Accepting / Activating an Award

Graduate awards are paid through the Student Service Centre.


For internal awards (awards funded by UBC), it is not necessary for the student to notify Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies that funding has been awarded. For external awards (awards funded by an agency outside UBC), however, students must notify Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies about the award, as the external agency may not notify Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies directly.

In order to activate each external award, students need to submit all required forms to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at least three weeks before requested award start date. Activation forms will be accepted after this deadline, but in such cases the first award payment(s) might be delayed (though students will receive payment retroactive to requested award start date).

Tri-Agency (CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC) Award Activation Forms

To be sent by the award recipient to

  • External Graduate Award Activation Form
  • Copy of Notice of Award provided by funding agency - the Notice of Award must list the start and end date of the award, the stipend amount, and any terms and conditions to the funding.
    • For Vanier CGS and CIHR doctoral awards, award recipients can download the Notice of Award from ResearchNet.
    • For Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) CGSM (Master's), award recipients can download the Notice of Award from the Research Portal.
  • For NSERC (CGSD, PGSD) and SSHRC (CGSD, DF) doctoral award recipients only - Request for First Instalment or Reinstatement of Award Paid by Canadian Institution is required.
    • The Graduate Awards team would sign in the Part 4 section
  • For CIHR doctoral award and Vanier award holders only - Authorization for Funding (AFF) document. This document is sent to doctoral award holders by CIHR/Vanier after the holder accepts the award. CIHR doctoral awards and Vanier awards cannot be processed without it.

Additionally, for CIHR doctoral awards only – to set up your research allowance account


When an award is offered through the Student Service Centre (SSC), an e-mail is sent to the student, directing the student to their account on the Student Service Centre. Once logged into the Student Service Centre, the student can select the offered award and follow the online instructions to accept the award. Only after the award has been accepted will the award pay out to the student.



Award payments will only be issued if students are registered in courses or thesis credits during the terms of the academic year that they are receiving an award.


Awards issued by the University are first applied towards any outstanding tuition fees. If the amount of the award is greater than the outstanding fees in any term, the surplus funds are paid to the student through Electronic Funds Transfer. An email confirming the funds transfer will be sent to the student. Students are strongly encouraged to set up the their banking information in SSC for Electronic Funds Transfer.


Students are encouraged to check their financial record on the Student Service Centre for confirmation of award instalment amounts and dates. Normally, awards are paid out using the following payment schedule:

Department Recommended Awards:

  • Under $1,000 - paid out entirely in one term
  • $1,000 - $5,999 - paid out in two terms (equal instalments)
  • $6,000 or greater - paid out over the three terms of the year (33.3% in September, 33.3% January, and 33.4% in May)

External Awards and Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Awards:

  • September 1st to April 30 amount is assigned in August and pays out in two equal installments in September and January (two thirds of yearly amount)
  • May 1st to August 31st amount is assigned in April and pays out in one installment in May (one third of yearly amount)
  • External awards with different start and end dates are prorated
    • example: award of $21,000 per year starting on 1 October 2018 and ending on 30 September 2019 will be paid out:
      • $5,250 in October 2018
      • $7,000 in January 2019
      • $7,000 in May 2019
      • $1,750 in September 2019

Tuition awards, such as the International Tuition Award and the tuition portion of Four Year Fellowships, are assigned in August (for September and January terms) and April (for the summer term), to coincide with the tuition assessment at the beginning of each term.