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UBC Sauder is a world-leading research institution that sets the highest standard for ethical and effective business practice, advances the frontiers of knowledge, and promotes the lifelong success of our students and alumni. Dedicated to rigorous and relevant teaching, our programs inspire and educate responsible business leaders who drive innovation and lead change.

Located in the west coast Canadian city of Vancouver, UBC Sauder is strategically placed at the economic gateway to the Pacific Rim. The school provides a global business perspective at a dynamic crossroads of the international marketplace.

The Robert H. Lee Graduate School at UBC Sauder defines and teaches the future of management thinking. We take pride in delivering high-impact research that advances academic knowledge, facilitates business excellence, informs public policy, and promotes student learning. Our faculty are among the highest calibre researchers in their fields, bringing with them fresh perspectives and international connections.

As part of one of the world's finest public universities, we pursue excellence in research and teaching to inspire and educate responsible leaders who improve business, drive innovation, and generate prosperity in British Columbia and throughout the world

Research Facilities

The UBC Sauder building houses a dedicated graduate school facility for the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, innovative and interactive learning spaces, a trading lab, and communication technologies that can deliver international business leaders into classrooms at the click of a mouse.

Completed in 2012, the UBC Sauder School of Business building (Henry Angus building) has been recognized with a 2011 Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia Award in Architecture, 2010 Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Award, 2010 Sustainable Architecture & Building Canadian Green Building Award and a 2010 Vancouver Regional Construction Association Award of Excellence.

Research Highlights

Our faculty publish in the very best academic journals in the foundational business disciplines and collaborate with academic, government and community partners to solve problems confronting business and society. Our research guides business innovation and contributes to tools and principles that underpin a sustainable and just society.

Research Supervisors in Faculty

Name Research Interests
Agarwal, Isha Banking; International Finance; Corporate Finance; macroeconomics
Antweiler, Werner high-tech businesses; innovation; international trade; exchange rates; currency unions; environmental economics; e-business; international environmental issues; trade and the environment; Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI); public policy and the economics of cannabis prohibition., International Trade and Business, Environmental Economics and Management, Energy and Electricity Economics, Applied Econometrics and Panel Data, Applied Empirical Finance, Prediction Markets
Aquino, Karl Organizational behavior
Ba, Wenjia understanding sequential interactions, machine learning, revenue management, probability theory
Baldauf, Markus Financial Markets; Information Economics; Industrial Organization; Regulation; Market Microstructure
Bena, Jan Financial economics; Finance, n.e.c.; Stock markets; International economics and international finance; Economics of innovation and technical change; Industry economics and industrial organization; Innovation; Corporate innovation; Asset pricing of technological progress; Private equity; Corporate ownership structure; Frictions in raising external finance; Entrepreneurship; Ownership of startup companies; Finance and industrial organization; Product market interactions
Bian, Bo Empirical corporate finance; Productivity; Innovation; Bankruptcy
Brander, James Industry economics and industrial organization; industrial economics; Competition policy; international trade and investment
Carlson, Murray Introduction to capital markets, corporate finance, principles of finance, asset pricing
Cavanaugh, Lisa Emotions, Relationships, Self and Identity, Social Influence, Prosocial Consumption
Cavusoglu, Hasan IT investment, information security, value of information technology, online product differentiation, information system security, Economics & sustainability, Management Information Systems
Cenfetelli, Ronald Timothy Human computer interaction, E-Business, IT-mediated customer service, Negative aspects of technology, Structural equation modeling, Survey research techniques, Multi-level modeling
Chamberlain, Sandra Accounting and the economics of, Valuation of publicly traded firms using accounting information, Accounting and contracting, Earnings quality, Accounting for Financial Institutions
Chandrashekaran, Murali Management education, customer satisfaction, mergers and acquisition, innovation, international collaborations in education, Integration and professional development, strategic management of customer relationships, shareholder value, subsidiary performance, satisfaction strength, customer loyalty
Clough, David Economics and business administration; Organizational behavior; Entrepreneurship; Innovation management; Interorganizational networks; Organization theory; Organizational learning; Social Networks; Technological Innovations; Technological change
Cohen-Hillel, Tamar
Cornil, Yann Social sciences; Food marketing; sustainability; Sensory Perception
D Adduzio, Jenna Voluntary and mandatory disclosures; Regulatory and standard setting issues; Disclosure materiality
Dahl, Darren Consumer behaviour, new product development, social marketing, affect and emotion, creativity in business, Marketing
Daniels, Michael Emotions in organizations; Emotional Labor; Workplace mistreatment; Leadership; Cultural values
Davidoff, Thomas Housing, Real Estate, Annuities, Mortgages
Dias Saraiva-Patelli, Ella Finance; Asset pricing and international finance
Donaldson, R Glen Risk management, Volatility forecasting, Asset valuation, Financial econometrics, Financial markets and price behavior
Evans, Jonathan Blair Industrial relations and work relations; Leader curiosity; Transparent use of influence tactics; Self deprecation and leadership perceptions; Active and passive forms of counterproductive behavior at work
Fang, Limin Empirical industrial organization; Dynamic structural models of competition and marketing dynamics; Digital economy, social learning, retail strategy


Recent Publications

This is an incomplete sample of recent publications in chronological order by UBC faculty members with a primary appointment in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.


