: Chemistry
Modelling the Polymerization of 1-Phosphaisoprene: Explorations of the Synthesis and Reactivity of 1-Phosphabutadienes

Monday, 24 April 2023 - 9:00am - D215, Chemistry Building, 2036 Main Mall

Madeleine Deem
Department: Chemistry
Application of Time Course-Based Kinetic Methods to Complex Catalytic Systems

Tuesday, 25 April 2023 - 12:30pm

Kevin Bradley Dsouza
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Representation Learning Strategies for the Epigenome and Chromatin Structure Using Recurrent Neural Models

Thursday, 27 April 2023 - 4:00pm - Room 200

Qidi Zhang
Department: Mathematics
The Construction of Blow-Up Solutions for Some Evolution Equations

Monday, 8 May 2023 - 9:30am - 288, Brimacombe Building, 2355 East Mall

Rafael Haenel
Department: Physics and Astronomy
Collective Modes of the Superconducting Condensate

Monday, 8 May 2023 - 4:00pm - Room 200

Mohammad Reza Fazlali
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Analytical Modeling of Shear Localization in Machining Processes and Its Effects on the Tool-Chip Interface

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 - 9:00am - Room 200

David Kyle Sutherland
Department: Sociology
Identity Work Across the Gender Spectrum: Negotiations of Membership, Healthcare, and Resilience in Transgender and Nonbinary Populations