Student Safety Abroad Registry

During critical situations abroad, UBC does all it can to support its students.

When the tsunami disaster struck Japan in 2011, UBC assisted 84 of its students there. As most of the students had already submitted their travel details using the Student Safety Abroad Registry, UBC was able to contact almost all of them within 24 hours.

Where needed, UBC booked and paid for their return flights, shipped their goods home, reimbursed their tuition and facilitated course registration, housing, and access to emergency bursaries for their return to UBC.

Every year the university prepares over 1,300 students to mitigate all kinds of risks they may encounter while they’re abroad. Resources such as learning modules, pre-departure workshops and checklists are all available at Student Safety Abroad

  • All UBC students traveling abroad on university activity must prepare by using the UBC Student Safety Abroad Registry. For most regions of the world, students independently enter travel details, emergency contact information, and complete required documents and activities.
  • Students traveling to locations for which Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada has issued a travel warning also need to seek permission to travel. UBC authorizes student travel to these regions when the activity is deemed academically necessary and when the student has prepared themselves for risks associated with their proposed location - this can be done through the Student Safety Abroad Registry.

University activity includes conferences, research, volunteering, varsity sports, and studying abroad.

Please ensure that your students are aware of the tasks they need to complete before they travel abroad. The Student Safety Abroad Program supports staff and faculty who advise students or lead classes or students abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance on any related matters.

For more information, visit Student Safety Abroad or contact the Safety Abroad Manager.