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Title Available
Myelin water imaging : development at 3.0T, application to the study of multiple sclerosis, and comparison to diffusion tensor imaging 16 December 2008
Characterization of the effects of P30-35 CAMAL on normal and leukemic myelopoiesis 16 December 2008
Improved delivery of Porphyrin derivatives to identified targets 16 December 2008
Toarcian (Lower Jurassic) ammonite biostratigraphy and ammonite fauna of North America 16 December 2008
Studies on the effects of saccharin on synaptic transmission in the hippocampus 16 December 2008
Effects of swine manure, chemical fertilizer, and drainage control on water quality 16 December 2008
Force control for robotic manipulators with structurally flexible links 16 December 2008
Automatic model structure determination for adaptive control 16 December 2008
Variables affecting persistence in distance education in the natural resource sciences 16 December 2008
Aspects of Bi₂Sr₂Ca₂Cu₃O on silicon bolometer fabrication and operation 16 December 2008
The Charles culture of the Gulf of Georgia : a re-evaluation of the culture and its three sub-phases 16 December 2008
Fluorescein, acrylodan and pyrene conjugates of horse plasma gelsolin : responses to calcium, actin and tropomyosin 16 December 2008
Contextualizing the gendered and industrial bias of technology education 16 December 2008
XPS studies of adhesion at organosilane/aluminum interfaces 16 December 2008
Production and behaviour of four strains of laying hens kept in conventional cages and a free run system 16 December 2008
Three phase boundary length and effective diffusivity in modeled sintered composite solid oxide fuel cell electrodes 16 December 2008
Trade protectionism and industrial decline : a hegemonic analysis of U.S. auto trade policy toward Canada during the postwar period 16 December 2008
The color-coded cloze procedure : a method to assist adult ESL students in searching for clues to fill in cloze blanks 16 December 2008
What does Canada want? : reactions to the Allaire Report in and out of Quebec as expressed in the written press 16 December 2008
English as a second language (ESL) student teachers’ perceptions of change in their practical knowledge over the course of a 20-hour practicum 16 December 2008
Nursing and creativity: Does the speciality make a difference? 16 December 2008
CA²⁺-activated potassium channels in smooth muscle cell from cerebral artery of adult rat 16 December 2008
Place names and the rediscovery of former landscapes in Izumo City and Hikawa Town, Japan 16 December 2008
Order effects in the measurement of social development 16 December 2008
Differentially detected MSK and GMSK modulation schemes in CCI channels for mobile cellular telecommunication systems 16 December 2008
Child molesters’ retrospective accounts of their acts and subsequent reasoning on ethical issues 16 December 2008
Analysis of particle deformation mechanisms and compact expansion during compaction on a high speed rotary tablet press 16 December 2008
The European communities and African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries : political, economic and legal effects of the single European act 1986 on post-1992 economic relations 16 December 2008
Spouted bed hydrodynamics at temperatures up to 580 C 16 December 2008
A compartmental model of human microvascular exchange 16 December 2008
The relationship between interpersonal problems and negative childhood experiences 16 December 2008
Children’s transitive reasoning: effects of visual-spatial and linguistic task conditions 16 December 2008
The effect of carotid sinus pressure on the osmoregulation of arginine vasopressin in anesthetized rabbits 16 December 2008
Transmembrane pH gradients in liposomes: drug-vesicle interactions and proton flux 16 December 2008
An investigation into the factors contributing to the growth-check of conifer regeneration on Northern Vancouver Island 16 December 2008
Aspects of the seed Biology of orchard-produced sitka spruce seeds 16 December 2008
An agent-based forest sector modeling approach to analyzing the economic effects of natural disturbances 16 December 2008
Heat transfer, oil lubrication and mould tapers in steel billets casting machines 16 December 2008
Strategic positioning in product-service firms 16 December 2008
Simulated annealing applied to a file allocation problem 16 December 2008
Aspects of Bi₂Sr₂Ca₂Cu₃O on silicon bolometer fabrication and operation 16 December 2008
Modelling the swarming behaviour of army ants 16 December 2008
Pathways into the dark : three windows on Judith Thompson’s Lion In The Streets 16 December 2008
Shelf-life prediction and flavour quality assessment of pasteurized milk by multivariate analysis of dynamic headspace gas chromatographic data 16 December 2008
Through bolt connections for composite columns 16 December 2008
Reliability analysis of structural concrete elements 16 December 2008
Characteristics of tidally-forced pollutant transport in narrow channels 16 December 2008
Distributed case management : a concept for decision support systems 16 December 2008
Local participation in the Cowichan and Chemainus Valleys Ecomuseum : an exploration of individual participatory experiences 16 December 2008
Teachers’ preferred methods of learning about the topic of "student motivation" 16 December 2008