Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics

 The University of British Columbia Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics is an amalgamation of three important and inter-related areas of medicine: anesthesiology, pharmacology, and therapeutics. 

Brought together by common interests, we are challenging ourselves with creating opportunities to share each other’s expertise so that we can foster excellence in research, education and knowledge translation. We welcome your interest in our Department and seek to recruit outstanding anesthesiology residents, pharmacology graduate students, anesthesiology fellows, and pharmacology post-graduate students. 

Master's Students
Doctoral Students

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Abdelrahman, Khaled Basic pharmacology; G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology; Neuropharmacology; Molecular Neuroscience
Ambasta, Anshula Reduction of low-value services in health systems
Ansermino, John Mark Other clinical medicine; Sepsis in children; Health information systems; Physiological Monitoring; Technological Innovations; Artificial Intellegence; Automation in healthcare; Global Health; Mobile Health; Outcome prediction
Barr, Alasdair Mental health and addictions, with a particular emphasis on psychosis and the medications used in its treatment, Anesthesiology
Bernatchez, Pascal Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences (except clinical aspects); Cardiovascular diseases; Cardiovascular System; Genetic Diseases; Hypertension; atherosclerosis; angiogenesis; Muscular Diseases; Neuromuscular Diseases; Lipid/Lipoprotein analysis; Lipid Disorders; Pharmacokinetics; Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; endothelial dysfunction; endothelium; Inflammation; lipoproteins; Marfan syndrome; muscular dystrophy; nitric oxide; vascular disease
Bhagavatula, Sastry Age-related research, Anesthesiology, plasticity of synaptic transmission, mammalian central nervous system
Choi, Peter Tsz Lung Anesthesiology, peroperative medicine, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, research education
Dormuth, Colin Clinical Outcomes and Patient Safety
Fedida, David How the heart generates, maintains and regulates electrical activity, Anesthesiology
Goerges, Matthias Electronic health (e-Health); Health information systems (including surveillance); Expert systems technologies in artificial intelligence; Anesthesiology; Medical devices; Human-computer systems and interface; Bio-signal processing and analysis; Digital health; predictive analytics; decision support systems; Critical Care Medicine; Biomedical Technologies; Health Care Technologies; Human Computer Interaction and Design; Medical informatics; Software Development; patient-oriented research; Data sharing / open data
Griesdale, Donald E Neurocritical care, traumatic brain injury, invasive neuromonitoring, airway management
Hackett, Tillie-Louise Molecular determinants of COPD, small airway obstruction, angiotensin signalling, defective airway epithelial differentiation in asthma, human lung cell repository
Knight, Darryl Airway Disease; Lung and airway remodelling; Respiratory diseases
Kramer, John Neuromechanical, Systems Biology, Exercise & Health
Kurteva, Siyana high-risk medication use, postoperative outcomes, healthcare services utilization in a high prevalence and high social impact settings
Laher, Ismail Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences (except clinical aspects); Cardiovascular diseases; animal models of sleep apnea; Diabetes; exercise; oxidative stress; regulation of small artery tone, mechanisms of pressuce-induced vasomotor responses, exercise, sleep
Loucks, Catrina Medical, health and life sciences; Pharmacogenomics; Pain management; Medical Genetics; Model organism genetics; Drug reactions
MacLure, Malcolm Epidemiology, patient safety, quality control, pharmaceutical sciences, health services research
Pang, Catherine C Cardiovascular pharmacology, education, hypertension
Preston, Roanne obstetric anesthesia
Schwarz, Stephan Analgesia, Pain, Pharmacology, Pain management, Anesthesiology, cardiovascular, medical imaging, nerve, artery, valve
Singh, Amritpal Other basic medicine and life sciences; single cell multiomics; single cell spatial multiomics; data integration; Machine Learning; Biomarkers; heart and lung disease; High dimensional data analysis; Bioinformatics
Thompson, Wade Health services and systems; ensuring older persons are taking medications that are a good fit; deprescribing; polypharmacy
Wiens, Matthew Global health; Sepsis; Prediction modelling; Epidemiology; Pediatric infectious diseases; Post-discharge outcomes; Global Health; Digital health



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