Publication: Journal of International Economics
UBC Author(s): C Keith Head (Division of Strategy and Business Economics / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 00221996
Volume: 150
Publication Date: July 2024

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Publication: Journal of Banking and Finance
UBC Author(s): Isha Agarwal (Division of Finance / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 03784266
Volume: 163
Publication Date: June 2024

View Publication
Publication: Quantitative Marketing and Economics
UBC Author(s): Guillermo Marshall Manriquez (Division of Strategy and Business Economics / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 15707156
Volume: 22
Page Range: 193-222
Publication Date: June 2024

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Publication: Technological Forecasting and Social Change
UBC Author(s): Karl Aquino (Division of Marketing and Behavioural Science / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 00401625
Volume: 203
Publication Date: June 2024

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Publication: Journal of Financial Economics
UBC Author(s): Markus Baldauf (Division of Finance / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 0304405X
Volume: 154
Publication Date: April 2024

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Publication: Management International Review
UBC Author(s): Ilan Boris Vertinsky (Division of Strategy and Business Economics / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 09388249
Volume: 64
Page Range: 337-341
Publication Date: April 2024

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Publication: Mathematical Programming
UBC Author(s): Joseph Paat (Division of Operations and Logistics / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 00255610
Volume: 204
Page Range: 677-702
Publication Date: March 2024

View Publication
Publication: Review of Finance
UBC Author(s): Jack Favilukis (Division of Finance / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 15723097
Volume: 28
Page Range: 389-412
Publication Date: 1 March 2024

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Publication: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
UBC Author(s): Kai Li (Division of Finance / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 00221090
Volume: 59
Page Range: 121-156
Publication Date: 22 February 2024

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Publication: Industrial Management and Data Systems
UBC Author(s): Ning Nan (Division of Accounting and Information Systems / Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration)
ISSN: 02635577
Volume: 124
Page Range: 1155-1178
Publication Date: 16 February 2024

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Recent Thesis Submissions

Doctoral Citations

A doctoral citation summarizes the nature of the independent research, provides a high-level overview of the study, states the significance of the work and says who will benefit from the findings in clear, non-specialized language, so that members of a lay audience will understand it.
Year Citation Program
2023 Dr. Liu studied how AI affects intermediary agents' decision making in insurance markets. He found that AI prediction on consumer demand improves insurance agents' sales productivity, but also reduces agents' efforts in assessing consumer risk. His research advanced our understanding of the impacts of AI on workforce in financial services industry. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Finance (PhD)
2023 Dr. Wang studied the role that the key stakeholders such as institutional investors and firm owners play within a firm's ecosystem, with a primary focus on understanding how corporate governance and ownership structures might influence firm policies. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Finance (PhD)
2023 Decision making under uncertainty and limited information has been a critical challenge in operations. Dr. Lin's research tackled this challenge and shed light on how to sequentially collect and exploit information over time. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Management Science (PhD)
2021 Dr. Yang studied the production location and sourcing decisions of multinational firms. By quantifying firms' responses to environmental, trade and competition policy changes, she examined how the interactions between firms and governments affect social welfare. This research illuminates the role of multinational firms in policy design. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Strategy and Business Economics (PhD)
2019 Dr. Knesl studied how technological innovations affect firms, households and stock prices. His work connects technological improvements to movements of stock prices by looking at how technology affects different types of labor. His empirical evidence shows a specific connection between macro economy and stock markets. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Finance (PhD)
2019 Dr. Soleymanian studied Usage-Based Auto Insurance in which drivers allow their private data to be monitored in return for potential lower premiums. He found that monitored motorists became safer and earned discounts, but more readily dropped out when their privacy concerns were raised, suggesting a complex link among privacy, price, and public policy. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Marketing (PhD)
2019 Dr. Zhang studied how institutional investors, such as mutual funds, specialize in a different class of assets. Based on empirical evidence, he developed a model that relates an institution's investment horizon with the characteristics of its stock holdings. His work contributes to the understanding of the behavior of financial institutions. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Finance (PhD)
2018 Dr. Wang analyzed the pricing, competition and investment issues in the transportation industry. His research contributes to a better understanding of the economic impact and the interactions of new transport modes, such as high-speed rail or low-cost airlines. It also has policy implications for transport development in emerging countries such as China. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Transportation and Logistics (PhD)
2018 Dr. Zhang examined the financial reporting of foreign firms and foreign auditors in the U.S. He found that foreign firms are subject to less frequent monitoring than U.S. firms and foreign auditors provide quality as good as the U.S. non-Big4 auditors. Findings address recent concern over the quality of foreign auditors practicing in the U.S. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Accounting (PhD)
2016 Dr. Saghafi studied business information modelling. He investigated approaches that could improve the performance of users in business analytics, and enhance their overall understanding of the application requirements. His research has important implications for both researchers and practitioners in the area of information systems development. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration in Management Information Systems (PhD)