Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Possible areas of research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology include: control of gene expression in eukaryotes and bacteria; structure and function of genes; systems biology; blood proteins; the mechanism of the action of insulin; membrane and membrane protein structure and function; protein trafficking; cell-surface receptors, signal transduction, and cell-growth control; neural and retinal photoreceptor membranes; lipid-based targeted delivery systems; macromolecular crystallography and X-ray diffraction techniques for the characterization of enzymes and protein complexes; metalloprotein structure and function; mechanisms of enzyme activity; mechanism of hemoprotein electron transfer; structural analysis of proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance; mechanisms of multi-drug resistance; and cancer.


Faculty Members

Name Research Interests
Bromme, Dieter Lysosomal proteases, centre for blood research
Brumer, Harry Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis; Enzymes; polysaccharides; carbohydrates; biomass; cellulose; plant cell walls; microbiota
Ciernia, Annie Gene-Environment Interactions; Epigenetics; Brain development; Autism; Neurodevelopmental disorders
Cullis, Pieter Molecular biology for therapeutic purposes, lipids, immunological drugs
Dedhar, Shoukat molecular biology, molecular biology as it relates to disease; developing new theraputics for cancer; how brain cells (neurons)make connections, therapeutics for cancer; molecular genetics and cancer; medical research, cancer, inflammatory diseases, cariovascular diseases, Cellular proteins, extracellular martrix, integrins, signal transduction, calreticulin, protein kinase, gene expression, cell differentiation
Devine, Dana Virginia Biochemistry, blood regulation, platelet biology
Duong, Franck Applied immunology (including antibody engineering, xenotransplantation and t-cell therapies); Medical molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins; Biochemistry; Immunology; Cancer; drug delivery; Antibodies; Membrane Receptors
Eltis, Lindsay Microbiology; Enzymes and Proteins; Metabolism (Living Organisms); Bacterial catabolism of steroids and lignin; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; biocatalyst development
Finlay, B Brett Infectious agents, bacteria, microbial infections and how humans react to it
Foster, Leonard Biotechnology; Bioinformatics; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Microbiology; Cell Signaling and Infectious and Immune Diseases; Immune System; Agriculture; Proteomics; Honey bees; host-pathogen interactions; antigen presentation; Systems Biology
Gsponer, Joerg Protein-DNA, protein-RNA and protein-protein interactions
Hieter, Philip Molecular biology of eukaryotic chromosome transmission
Howe, LeAnn Gene regulation; Epigenetics; chromatin
Jan, Eric Virus; Nucleic Acids; Proteomics; Virology; Antiviral innate immunity; translation; Protein synthesis; RNA; RNA structure function; tRNA; ribosome; RNA virus; protease; molecular biology; picornavirus; Innate immunity; coronavirus; enterovirus; SARS; coxsackievirus; virus host interactions
Kastrup, Christian drug delivery, coagulation, biomaterials, atherosclerosis, in-vivo imaging, microfluidics
Kelleher, Dermot immune response to many of the leading causes of gastrointestinal infectious disease worldwide
Kim, Hugh platelet biochemistry
Kobor, Michael Epigenetics; Social Epigenetics; molecular biology; Chromatin Biology
Ling, Victor Resistance to anticancer drugs, glycoprotein, chemotherapy, proteins
Mayor, Thibault Proteostasis; Protein Degradation; Protein Folding; Proteomics; Ubiquitin; Proteasome; Neurodegenerative diseases; Aging; Cell Biology; Yeast Genetics; Biochemistry
McIntosh, Lawrence Protein structure-dynamics-function; Regulation of gene expression; Signal transduction; Cancer; Enzyme mechanisms
Measday, Vivien Chromosome segregation in the budding yeast using molecular biology and genomic tools
Molday, Robert Proteins, cell structure, lipids, drug discovery, gene therapy
Mui, Alice Inflammatory Signalling Pathways
Nislow, Corey genomics and develops biotechnology tools to address both fundamental and applied biological questions; Parallel genome-wide chemical genomic screens; High throughput cell-based screens; Next Generation Sequencing
Overall, Christopher Mark Blood research, antiviral immunity
Parker, Seth Metabolomics; Cell metabolism; Pediatric cancer; mass spectrometry; Childhood disease; Cancer; Solute carriers; Metabolism; Mitochondria; Stable-isotope tracing; Functional assay development
Sadowski, Ivan Gene regulation contributing to cancer and HIV, and yeast, regulation of HIV-I latency and replication in T cells
Strynadka, Natalie Blood Research, structure-based design of inhibitors, antibiotic-resistance mechanisms, macromolecular assemblies, bacterial viability pathogenesis
Subramaniam, Sriram Medical, health and life sciences; cryo-EM; cryo-electron microscopy; Cryoelectron Microscopy; Scanning Electron Microscopy; Advanced Electron Microscopy; drug discovery; Drug-design; Focused ion beams; Electron tomography; Tomography; Single particle imaging; Single particle analysis; structural bioinformatics; Structural Biology; COVID-19 therapeutic design
Teves, Sheila Genetics; Genome Science; Epigenetics; molecular biology; Transcriptional memory and cellular identity in mouse embryonic stem cells; Molecular Epigenetics (MEG)
Tokuriki, Nobuhiko Experimental evolution of proteins and molecular networks.
Van Petegem, Filip Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Genetic Diseases; Ion channels; electrical signaling; Cardiac arrhythmia; Epilepsy; Calcium signaling; Structural Biology; electrophysiology
Withers, Stephen Enzymes and Proteins; Blood Substitutes; Organic Molecules and Biomolecules; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Diabetes; Drug development; enzyme inhibition; carbohydrates; glycobiology; metagenomics; directed evolution
Yip, Calvin Gene Regulation and Expression; Genetic Diseases; Enzymes and Proteins; Biological and Biochemical Mechanisms; Molecular Structure and Sizing; Imaging; Regulation of autophagy degradation; Chromatin modification / epigenetic regulation; Molecular etiologies of rare diseases


Jenna Riffell

Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PhD)

Peter Grin

Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PhD)

Jerry Leung

Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PhD)