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Title Available
Distribution of gold in soils and stream sediments and the use of cyanidation in exploration geochemistry 11 August 2008
Respiratory behaviour and quality attributes of fresh apple slices in modified atmosphere systems 11 August 2008
Prevention of bacterial growth in platelet products via inclusion of iron chelators 10 August 2008
Concepts of mental health and mental illness : a comparison of definitions and checklists in the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya and the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-III-R) 10 August 2008
The bryophyte flora of Bridal Veil Falls, British Columbia : an analysis of its composition and diversity 10 August 2008
Amidate complexes of the group 4 metals : sythesis, reactivity, and hydroamination catalysis 10 August 2008
Characterization of Thy-1 expression on human hematopoietic cells 08 August 2008
Defense d'afficher : the wartime art of Jean Lurç̧at and Jean Dubuffet 08 August 2008
Acoustic emission from the crystallization of potassium bromide doped with lead 08 August 2008
Dinitrogen complexes of titanium and vanadium stabilized by phosphine ligands 08 August 2008
Fear of falling : the experience of elderly individuals who have previously fallen 08 August 2008
Job satisfaction and role conflict among community health nurses 08 August 2008
Multifilter spectrophotometry of the environment of the quasar 3C281 07 August 2008
Visualization of transient single- and two-phase jets created by diesel engine injectors 07 August 2008
Preschool children's interpretation of others' history of accuracy 07 August 2008
Dopaminergic modulation of risk-based decision making 07 August 2008
Optical end point sensing and digital control of a scanning tunneling microscope 07 August 2008
Power and leadership : a perspective from college women 07 August 2008
Reversible binding of dihydrogen to dinuclear ruthenium complexes containing chelating diphosphines 07 August 2008
Evaluation of electrothermal vapourization as a method of sample introduction for the ICP-MS and determination of trace levels of titanium, gallium and indium in the central Pacific gyre 07 August 2008
Chinese women's perspectives on the transitional process of caring for spouses with dementia from home to institution 07 August 2008
Endonuclease processing in the rif region of the Escherichia coli chromosome 07 August 2008
The relationship between water and Helicobacter pylori and the burden of related illnesses in the Township of Langley, British Columbia 07 August 2008
Gaze selection in the real world : finding evidence for a preferential selection of eyes 07 August 2008
The effects of a silvicultural sludge application on small mammal populations and the potential of Giardia contamination in a forest ecosystem 07 August 2008
Interacting effects of soil nitrogen supply and light availability on understory sapling growth and foliar attributes 07 August 2008
Regulation and function of hyaluronan binding by CD44 in the immune system 06 August 2008
Breaking into jail : women working in a men's jail 06 August 2008
Constructing consent : the emergence of corporatism within the Vancouver mental health system 06 August 2008
Control of land-based marine pollution in Southeast Asia : a legal perspective 06 August 2008
Japanese manufacturing greenfields : the provincial location decision 06 August 2008
Estrogen in ovarian cancer cell metastasis 06 August 2008
A conditional model of abduction 06 August 2008
Alterations in executive functioning induced by repeated amphetamine exposure 06 August 2008
Model comparison and assessment by cross validation 06 August 2008
Using the computer during assessment with students who are physically handicapped and nonspeaking : Is it feasible? 05 August 2008
A right to leave : refugees, states, and international society 05 August 2008
Aging in seniors' multiple housing in the Vancouver area : a comparative study of three organizations 05 August 2008
Imagination and the affirmation of the ordinary : words and deeds in the films of Frank Capra 05 August 2008
Multiple perspectives for envisioning marine protected areas 05 August 2008
Growth and energy requirements of captive Great Blue Herons (Ardea Herodias) 05 August 2008
Echolocation in wild killer whales (Orcinus orca) 05 August 2008
The transformation of the regional shopping centre : an examination of six case studies in Vancouver B.C. 05 August 2008
The role of expert systems in supervisory control applications 05 August 2008
Geology and petrography of the Wellington Seam, Nanaimo Coalfield, Vancouver Island 05 August 2008
The role of the inositol phosphatase, SHIP, in the innate immune response to Salmonella Typhimurium 04 August 2008
Vegetative storage protein accumulation and physiological changes occurring within interior spruce seedlings 04 August 2008
Homothallism in the Sordariaceae : Mating-type loci in selected species of Neurospora, Anixiella, and Gelasinospora 04 August 2008
Growth release of trees following fine-scale canopy disturbances in old-growth forests of coastal British Columbia, Canada 01 August 2008
Marks on paper : exploring literacy through theatre - impact of performing on literacy and upgrading students 01 August 2008