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Title Available
Neighbourhood disaster planning 01 September 2008
When I'm in it... the written component : a sculptural exploration of the creative process 01 September 2008
Climate change, collective action, and state compliance : obstacles on the road to Copenhagen 01 September 2008
The policy making processes of the European Community 01 September 2008
Environmental and techno-economic analysis of ground source heat pump systems 01 September 2008
Research tools or collaborative toys? cameras and participatory research with youth 01 September 2008
Beyond lip service : an analysis of labrets and their social context on the Pacific Northwest Coast of British Columbia 01 September 2008
When medicine cannot cure : dying children, palliative care, and the production of companionship 01 September 2008
Ice nucleation on uncoated and coated atmospheric mineral dust particles 01 September 2008
Methods for estimation of cyclic recruitment variation in pygmy northern pikeminnow (ptychochelius oregonensis) of south central British Columbia. 01 September 2008
Norm evolution without the state : an examination of the unique nature of commercial law 01 September 2008
An all-at-once approach to nonnegative tensor factorizations 01 September 2008
Automatic juxtaposition of source files 01 September 2008
Dance as a therapeutic intervention : physical therapists' beliefs and practices 01 September 2008
Functions and genres of Chinese ESL children's English writing in school and at home 01 September 2008
Analytical and empirical models of online auctions 01 September 2008
Impacts of antimicrobial growth promoters used in broiler chicken production on the emergence of antibiotic resistance in commensal E. coli and Salmonella 01 September 2008
Robust genotype classification using dynamic variable selection 01 September 2008
Production and preliminary characterization of a fusion protein comprising streptavidin and a cellulose-binding domain 29 August 2008
On the construction, dimensionality, and decoding of linear block code trellises 29 August 2008
Hindu nationalism, electoral politics, and the rise of the Bharatiya Janata party in India 29 August 2008
Marketing cooperatives : A model of the output decisions of the Cloverdale lettuce and vegetable cooperative 29 August 2008
Photochemistry of medium and large membered ring diketones in both the solution and crystalline state 29 August 2008
A study of the academic performance of sexually abused children 28 August 2008
System for vessel characterization : development and evaluation with application to deep vein thrombosis diagnosis 28 August 2008
Targeted persuasive advertising 28 August 2008
Performance and emission characteristics of a gas-diesel engine 28 August 2008
Analytical and numerical studies of heat and moisture transfer through porous insulation 28 August 2008
Identification and characterization of a novel neurotrophic factor secreted by a mouse Schwann cell line 28 August 2008
Liu Binyan's odyssey : intellectuals and the state in the PRC 28 August 2008
The Cape Breton fiddling narrative : innovation, preservation, dancing 28 August 2008
Organs and bodies : the Jew's harp and the anthropology of musical instruments 28 August 2008
On fault coverage and fault simulation for multiple signature analysis BIST schemes 28 August 2008
In search of the myth in history : the narrative of the quest from sacred to secular 28 August 2008
Patterns of distal alteration zonation around Antamina Cu-Zn skarn and Uchucchacua Ag-base metal vein deposits, Peru : mineralogical, chemical and isotopic evidence for fluid composition, and infiltration, and implications for mineral exploration 28 August 2008
The politics of financial sector reform 28 August 2008
The registration of multimodality medical scans 28 August 2008
Action of halothane on large-conductance, calcium-activated potassium channels in rat cerebrovascular smooth muscle cells 28 August 2008
Code, performance and ideology : the dialogue of reception as dramatic praxis in Voltaire's tragedies 28 August 2008
The appropriated carrying capacity of tomato production : comparing the ecological footprints of hydroponic greenhouse and mechanized field operations 27 August 2008
Studies on the metabolism of polyhydroxyalkanoic acid and phosphate in the biological excess phosphate removal process 27 August 2008
Making silence knowledge : towards the educational implications of intimate childhood sexual assault 27 August 2008
The role of a community-based cardiac education program for post-myocardial infarction patients 27 August 2008
The genetics of sports behaviour : the role of the DRD4 gene in sensation seeking in skiers 27 August 2008
Does a decrease in seat height modify the effect of cadence on activation of the triceps surae during cycling? 27 August 2008
Differential polarization of Hβ in γ CAS 27 August 2008
"Pseudo-wits and polished frauds" : directing Molière's The Learned Ladies 27 August 2008
Gender and the difficulty of decolonizing development in Africa in the late 1960s and early 1970s : a Canadian effort for partnership among women 27 August 2008
ESL teacher education in British Columbia : experienced teachers' perceptions and preferences 27 August 2008
Thermo-mechanical modelling of hot flat-rolling of components with curved profiles 27 August 2008