James Hogg Research Centre

The James Hogg Research Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital, is a UBC research centre supported collaboratively by the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine and Providence Health Care and is an affiliated Centre in the Institute for Heart + Lung Health (IHLH).

Lead by Director, Dr. Bruce McManus and Associate Director, Dr. Darryl Knight, investigators and trainees at the James Hogg Research Centre are using the best available technology to image and measure changes in molecules, cells, tissues, organs and whole organisms, including patients, in order to understand the link between our genes and the environment, in causing heart, lung, and blood vessel diseases.


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Brunham, Liam Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Medical, health and life sciences; Lipids; Genetics; Pharmacogenomics; Cardiovascular diseases
Bundon, Andrea Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Kinesiology; Social Contexts; critical disability studies; disability; Paralympics; social media; sociology; sport
Carpenter, Mark Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) neural control of movement, fear of falling, Neural control of movement, postural control, fears of falling, balance disorders, Parkinson's disease
Chua, Romeo Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Human perceptual-motor control, vision and action, perceptual-motor compatibility, coordination
Cripton, Peter Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Mechanical engineering; Medical and biomedical engineering; biomechanics; Cranio-Encephalic and Spinal Cord Trauma; hip fracture; injury prevention; Mechanical Systems; neurotrauma; Spinal cord injury; spine biomechanics; Trauma / Injuries; Traumatic Brain Injury; Sex Differences in Seat Belt Performance
DeMarco, Mari Faculty (non-G+PS member) Other medical sciences; Analytical chemistry, n.e.c.; Biochemistry
Dvorak, Marcel F S Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) adult spine surgery; major adult deformity (scoliosis and kyphosis), traumatic injuries of the spine, and spinal cord injury.
Eng, Janice Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Neurorehabilitation, spinal cord, brain
Forwell, Susan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Neurological conditions and their impact on chosen occupations
Inglis, J Timothy Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Exercise science, neurophysiology, biomechanics, stance and balance control, human microneurography, physical therapy and rehabilitation, vestibular system
Kolind, Shannon Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Medical physics; Neurosciences, biological and chemical aspects; Neurosciences, medical and physiological and health aspects; brain; Imaging; MRI; medical physics; multiple sclerosis; myelin; Neurological Disease; spinal cord
Kramer, John Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Neuromechanical, Systems Biology, Exercise & Health
Krassioukov, Andrei Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) autonomic dysfunctions following spinal cord injury (SCI)
Kwon, Brian Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Spinal cord injury
Miller, William Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) disabled people with respect to mobility (wheelchairs); influence of self-efficacy with respect to participation in daily activity, social activity and general quality of life especially among disabled adults and elderly; wheelchair prescription, performance and function; outcome measurement in health care, Use of power wheelchairs, fatigue, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
O'Connor, Timothy Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Identification of small molecules that stimulate neurite outgrowth and regeneration Examination of the role of semaphorins during embryonic development
Oruc, Ipek Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) visual recognition of high level forms such as faces, letters and objects
Oxland, Thomas Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Spinal Cord Injury, Aging Spine, Orthopaedic Implants
Quon, Bradley Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cystic Fibrosis; Epidemiology; Respiratory System; Proteomics; Immune Mediators: Cytokines and Chemokines; biomarker discovery and development; clinical epidemiology; health care economics; medication adherence
Street, John Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Helmet performance, Injury prevention
Tebbutt, Scott Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Basic medicine and life sciences; Dual organism molecular interaction (fungal spores & human airway epithelium); Early and late reactions in allergic asthma and rhinitis; Diagnostics of acute heart rejection post-transplantation; Neonatal vaccine immunogenicity; Systems biology, biomarkers & bioinformatics; Rheumatic fever and heart disease; COVID-19
Tetzlaff, Wolfram Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Neural development and regeneration
Warburton, Darren Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) cardiovascular physiology, clinical exercise rehabilitation, interactive video games, , Sport cardiology and clinical exercise rehabilitation, elite athletic performance, childhood health, treatments for patients with chronic disease, cardiac rehabilitation
Wilson, David Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) orthopaedics, arthritis, mechanics, joints, hip, imaging, MRI, activity, Hip, knee, spine mechanics, causes and treatments of osteoarthritis, medical imaging and image processing, orthopedic sports medicine