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Title Available
Mechanistic studies of rabbit muscle glycogen phosphorylase 17 September 2008
Synthesis and characteristic chemistry of sixteen-electron group 6 hydrocarbyl-containing nitrosyl complexes 17 September 2008
The chemistry of thujone : new enantioselective syntheses of Ambrox[Registered trade mark] and Epi-Ambrox 17 September 2008
Structure and function of western red cedar and western hemlock forests on northern Vancouver Island 17 September 2008
Mood and advertising persuasion : a model integrating mood management and mood disruption mechanisms 17 September 2008
Structure of the Queen Charlotte Basin and underlying crust from modelling and inversion of three-dimensional seismic refraction data 17 September 2008
Dietary cholesterol in graded amounts : threshold to ceiling effects upon plasma free cholesterol synthesis, equilibration and circulation levels in humans 17 September 2008
Cellular pathways of angiotensin II signalling in the hypertrophic myocardium 17 September 2008
The association of young maternal age and low socioeconomic status with poor birth outcomes in urban British Columbia 17 September 2008
To rebuild the empire: Lu Chih (754-805) and his response to the mid-Tang predicament 16 September 2008
De la crónica a la escena : Arauco en el teatro del Siglo de Oro 16 September 2008
Representing the problem of learning to teach: Student teachers’ definitions of learning, teaching and the student teacher role 16 September 2008
Gap winds in a fjord : Howe Sound, British Columbia 16 September 2008
A comparative study of visual elements in traditional art images and computer graphics 16 September 2008
Expression of leukocyte-endothelial adhesion molecules during acute inflammation in the lung 16 September 2008
The procedures British Columbia school psychologists use to assess English as a second language students. 16 September 2008
A longitudinal study of the use of syntax and text forms in children’s narrative and report writing 16 September 2008
Mistaken identities 16 September 2008
Boundary-layer control of bluff bodies with application to drag reduction of tractor-trailer truck configurations 16 September 2008
Performance and combustion characteristics of a diesel-pilot gas injection engine 16 September 2008
Thermodynamics of oxygen ordering in YBa₂Cu₃O₆₊ 16 September 2008
The far-infrared absorption spectrum of low temperature hydrogen gas 16 September 2008
Human skin optical properties and autofluorescence decay dynamics 16 September 2008
Introducing computers into the Mathematics classroom: a case study 16 September 2008
The study of cell surface components on Porphyromonas gingivalis 16 September 2008
Structure, evolution, and petroleum potential of the Queen Charlotte Basin 16 September 2008
Basin analysis of Tertiary strata in the Pattani Basin Gulf of Thailand 16 September 2008
Psychological and behavioural correlates of acute and chronic congruent and incongruent low back pain 16 September 2008
The effect of child type and behavioural impact on mothers’ attributions for child behaviour 16 September 2008
The relation of unsupportive actions by the spouse to marital satisfaction 16 September 2008
Texture in Elliott Carter’s A mirror on which to dwell 16 September 2008
An evaluation of stakeholder involvement in the B.C. Ministry of Forests planning process 16 September 2008
Slow-wave electrode structures for III-V semiconductor based electro-optic travelling-wave modulators 16 September 2008
Implementation and evaluation of various stop and wait type II hybrid ARQ schemes for mobile radio 16 September 2008
A nitrogen based model for the cycling of carbon dioxide in the subarctic Pacific Ocean 16 September 2008
Protein polarization in packed hollow fibre bioreactors 16 September 2008
Working for tips in restaurants: problematic aspects of the achievement principle 16 September 2008
Bond between reinforcing bars and concrete under impact loading 16 September 2008
The effect of operational and environmental parameters on the acid-phase anaerobic digestion of primary sludge 16 September 2008
Teacher discipline in British Columbia : implications of Bill 20 16 September 2008
Gold(II) fluorosulfate derivatives and new gold(I) and platinum(II) carbonyl complexes 16 September 2008
Practical diet formulation for common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and walking catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) larvae in Thailand 16 September 2008
Changes in ventilatory responses within and between hibernation bouts in Spermophilus Lateralis the golden-mantled ground squirrel 16 September 2008
The effect of the CCI mutation on cell cycle morphogenesis in Paramecium Tetraurelia 16 September 2008
Application of the extended Kalman filter to enzyme reactions 16 September 2008
The long-term effects of loss in adolescence : exploration and extension of a conceptual schema 16 September 2008
Staff nurses’ attitudes toward power 16 September 2008
Self-reported and actual knowledge regarding the care of individuals with diabetes mellitus of nurses working in home care and hospital settings 16 September 2008
The experience of teenagers living with a parent with advanced cancer 16 September 2008
Readings in historico-geographical materialism 16 September 2008