Graduate Student Responsibilities

We encourage you to openly discuss the expectations from the supervisor and the student and to use the expectations document that incorporates both elements into a single document.

As a supervisor, you have a right to expect substantial effort, initiative, respect and receptiveness to suggestions and criticisms from your graduate student.

Graduate students are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for their progress towards their degree completion.
  • Demonstrate commitment and dedicated effort in gaining the necessary background knowledge and skills to carry out the thesis.
  • At all times, demonstrate research integrity and conduct research in an ethical manner in accordance with University of British Columbia policies and the policies or other requirements of any organizations funding their research.
  • In conjunction with you, develop a plan and a timetable for completion of each stage of the thesis project.
  • As applicable, apply to the University or granting agencies for financial awards or other necessary resources for the research.
  • Meet standards and deadlines of the funding organization for a scholarship or grant.
  • Adhere to negotiated schedules and meet appropriate deadlines.
  • Keep you and the Faculty of Graduate Studies informed about their contact information.
  • Meet and correspond with you when requested within specified time frames.
  • Report fully and regularly on their progress and results.
  • Maintain registration and ensure any required permits or authorizations are kept up to date until the program is completed.
  • Be thoughtful and reasonably frugal in using resources.
  • Behave in a respectful manner with peers and colleagues.
  • Conform to the University and departmental/school requirements for their program. 
  • Meet at regular intervals with the supervisory committee (no less than yearly).
  • Progress to candidacy defense (including completion of comprehensive exam) within 36 months of the initiation of the program.
  • Keep orderly records of their research activities.
  • Develop a clear understanding concerning ownership of intellectual property and scholarly integrity (refer to UBC policy on Inventions and Discoveries, and the scholarly integrity policy SC6, and the University Industry Liaison Office).
  • Take any required training programs that are discussed and agreed.
  • Work at least regular workday hours on their research project after course-work has been completed.
  • Discuss, with you, the policy on use of computers and equipment.
  • Complete thesis and course work within timelines specified by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and suitable for their discipline.
  • Finish their work and clear up their work space when program requirements have been completed.
  • Return any borrowed materials on project completion or when requested.
  • Explain to you their comfort with modes of communication (e.g. formal or informal, use of questioning) and independent activities.
  • Make it clear to you when they do not understand what is expected of them.
  • Describe their comfort with approaches to your academic relationship, e.g. professional versus personal.
  • Contribute to a safe workplace where each individual shows tolerance and respect for the rights of others.
  • Respond respectfully to advice and criticisms (indicating acceptance or rationale for rejection) received from you and members of the supervisory committee.
  • Inform you in a timely manner about any of their presentations to facilitate attendance.
  • Discuss, with you, their career plan and hopes for professional growth and development.