CAIDA: UBC ICICS Centre for Artificial Intelligence Decision-making and Action

CAIDA is UBC's main AI research organization. It consists of 83 professors and their research associates, spanning 24 departments/schools/institutes/etc. The Centre's focus is the development, analysis, and application of AI systems for decision-making and action, enabled by core AI technologies such as machine learning and automated reasoning. It is part of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).


Affiliated UBC Faculty & Postdocs

Name Role Research Interests
Aamodt, Tor Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) computer architecture, optimizing compilers, Computer architecture, Microarchitecture and programming models for energy efficient computer accelerators
Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Social Media Mining, Arabic
Abolmaesumi, Purang Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Biomedical Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, Ultrasound Imaging, Image Guided Surgery, Cancer Imaging, Computer Assisted Interventions, Surgical Robotics
Altintas, Yusuf Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Virtual Machining, Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems, CAD/CAM, CNC Design, High Speed Feed Drive Control, Real Time Interpolation and Trajectory Generation for Machine Tools, Adaptive Control, Sensor Fused Intelligent Machining, Metal Cutting Mechanics, Chatter Vibrations in Machining, Piezo -Actuator Based Precision Machining, High Speed Milling, Optimal Machining of Aerospace Parts, Dies and Molds, Automation, Precision Engineering, Electro Mechanical Systems, Modeling and Analysis of Machining Processes, Mechanics, dynamics and control of micro-machining operations
Aparicio, Samuel Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Breast cancer, genome sequencing
Bashashati Saghezchi, Ali Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Breast Cancer, Cancer Genomics, Computational Biology, Digital Pathology, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Ovarian Cancer, Signal Processing
Berlinguette, Curtis Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Combinatorial Chemistry, CO2 conversion and utilization, clean energy, advanced solar cells, electrochromic windows, dynamic windows, hydrogen fuels production, catalysis, robotics and automation, machine learning / artificial intelligence
Bloem-Reddy, Benjamin Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) developing methods for evolving networks whose history is unobserved, distributional limits of preferential attachment networks, uses of symmetry in statistics, computation, and machine learning
Bouchard-Cote, Alexandre Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) machine/statistical learning; mathematical side of the subject as well as in applications in linguistics and biology
Campbell, Trevor Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) automated, scalable Bayesian inference algorithms, Bayesian nonparametrics, streaming data, Bayesian theory, Probabilistic Inference, computational statistics, large-scale data
Carenini, Giuseppe Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Artificial intelligence, user modeling, decision theory, machine learning, social issues in computing, computational linguistics, information visualization
Cavusoglu, Hasan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) IT investment, information security, value of information technology, online product differentiation, information system security, Economics & sustainability, Management Information Systems
Colliander, James Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) hamiltonian dynamical systems; partial differential equations; harmonic analysis
Conati, Cristina Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, affective computing, personalized interfaces, intelligent user interfaces, intelligent interface agents, virtual agent, user-adapted interaction, computer-assisted education, educational computer games, computers in education, user-adaptive interaction, Artificial intelligence, adaptive interfaces, cognitive systems, user modelling
Currie, Leanne Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Nursing, Health Care Technologies, Health Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Technologies, Decision Making, Computer Architecture, Software Development, Biomedical and Health Informatics, data science, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Human Computer Interaction and Design
Dumont, Guy A Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) biomedical engineering; automatic drug delivery; mobile health; global health; anesthesia; physiological monitoring;, Adaptive control, predictive control, control of distributed parameters systems, advanced process control, applications of wavelet analysis, biomedical applications of control, pulp and paper process control
Farinha Luz, Vitor Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Microeconomic Theory,
Friedlander, Michael Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) numerical optimization, numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, Scientific computing
Fu, Hu Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) algorithmic game theory
Fu, Qiang Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) a multidisciplinary perspective on institutional changes, social networks and mental health over the urban space; comparative and temporal analysis of civic engagement and identity; child and youth well-being (e.g., obesity and school bullying); developing
Garbi, Rafeef Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Biomedical Technologies, Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Image Computing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, image analysis, Biomedical Engineering, Deep Learning
Gopaluni, Bhushan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Modelling and experiment design, identification for control
