Doctoral Examinations Planning Tool and Checklist for Candidates and Supervisors

The Doctoral Examinations Planning Tool and Checklist is designed to assist Candidates and Supervisors with planning the final doctoral examination. Please note that the information it contains is a summary; it is essential that this tool is used in conjunction with the Doctoral Examination Guide. The Planning Tool and Checklist provides information and a short checklist, the Editable Checklist is a more detailed list you can use to create your own personalized checklist.

If you have not done so already, please take the time to read that guide in its entirety. Information sessions are also held throughout the year and we encourage you to attend one. For those not able to attend, a webinar recording is available at Tools for Planning the Doctoral Examination.

Note: If you are trying to meet a specific program end date, degree awarding date or graduation ceremony, please refer to the Doctoral Deadlines posted on our website.