Letters of Reference

A minimum of three references are required for application to graduate programs at UBC. References should be requested from individuals who are prepared to provide a report on your academic ability and qualifications. 

There are three possible formats for references:

Electronic references: Many graduate programs utilize an electronic reference ("e-ref") system. In the online application system, applicants are asked to provide an email address for each referee. (Please note, that we are unable to accept e-mails from Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, MSN or other free e-mail accounts for referees.)  A unique link will be emailed to each referee, allowing them to log in to a secure site and submit an online reference or upload a reference document as an attachment.

Paper letters of reference.  Your referee may wish to send a paper letterPaper letters of reference should be on referee's official letterhead and must be mailed directly to the relevant program in a sealed and endorsed envelope..

Paper reference forms.  UBC provides a general reference form.  Your referee may fill out this form and mail it directly to the relevant program in a sealed and endorsed envelope.

Note: Some graduate programs have special requirements for references.  Check the individual graduate program's web site for the required number and format of references to be submitted.

The following programs require different reference forms:


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