Pharmacology offers training in cardiovascular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, viral pharmacology, free radical biology, and drug development. Additional training programs exist in therapeutics, evidence-based medicine, and clinical investigation which reflecting the close association between the disciplines of anesthesiology, pharmacology, and therapeutics.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Ansermino, John Mark Global Health and Emerging Diseases; Health Information Systems; Biomedical Technologies; Technological Innovations; Global Health; Physiological Monitoring; Precision Health; Mobile Health; Outcome prediction; Sepsis in children; Artificial Intellegence; Automation in healthcare
Barr, Alasdair Mental health and addictions, with a particular emphasis on psychosis and the medications used in its treatment, Anesthesiology
Bassett, Ken Gender and Blindness: testing gender specific community interventions in Upper Egypt, an assessment of community ophthalmology projects in Central India, as well as community ophthalmology projects in Nepal and Tanzania.
Bernatchez, Pascal Cardiovascular Diseases; Cardiovascular System; Genetic Diseases; Hypertension; Atherosclerosis; Angiogenesis; Muscular Diseases; Neuromuscular Diseases; Lipid/Lipoprotein analysis; Lipid Disorders; Pharmacokinetics; Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; angiogenesis; endothelium; nitric oxide; muscular dystrophy; atherosclerosis; endothelial dysfunction; lipoproteins; Marfan syndrome; vascular disease; Inflammation
Bhagavatula, Sastry Age-related research, Anesthesiology, plasticity of synaptic transmission, mammalian central nervous system
Choi, Peter Tsz Lung Anesthesiology, peroperative medicine, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, research education
Dormuth, Colin Clinical Outcomes and Patient Safety
Fedida, David How the heart generates, maintains and regulates electrical activity, Anesthesiology
Goerges, Matthias Biomedical Technologies; Artificial Intelligence; Decision Making; Software Development; Health Care Technologies; Human Computer Interaction and Design; Medical informatics; decision support systems; predictive analytics; Anesthesiology; Critical Care Medicine
Griesdale, Donald E Neurocritical care, traumatic brain injury, invasive neuromonitoring, airway management
Hackett, Tillie-Louise Molecular determinants of COPD, small airway obstruction, angiotensin signalling, defective airway epithelial differentiation in asthma, human lung cell repository
Knight, Darryl Airway Disease; Lung and airway remodelling; Respiratory diseases
Laher, Ismail Cardiovascular Diseases; regulation of small artery tone, mechanisms of pressuce-induced vasomotor responses, exercise, sleep; animal models of sleep apnea; oxidative stress; exercise; Diabetes
Maclure, K Malcolm Epidemiology, patient safety, quality control, pharmaceutical sciences, health services research
Musini, Vijaya Pharmacoepidemiology; Systematic review and meta analysis; Critical aapraisal of randomized clinical trials
Pang, Catherine C Cardiovascular pharmacology, education, hypertension
Preston, Roanne obstetric anesthesia
Schwarz, Stephan Analgesia, Pain, Pharmacology, Pain management, Anesthesiology, cardiovascular, medical imaging, nerve, artery, valve