Greif, Chen Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Numerical Analysis, scientific computing, numerical linear algebra, iterative linear solvers, constrained optimization, numerical solution of partial differential equations
Haber, Eldad Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Scientific computing and its application to geophysical and medical imaging
Harvey, Nicholas Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) randomized algorithms, combinatorial optimization, graph sparsification, discrepancy theory and learning theory; algorithmic problems arising in computer networking, including cache analysis, load balancing, data replication, peer-to-peer networks, and network coding.
Hein, Jason Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) discovery, design and study of new organometallic and organocatalytic reactions; investigating complex systems where multiple pathways compete, partitioning the active catalyst among many possible pathways
Hu, Alan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) formal verification, formal methods, model checking, software analysis, post-silicon validation, security, nonce to detect automated mining of profiles
Kingstone, Alan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Human cognition and social attention in complex settings behavioral, neuropsychological, and functional neuroimaging research
Lakshmanan, Laks Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) data management and data cleaning, data warehousing and OLAP, data and text mining, analytics on big graphs and news, social networks and media, recommender systems
Lee, Gene Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Information Systems, Computer Science and Statistics, Business Analytics, Applied Machine Learning, Text Mining, Mobile Ecosystem, Social Media Analysis, Cybersecurity
Lemieux, Guy Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) vector processors, parallel programming, programmable logic devices (PLDs, FPGAs), computer architecture, computer arithmetic, custom computing hardware, computer engineering, Programmable logic and computing systems, multiprocessor and computer architecture
Leyton-Brown, Kevin Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science, Resource Allocation, Computer Science and Statistics, Machine Learning, game theory, Auction theory
Little, James Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Artificial intelligence, computational vision, geographic information systems, robotics
Loewen, Philip Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Mathematics, Calculus of Variations
MacLean, Karon Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Information Systems, human-computer interaction, haptic interfaces, human-robot interaction, design of user interfaces
Marti, Jose Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Computer modelling of response to disasters, Infrastructures Interdependencies Simulation (I2Sim) project, electric power, Energy systems
McGrenere, Joanna Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) human-computer interaction, personalized user interfaces, universal usability, interactive technologies for older users and people with cognitive disorders, computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), computer science
Miller, William Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) disabled people with respect to mobility (wheelchairs); influence of self-efficacy with respect to participation in daily activity, social activity and general quality of life especially among disabled adults and elderly; wheelchair prescription, performance and function; outcome measurement in health care, Use of power wheelchairs, fatigue, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Miskovic, Sanja Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Mineral Processing, Multiphase Systems, Production and Process Optimization, Optimization, Control and Operations Research, Prefeasibility and Pilot Scale, R&D and Innovation, Technological Innovations, Sensors and Devices, Multiphase Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High performance computing, Minerals Processing, Embedded Sensors, IIoT, Industrial Big Data, Critical Elements Extraction
Miskovic, Ilija Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Multi-physics of Geo-materials, Big Data
Mostafavi, Sara Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) machine/statistical learning applied to disease genetics
Munzner, Tamara Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Computer Systems, visualization, information visualization, visual analytics, data science
Murphy, Gail Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Software Development, software engineering, software evolution, software design, knowledge worker productivity
Nan, Ning Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Management, Information Systems, digital business, evolvable information systems, blockchain governance, online community, complex adaptive systems
Ng, Raymond Tak-yan Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Data mining and analysis, health informatics, text summarization, text mining
Noda, Shunya Faculty (G+PS eligible/member)
Peters, Michael Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) micro theory, especially the theory of competing mechanisms, and the theory of directed search
Poole, David Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation, Decision Analysis, Preference Elicitation, Reasoning under Uncertainty, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Relational Learning
Pottinger, Rachel Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Computer Science and Statistics, databases, data management, data integration, metadata management
Reiner, Peter Faculty (G+PS eligible/member) Cognitive Neuropsychology of Aging, Neuronal Systems, Ethics and Fundamental Issues of Law and Justice, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroethics