Tillie-Louise Hackett

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Great Supervisor Week Mentions

Each year graduate students are encouraged to give kudos to their supervisors through social media and our website as part of #GreatSupervisorWeek. Below are students who mentioned this supervisor since the initiative was started in 2017.


Tillie is a fantastic and supportive supervisor.  She is so dedicated to her students and the research we undertake, always responding to emails and working late into the night!! She will also go above and beyond what most people would do to help you out on a personal level. Exemplified by her continually writing detailed references for previous students who call her up out of the blue, 5 or more years after they have left the lab; or by helping you out with all of the immigration paperwork and nonsense that international students have to go through. She has been a fabulous mentor to me personally, allowing me the freedom to embrace my inner mad scientist and supporting me throughout the PhD.  It has honestly been a great privilege to work along side such an exceptional and inspirational scientist and leader. #GreatSupervisor!

Steve Booth (2018)


Dr. Hackett is an all-round great supervisor and scientist. As my supervisor during my PhD and now for my post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Hackett has been an amazing mentor. She has been totally dedicated in helping me succeed with every project I have worked on and pays particular attention to every detail of my development as a young scientist. I have been very lucky to have her as my supervisor. #GreatSupervisor #DrTillieHackett

Emmanuel Osei (2018)


Tillie is an amazing professional and human being. She is a talented researcher who knows how to bring her team together, challenging us to break our own barriers and excel in many areas. As if being competent professionally wasn't enough, Tillie is a caring person who makes us feel welcome, "protected" and understood beyond our professional duties. She understands very well that everyone has a life and she is always there helping us and cheering for us, every step along the way.

Leila Mostaco-Guidolin (2018)


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