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Title Available
Spatializing science and technology studies : exploring the role of GIS and interactive social research 21 April 2008
A service-oriented approach to topology formation and resource discovery in wireless ad-hoc networks 21 April 2008
Development and implementation of robust large deformation and contact mechanics capabilities in process modelling of composites 21 April 2008
Changing land use and children's health in Mae Chaem, northern Thailand 21 April 2008
Elucide 21 April 2008
(E)merging pedagogies : exploring the integration of traditional Aboriginal and contemporary Euro-Canadian teaching practices 20 April 2008
Distance based vehicle insurance : actuarial and planning issues 20 April 2008
System analysis perspectives : lead-acid battery recycling in British Columbia, Canada 20 April 2008
Monte Carlo integration in discrete undirected probabilistic models 20 April 2008
The diversity and evolution of competition : an ideal proposed for regulatory design 20 April 2008
Internet control and authoritarianism : regimes defying political change 20 April 2008
A web of contradiction : an assessment of the migration-development nexus and its relevance to MIDA 20 April 2008
Insight on the effect of contour height in pressure screening 20 April 2008
Mapping mixed and fragmented forest associations with high spatial resolution satellite imagery : capabilities and caveats 20 April 2008
PVIT: A task-based approach for design and evaluation of interactive visualizations for preferential choice 20 April 2008
Model-based active learning in hierarchical policies 20 April 2008
Volcanic framework and geochemical evolution of the Archean Hope Bay Greenstone Belt, Nunavut, Canada 20 April 2008
Chemi-code : an innovative method for wood product tracking 20 April 2008
Use and performance of BioSand filters in Posoltega, Nicaragua 20 April 2008
A mass measurement of the short-lived halo nucleus ¹¹Li with the TITAN Penning trap spectrometer 18 April 2008
Recovering evicted memories : an exploration of heritage policies, intangible heritage, and storytelling in Vancouver, BC 17 April 2008
Regulation of filopodia dynamics is critical for proper synapse formation 17 April 2008
Gender matters : an investigation of the factors influencing mothers' and fathers' grading of public school performance. 17 April 2008
Participant experience studies of interactive artworks : an investigation of laboratory-based methods used to study Echology 17 April 2008
Development, application and early-age monitoring of fiber-reinforced ‘crack-free’ cement-based overlays 17 April 2008
Structural characterization of superbug proteins involved in regulating beta-lactam resistance 17 April 2008
Impact of family history of premature coronary disease on carotid ultrasound and coronary calcium findings 16 April 2008
Methane storage and transport via structure H clathrate hydrate 16 April 2008
The power to define : newspaper representations of educational choice in Edmonton and Calgary, 1990-2005 16 April 2008
A longitudinal study of lexical development in young children with autism spectrum disorders 16 April 2008
Impact resistance of high strength fiber reinforced concrete 16 April 2008
The role of fish physiology, behaviour, and water discharge on the attraction and passage of adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) at the Seton River dam fishway, British Columbia 16 April 2008
Vegetation community development eight years after harvesting in small streams buffers at the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest 16 April 2008
Response of uneven-aged in interior Douglas-fir stands to precommercial thinning in central interior, British Columbia 16 April 2008
Shared displays to support collaborative exploration of ocean summits 16 April 2008
Long term contracts and farm inflexibility premium in the production of cellulosic ethanol 15 April 2008
Minimizing uncertainty in cure modeling for composites manufacturing 15 April 2008
Structural performance of rounded dovetail connections 15 April 2008
Climate change adaptation and sustainable forest management in the boreal forest 15 April 2008
Supporting conceptual queries over integrated sources of program information 14 April 2008
Serine/threonine phosphorylation in mycobacterium tuberculosis : identification of protein kinase B (PknB) substrates 14 April 2008
Identification of gene expression changes in human cancer using bioinformatic approaches 14 April 2008
Timber supply and economic impact of mountain pine beetle salvage strategies 14 April 2008
The benefits of viewing sacred versus preferred landscapes 14 April 2008
A critical examination of the academic trajectories of ESL youth 13 April 2008
Finding functional groups of genes using pairwise relational data : methods and applications 13 April 2008
Systematic approaches to the study of cognition in Western art music performance 11 April 2008
A narrative study of the spouses of traumatized Canadian soldiers 11 April 2008
Role of mycorrhizal networks in dry Douglas-fir forests 11 April 2008
Eulachon past and present 10 April 2008