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UBC graduate programs nominate graduate students for a number of awards funded by donors and the university. Nominees are selected by graduate programs from applications submitted by students through an open competition or from nominations submitted by faculty members. Award descriptions can be reviewed via the searchable awards database administered by the Student Financial Assistance and Awards office.



The terms of eligibility for each award are described in the calendar award description. The award descriptions and values are subject to change from year to year; therefore it is important that graduate programs and students select the correct award session when verifying the terms and amounts of a particular award.

Graduate Awards

Award descriptions which state " consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies" are restricted to graduate students. These awards are assigned by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Open Awards

Award descriptions which state "... in the case of graduate students, the award is made in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies" are open to both undergraduate and graduate UBC students. These awards are assigned by the Student Financial Assistance and Awards office; however, graduate student recommendations for these awards must first be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for review.

Application Procedures

In some cases, students are required to submit a funding application to their graduate program; in other cases, students are considered automatically. Students should contact their graduate program to discuss application / nomination procedures.


Nomination Procedures

Graduate programs are required to provide award recommendations for graduate students to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Further information can be found on the Department-Recommended Awards page of this website.


Profiles of Award Holders

Robert Izett

Doctor of Philosophy in Oceanography (PhD)
Improving estimates of marine net community production in the Subarctic Pacific and Canadian Arctic Oceans using ship-based autonomous measurements and computational approaches

Robyn McClure

Those who know the most and care the least: How empathy and social power predict roles in bullying situations

Seth Tigchelaar

Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience (PhD)
MicroRNA Biomarkers for Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

D. Kyle Sutherland

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology (PhD)
Examining how the role of structural stigma produces health inequalities among marginalized communities

Teilhard Paradela

Doctor of Philosophy in History (PhD)
Audiences Exposed: Communication and Discipline in the Philippines in the late 20th Century

Alice Palmer

Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (PhD)
Pulp and Paper Industry Transformation in the 21st Century: Exploring Evidence of Change

Carolyn Baer

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)
Metacognition and Social Interaction in Children