Marc-David Seidel

Prospective Graduate Students / Postdocs

This faculty member is currently not looking for graduate students or Postdoctoral Fellows. Please do not contact the faculty member with any such requests.

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Discrimination and networks in the employment relationship
Distributed Trust Technologies (Blockchain, etc.)
Early life factors role in later life workplace outcomes
Economic Systems
Impacts of New Information Technologies
Life Cycles ( Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, etc.)
Media and Society
New Technology and Social Impacts
Organizational Theory
Social Networks
Social Organization and Political Systems
Social networks and organizational decision making
Social, Economical and Political Impacts of Innovations
Socio-Economic Conditions

Relevant Degree Programs

Affiliations to Research Centres, Institutes & Clusters


Research Methodology

Sociological perspective and methods



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