Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship


Likely January 2020

Annual Value

$40,000 stipend plus $20,000 allowance per year for three years


Permanent Resident

Degree Level


The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program will help shape researchers into engaged leaders who are conscious of the impact of their research, connected to the realities of the communities in which they work, and open to non-conventional forms of knowledge. The Foundation is seeking candidates who are audacious, original, and forward-thinking.

Up to 20 Trudeau Scholarships are awarded each year to support doctoral students pursuing research in one or more of the four themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada in the World and People and their Natural Environment. Trudeau Scholars are highly gifted individuals who are actively engaged in their fields and expected to become leading national and international figures.



  • Doctoral students already accepted into or in year one, two, or three of a full-time program in the humanities or social sciences whose work relates to one of the Foundations’ four themes
    • Human Rights and Dignity;
    • Responsible Citizenship;
    • Canada and the World; and
    • People and their Natural Environment
  • Canadian citizens, whether at a Canadian or an international institution
  • Up to 25% of Scholars in a given year may be non-Canadians (permanent residents or foreign nationals) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates must demonstrate the following qualities in their applications:

  • Academic excellence
  • Leadership experience and abilities
  • Thematic relevance of research to the Foundation’s themes
  • Public engagement
  • Desire to contribute to public dialogue and share knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Desire to belong to a vibrant community made up of leaders from across sectors

Please note:

The Foundation recognizes that leaders in Canada communicate fluently in English and French and is committed to supporting Scholars in improving their language skills and expects them to make the necessary efforts to become fluent in both official languages. The Foundation will also strive for robust representation of the diverse stakeholders, cultures, and communities that compose Canadian society in terms of gender, language, ethnicity, and region. The Foundation welcomes First Nations, Inuit, and Métis candidates.

Application Procedures

Before you begin your application, please review the step-by-step application instructions available on the Trudeau Foundation website:

Please take note of the following:

1. Create an account through the Foundation Portal by filling out a registration request form (

  • For University Name, enter "The University of British Columbia"
  • For Faculty or Department, enter the chosen UBC graduate program

2. You will receive a username and password via email within 4 business days (check your spam or junk folder). Once you have been granted access to the Foundation Portal ( you will be able to complete your application online.

3. Request your three letters of reference via the Foundation Portal. Your references will receive an email asking them to attach their letter in PDF format directly into the Foundation Portal; the letters will be attached to your file. Please follow up with your references to ensure that they are able to access the Foundation Portal well in advance of the deadline. You must have:

  • At least one letter must be from an academic referee concerning academic achievements
  • At least one letter must be from a non-academic referee concerning your leadership abilities
  • The third reference letter may come from an academic or non-academic referee

4. Submit (upload) the transcripts covering all of your post-secondary education via the Foundation Portal.

  • These may be scanned of official transcripts (provided by applicants) or “certified true” scanned copies (provided by your UBC graduate program). Please note that applicants must request “certified true” copies of transcripts from their graduate program, not from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.
  • Applicants must include your CEGEP transcript for those who attended CEGEP in Quebec
  • Applicants must include transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies, including studies that did not lead to a degree.
  • UBC transcripts for all students with UBC grades: the applicant's "Academic History" printed from the SISC by the applicant's graduate program will be accepted.

5. After submitting your online application, email with your full name, UBC student number, and the name of your graduate program to ensure that your application is linked to UBC.

UBC applicant deadline: 11:59pm (Vancouver time) on Friday, 18 January 2019

Adjudication Procedures

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by a committee of UBC faculty members. UBC may nominate a maximum of four applications to the Trudeau Foundation. The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will provide a nomination letter from UBC, to complete each application package before submission to the Trudeau Foundation by Friday, 22 February 2019.

Finalists will be invited for interviews in spring 2019 and interviews will take place in Montreal. UBC will cover the travel expenses of our nominees who are selected for interviews. Selected candidates will be notified in late April 2019.

Profiles of Award Holders

Grace Nosek

Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD)
Harnessing the Power of Law to Protect Climate Change Science from Manufactured Doubt

Mohammad Karamouzian

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)
Early injecting careers: Implications for health, HIV risk behaviours, and clinical care
Brett Schrewe, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholar

Brett Schrewe

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies (PhD)
Turning Canadian Medical Education Inside Out: Medical Citizenship In The Service Of Health Equity
UBC PhD student Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake

Doctor of Philosophy in Population and Public Health (PhD)
Exploring the health and social impacts of cannabis use during an ongoing opioid crisis among people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada

Further Information

For further information about the Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships, please visit the Foundation website.

For further information about the UBC review process, please contact