Food, Nutrition & Health

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Black, Jennifer Community Health / Public Health; Nutrition; Public health; food environments; social determinants of health; food banks; school food environments
Cohen, Tamara understanding the interplay between different lifestyle behaviours; how eating behaviours relate to weight management; Obesity
Dee, Derek Proteins; Enzymes and Proteins; Agri-food Transformation Products; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Nanomaterials; Nutriceuticals and Functional Foods; Protein Folding; protein aggregation; Biophysics; food chemistry; protein engineering; funtional amyloid; protein nanofibrils; psychrophilic enzymes; aspartic proteases; prions; food proteins; meat analogues
Jessri, Mahsa Community Health / Public Health; Epidemiology; Nutrition; Health Policies; Lifestyle Determinants and Health; Health Promotion; Health Prevention; Statistics and Probabilities; Preventive medicine; Nutritional Epidemiology; Public and Population Health; clinical epidemiology; Preventive Medicine; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; predictive analytics; Chronic Disease Prevention; Dietary Pattern Modeling; Dietetics; Dietary Assessment; Simulation
Karakochuk, Crystal Dawn Nutrition; Global Health and Emerging Diseases; Hematology; Maternal and child nutrition; Micronutrients (namely iron, folic acid, and zinc); Biochemical markers of iron status; Determinants and causes of anemia; Inherited blood disorders (sickle cell, thalassemia, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency); International nutrition; Clinical dietetics; Risk-benefit of micronutrient supplementation
Kitts, David Food chemistry and toxicology, cellular and molecular mechanism, oncology
Lamers, Yvonne Nutrition; Nutrients; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Breast Feeding and Infant Nutrition; Nutritional Biochemistry; Micronutrients; Vitamins; Nutritional Biomarker; Pregnancy; Periconceptional folic acid supplementation; Prenatal Supplements; Newborn Screening; Toddler Nutrition; Clinical Chemistry; Maternal and child health
Margulis, Matias International Organization; Globalization; Human Rights and Liberties, Collective Rights; Global Governance; International Political Economy; United Nations; World Trade Organization; Food and Agriculture; Human Rights
Measday, Vivien Chromosome segregation in the budding yeast using molecular biology and genomic tools
Pratap Singh, Anubhav Agri-food Transformation Products; Nutriceuticals and Functional Foods; food processing; novel non-thermal processing; Functional Foods; pulsed light; high pressure; cold plasma; pasteurization; sterilization; heat transfer; mass transfer; food engineering
Scaman, Christine Glycosidases; Enzyme mechanism; Food carbohydrate chemistry
Stefanska, Barbara Nutrition and Cancer; Breast Cancer; Hepatic Diseases; Gene Regulation and Expression; Epigenetics, Cancer epigenetics, Nutritional epigenomics
Wang, Siyun Agri-food Transformation Products; Microbiology; Bioactive Molecules; Food safety; Food microbiology
Wittman, Hannah Social Movements; Environment and Society; Dynamics of Social Transformations; Agriculture; food sovereignty; Sustainable agriculture; socio-ecological systems; agro-ecology
Xu, Zhaoming Nutrients, Zinc, growth, and growth regulation, Regulatory role of zinc in apoptosis, Zinc and breast cancer