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Title Available
Synthesis of Limonoid and Steroidal intermediates 20 August 2008
Life history of marine threespine stickleback in Oyster Lagoon, British Columbia 20 August 2008
Ion transport in the ileum of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria, forskal 20 August 2008
Real-time intelligent behaviour in dynamic environments : soccer-playing robots 20 August 2008
Geology of the Ajax East and Ajax West, silica-saturated alkalic copper-gold porphyry deposits, Kamloops, South-Central British Columbia 20 August 2008
Interprofessional misperceptions among physicians and nurses in long-term care facilities 20 August 2008
Effects of exercise modality on metabolic rate, body composition, dietary intake, and eating behaviour 19 August 2008
Improving network quality-of-service with unreserved backup paths 19 August 2008
Sex and gender in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 19 August 2008
A partnership of peoples : understanding collaboration at the Museum of Anthropology 19 August 2008
The narrow escape problem : a matched asymptotic expansion approach 19 August 2008
Sampling and reconstruction of seismic wavefields in the curvelet domain 19 August 2008
Stream temperature dynamics following riparian wildfire : effects of stream-subsurface interactions and standing dead trees 18 August 2008
The neoliberal state and multiculturalism : the need for democratic accountability 18 August 2008
The immigrant experience : networks, skills and the next generation 18 August 2008
Regulating the anterior medial prefrontal cortex : exploratory investigation of real-time fMRI training 18 August 2008
From wealth to well-being : spending money on others promotes happiness 18 August 2008
Hydrodynamic controls on the movement of invertebrate larvae and organic matter in small streams 18 August 2008
The production of economic knowledge in the anti-corn law campaign, 1839-1846 18 August 2008
Identifying strategies for effective artisanal and small-scale gold mining interventions in Kadoma-Chakari, Zimbabwe 18 August 2008
The negotiation of teaching presence in international online contexts 18 August 2008
Replicative network structures : theoretical definitions and analytical applications 17 August 2008
Clinical and endocrine responses to ovarian hyperstimulation in flare and and luteal gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) protocols 17 August 2008
Longitudinal relationships between family routines and biological profiles in youth with asthma 17 August 2008
From participation to social cohesion : an analysis of variation in the development of social capital in coastal British Columbia 17 August 2008
Power systems modeling for multiple infrastructure damage and repair simulations 17 August 2008
Characterization of industrial flocculants through intrinsic viscosity measurements 17 August 2008
Harmony ideology and dispute resolution : a legal ethnography of the Tibetan Diaspora in India 15 August 2008
Reducing remodularization complexity through modular-objective decoupling 14 August 2008
Effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroids in preventing morbidity and mortality in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the impact of coexisting asthma 14 August 2008
Microcomputer communications & planning 13 August 2008
Dynamic analysis of a marine riser 13 August 2008
Photodynamic therapy of squamous cell carcinoma : an evaluation of a new photosensitizing agent and photoimmunoconjugate 13 August 2008
An examination of several in-basket scoring strategies and their effect on reliability and criterion-related validity 13 August 2008
Identifying at-risk early primary students : global, academic and specific skills assessments 12 August 2008
MIBG uptake in the hypertensive-diabetic rat heart 12 August 2008
Identification of novel palmitoyl acyl transferases and characterization of the role of Huntingtin palmitoylation in Huntington Disease 12 August 2008
Linkage studies of x-linked cleft palate and ankyloglossia in a British Columbia native kindred 12 August 2008
Growth and collapse of vapour bubbles in convective subcooled boiling of water 12 August 2008
Economic analysis of coffee supply in Kenya 12 August 2008
Pretreatment and hydrolysis of recovered fibre for ethanol production 12 August 2008
The automatic recognition of intermodulation, hum and snow noise in cable television systems 12 August 2008
A fault-tolerant building block for transputer networks for real-time processing 12 August 2008
Verbal description of pain by patients with cancer 12 August 2008
The legal fact as a work of art : artificial intelligence and the pragmatics of legal interpretation 12 August 2008
A hierarchical software development environment for performance oriented parallel programming 12 August 2008
Photodynamic therapy of squamous cell carcinoma : an evaluation of a new photosensitizing agent and photoimmunoconjugate 12 August 2008
Response of reinforced concrete to reverse cyclic loading 12 August 2008
Electrical stimulation of reward sites in the ventral tegmental area of the rat increases dopamine transmission in the nucleus accumbens as measured by in vivo microdialysis 12 August 2008
Evolution and impacts of public policy on the changing Canadian inner city : case study of Southwest Montreal 1960-90 11 August 2008