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Title Available
A population-based analysis of the risk of hip fracture in men with prostate cancer exposed to radiation and androgen deprivation therapy 28 September 2008
Empirical design of span openings in weak rock 28 September 2008
Understanding and influencing energy efficient renovation decisions 26 September 2008
Conditions leading to grassroots initiatives for the co-management of subsistence uses of wildlife in Alaska 25 September 2008
Springboard and bridge : a study of a career program and its mature women graduates 25 September 2008
The role of the L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway in the arterial adaptation to simulated microgravity 25 September 2008
Development of an in vivo device to investigate the effect of mechanical load on allograft remodeling 25 September 2008
Lord Cromer as Orientalist and social engineering in Egypt, 1882-1907 25 September 2008
Instrument choice in environmental policy: a comparative study of pollution taxes and tradable pollution rights in British Columbia, Germany, and the United States 25 September 2008
Refinement of the physical and genetic maps of the MEN2A region in pericentromeric chromosome 10 25 September 2008
High resolution alignment of the physical and genetic maps of the dpy-14 region of chromosome I in Caenorhabditis elegans 25 September 2008
Why be normal? : single crystal growth and X-ray spectroscopy reveal the startlingly unremarkable electronic structure of Tl-2201 25 September 2008
Springboard and bridge : a study of a career program and its mature women graduates 25 September 2008
Life history of a collection: the Tahltan materials collected by James A. Teit 25 September 2008
Pollution control, administrative discretion and science: a journey through the maze of environmental law 25 September 2008
How fast can ASN.1 encoding rules go? 25 September 2008
The reaction of bis(thioether) complexes of (octaethylporphyrinato)ruthenium(II) with dioxygen, and the catalyzed O₂-oxidation of thioethers 25 September 2008
An image-based analysis of stratified natural gas combustion in a constant volume bomb 24 September 2008
“I think I should be feeling bad about it” HIV/AIDS, narrative, and the institutional voices of medicine – towards a conceptualization of medical consciousness 24 September 2008
Supervised machine learning for email thread summarization 24 September 2008
The influence of risk-reducing information technology tools on e-commerce transaction perceived risk 24 September 2008
To defend ourselves: common property management of forests in northern Thailand 23 September 2008
Drag reduction of cube-van through boundary-layer control: wind tunnel experiments and prototype road tests 23 September 2008
Determination of dissolved trace metals in the western North Pacific 23 September 2008
The Role of law and policy in the offshore petroleum development of China 23 September 2008
A novel fluidized bed reactor for integrated NOx adsorption-reduction with hydrocarbons 23 September 2008
Impact of an artifical circulation device on the heat budget of an ice-covered mid-latitude lake 23 September 2008
Filtration behaviour of non-woven geotextiles in the gradient ration test 23 September 2008
Application of proteomics to the study of protein translation in stored platelet units 23 September 2008
The Effect of acetaminophen on isoniazid metabolism 22 September 2008
Realities about role drama: the trials of one teacher’s year-long implementation 22 September 2008
Comprehensive discourse analysis of symbolic externalization 22 September 2008
Pratt's importance measures in factor analysis : a new technique for interpreting oblique factor models 22 September 2008
Studies of tumor promoters and drug-metabolic enzymes in hamster buccal pouch mucosa 22 September 2008
Investigating new reactions for coordinated dinitrogen 22 September 2008
A Comparative study of the contract remedy systems between Anglo-American law and Chinese law 22 September 2008
Object tracking in distributed systems 22 September 2008
Industry structure, market structure and international trade: theoretical and empirical observations 22 September 2008
Forest floor seed banks and their response to slashburning in some forest ecosystems in south central British Columbia 22 September 2008
Health literacy, HIV/AIDS, and gender : a Ugandan youth lens 22 September 2008
The Western philosophical tradition as the prime culprit : a new interpretation of Hobbes's diagnosis of the English Civil War 21 September 2008
Quiescent states of sleep, torpor and hibernation in the 21 September 2008
An exploration of factors influencing the initiation of breastfeeding among South Asian immigrant women 21 September 2008
Schedule and post-drying storage effects on Western Hemlock squares quality 21 September 2008
The role of specific genomic alterations in small cell lung cancer aggressiveness 19 September 2008
The use of negotiation in coastal zone management : an analysis of the Fraser Estuary Management Program and the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority 18 September 2008
Roadway land costs: a case study of provincially-funded roads in the Greater Vancouver region 18 September 2008
A geographical information system's approach to analyzing critical infrastructure interdependencies : a case study at the UBC campus 18 September 2008
A binary relation inference network for constrained optimization 18 September 2008
Dispersive neural networks for adaptive signal processing 18 September 2008