Administrative Decisions

Both students and supervisors need to know which individuals and University bodies are responsible for different administrative decisions, since confusion about who does what can lead to missed deadlines and missed opportunities.

Each person or administrative body in the following list has responsibilities in specific areas.

The graduate student, supervisor and supervisory committee:

  • The student's degree program, including required and elective courses or labs
  • The scope and topics of comprehensive exams or comprehensive research papers
  • Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation topic
  • Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation research methodology
  • Format to be used for thesis or dissertation

The graduate program, department or school:

  • Recommendations to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for merit-based awards
  • Delegation of graduate program teaching assistantships
  • Nature of the comprehensive exam
  • Final master’s exam or defense

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies:

  • Admission to graduate school
  • Administration of fees
  • Selection of merit-based UBC awards and fellowships
  • Final doctoral defense scheduling and standing
  • Changes in students' academic programs
  • Confirmation of the eligibility of supervisors, co-supervisors, and doctoral supervisory committee members
  • Leaves of absence, extensions and transfers
  • Student withdrawal from graduate program

The UBC Board of Governors:

  • Fees assessment

The UBC Senate:

  • Approval of academic policies of the University
  • Approval of requirements of all graduate programs and degrees
  • Approval of students for graduation

The UBC Senate Committee on Student Appeals on Academic Standing:

  • Academic appeals
  • Disciplinary appeals

The President’s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline:

  • Recommendations to the president regarding suspension or other disciplinary action

Enrolment Services:

  • Tuition fee payment

The Office of Awards and Financial Aid:

  • Recipients of need-based awards and bursaries