Sauder is committed to being an international leader in the creation and application of business knowledge, and to promoting lifelong success for our students and alumni. Dedicated to rigorous and relevant teaching, our programs generate business leaders who drive change and shape industries and organizations around the world.

The Sauder School of Business is one of the world’s leading academic business schools. Located in Vancouver, Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, Sauder provides a global business perspective at a dynamic crossroads of the international marketplace.

At the Robert H. Lee Graduate School at the Sauder School of Business, we define and teach the future of management thinking. We nurture creativity and help our students develop this skills and resourcefulness to adapt concepts and ideas to new and emerging challenges. Our faculty are at the forefront of management thinking. They are recognized internationally as leaders in business research and highly respected both within and outside the academic community. 

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Facilities

The Sauder building houses a dedicated graduate school facility for the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, innovative and interactive learning spaces, a trading lab, and communication technologies that can deliver international business leaders into classrooms at the click of a mouse.

Built to inspire a new generation of business leaders, a recent $70-million expansion of the modern, high-tech Sauder building added 55,000 square feet to the original 216,000 square foot structure. The redevelopment included a host of features and facilities that help establish Sauder as a global hub for business education.

Research Highlights

With over 100 leading academics from more than 24 countries, our faculty enjoys worldwide recognition for its excellence in research, innovative teaching, and active business outreach. Faculty members collaborate across our divisions, sharing their ideas, experience, and expertise.

Schools / Departments

Research and teaching at the Sauder School of Business are organized into seven administrative units. Faculty members are affiliated with one primary division, but collaboration across divisions is common and encouraged.

Research Supervisors in Faculty

Name Research Interests
Fisher, Adlai Asset pricing, financial econometrics, volatility modelling, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions
Garlappi, Lorenzo Asset pricing, credit risk and real options, portfolio choice and asset allocation
Giammarino, Ronald Corporate finance, real options, market concentration
Gillen, David aviation, airports, ATC, international aviation, urban transportation, supply chain, Transportation studies
Gornall, Will Corporate finance ; Venture capital; Banking
Granot, Frieda Integer Programming, Network Flows, Combinatorial Optimization, Applications of Operations Research, Applications of Game Theory to Cost Allocation
Granot, Daniel Game Theory and Application, Discrete Optimization, Operations Management
Griffin, Dale Consumer decision making, risk assessment and risk communication, managerial decision making, behavioural finance, forecasting, branding and consumer satisfaction, research methods and statisitcs
Hardisty, David Decision Making, consumer behaviour, sustainability, energy efficiency, decisions about the future, product attribute framing
Head, C Keith Strategy/economics
Heinkel, Robert Lee Theoretical and empirical studies of corporate behaviour due to market imperfections and theoretical and empirical studies of instritutional investment management
Helsley, Robert Growth and development of urban areas, the operation of private land markets, and the economic impacts of government tax, spending and regulatory policies
Hoegg, Jo Andrea Social influence, consumer-brand relationships, consumer response to product design, sensory marketing
Huh, Woonghee Tim Inventory control, supply chain management, capacity planning, operations research
Kikkawa, Ayumu
Kim, Michael Dynamic Programming, Statistical Learning, Robust Optimization, Exploration vs Exploitation Trade-offs
Knight, Thomas Role of line managers in labour relations, interest-based collective bargaining, change processes in labour relations, human resources management, industrial relations, family business
Krishnan, Harish Management, Incentive distortions in supply chains, Contracts and supply chains, Supply chain management, Operations management
Langton, Nancy Kenya, organizational behavior
Lazrak, Ali Finance and Accounting, Economic Phenomena on an Individual or Organizational Level, Asset pricing, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Household portfolio choice
Lee, Gene Information Systems, Computer Science and Statistics, Business Analytics, Applied Machine Learning, Text Mining, Mobile Ecosystem, Social Media Analysis, Cybersecurity
Lee, Sanghoon Urban economics; Real estate economics; Public economics; Labor economics; Industrial organization
Li, Kai corporate governance, CEO compensation, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder activism, gender in corporate decision making, board of directors, national culture, innovation, Finance
Lindsey, Charles Economic Policies, Transportation Systems, Traffic congestion, Road pricing, Financing transportation infrastructure, Public transit, Advanced traveler information systems, Queuing, Parking policy
Lo, Kin financial reports; financial disclosures; financial statements; accounting; stock options; executive compensation; auditing; stock valuation; securities regulation; tax planning; tax policy, Empirical research in financial accounting and reporting, Investigating the motives and effects of voluntary disclosures, The effects of alternative regulated reporting regimes, Refinement of accounting research methodology, Examining the role of accounting in equity valuation


Graduate Student Profiles

Barnini Bhattacharyya

Barnini Bhattacharyya

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Organizational Behaviour (PhD)
An Intersectional Study of the Invisibility of Women of Colour

Kun Wang

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Transportation and Logistics (PhD)
Analyzing International Civil Aviation Policy Liberalization; Optimal Marine Port Adaptation Investment for Disaster Resilience

Alumni on Success

Ali Dashti

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Management Information Systems (PhD) [2010]
Job Title
Assistant professor
Kuwait University