Michael Kobor


Research Interests

Social Epigenetics
molecular biology
Chromatin Biology

Relevant Degree Programs



Master's students
Doctoral students
Postdoctoral Fellows
Applicants need to be self-funded
Any time / year round
I am open to hosting Visiting International Research Students (non-degree, up to 12 months).

Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Student Supervision (since 2008)
  • Diverse Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation by RNA Polymerase II in Saccharomyces ceresisiae (2015)
  • Functional Characterization of RH107 in the DNA Damage Response in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (2014)
  • Deciphering the function of chromatin modifiers in genome regulation and maintenance in saccharomyces cerevisiae (2012)
  • Genome-wide analysis of chromatin modification patterns and their functional associations with major cellular processes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2010)
Master's Student Supervision (2012-2016)

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